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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1453: Aer Potentate

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Chapter 1453: Aer Potentate

“Looks like itll take a bit more to make you crack.” Lu Yun grinned, then summoned a king-grade treasure with a wave of his hand. “Wanna eat this”

“Ooh!” The young man swallowed hard and shook his head resolutely. “No!”

“You sure” Lu Yun waved the treasure enticingly.

The young man suddenly poked his head forward, chomped down on the treasure, and swallowed it after chewing a few times.

“His teeth… are really strong!” Jin Naluo and the others inhaled sharply. Lu Yun had sealed away the young mans cultivation, but hed still crunched his way through a king-grade treasure!

King-grade treasures were more durable than regular treasures due to reinforcement from dao rules. It wouldve been difficult for even Jin Naluo to destroy that treasure.

“Want more” Lu Yun brought out another king-grade treasure and waved it in front of the young man.

“No!” The eccentric stranger was as resolute as ever.

Leaving no room for disagreement. Lu Yun shoved the treasure into the young mans mouth. The latter quickly opened wide and swallowed it.

An unending stream of treasures from Lu Yuns seed storage into the young mans mouth followed thereafter. After roughly three thousand treasures, the young man belched with contentment.

“Had your fill” Lu Yun asked with a smile.

“Mmhmm mmhmm!” The young man looked at his “chef” with bright eyes. He no longer brimmed with the same killing intent and ruthlessness that hed possessed earlier. Lu Yun could also sense this from his emotions. “This… this is the first time in my life Ive ever been full!”

He was almost crying out of sheer gratitude. Though he was human, his body structure was different from other humans. He didnt eat what everyone else did—he only ate treasures and his appetite was prodigious. Thus, hed never been full at any point in his life. This was his first time ever experiencing this feeling.

A human who could only eat treasures One who could put away three thousand king-grade treasures and half of Lu Yuns fortress ship before full satiation

No ordinary faction could afford to keep this oddball around, not even Lu Yun.

“My big sister says that if I kill you, shell let me have a full meal,” said the young man when he saw Lu Yun staring incredulously at him.

“Your big sister” Lu Yun blinked.

“Yep,” nodded the young man. Though he was restrained, the formation only sealed away his cultivation. He still had freedom of movement. He plopped down on the ground and smiled happily. “Im from the divine nation of Aer—air origin. My father is the Aer Potentate, my sister is Feng Miaomiao, and Im Feng Qi.”

He seemed to be in the mood for conversation after hed filled his stomach.

“Your big sister is called Feng Miaomiao and youre Feng Qi” Qing Ting asked curiously. “Why do I feel like youre the older brother and Feng Miaomiao is the younger sister Thats a very cute name.”

“Probably because… because shes stronger than me. Im never full, so I cant beat her.” Feng Qis eyes shone again. “If I kill you now, Ill be able to eat like this again when I get back home!”

His killing intent thatd dispersed rose once more.

Lu Yun promptly took out another king-grade treasure and shoved it into Feng Qis mouth.

“Umph, umph, thats enough. Its enough. Im full,” Feng Qi stammered with his jaw locked around the treasure. He held it in his mouth; the rising killing intent dwindled away.

“You want to kill the Champion Duke after he fed you like that” Qing Ting huffed with annoyance. “You only get one meal if you kill us, but if you stay with us, youll eat like this everyday!”

Feng Qi beamed with sheer joy while Lu Yun jumped with horror.

“He just ate three thousand king-grade treasures! Altogether, theyre worth several hundreds of thousands of premium purple crystals!” Hed come by this wealth through the hard work of robbing an entire assembly and had fed treasures he had no use for to the strange young man. If he had to keep Feng Qi with him, he would soon be eaten out of house and home.

“I cant, I really cant. I cant keep this big guy happy.” Lu Yun rapidly shook his head to and fro. It wasnt just because of Feng Qis appetite, but because he was the Aer Potentates son!

There were eleven terrifying characters of the realm whod once entered the Hongmeng Tower. Since one of them was the Metal Potentate whod visited the Immortal Pagoda, it was an easy guess who this unfamiliar Aer Potentate was.

The five elements consisted of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, whereas the four of origin were earth, air, fire, and water. Yin and yang were also a pivotal piece, so this Aer Potentate should be of air origin.

This kid is the Aer Potentates son

The Aer Potentate and other ten had sent eleven creation seeds to the chaos to advance their master plan. Lu Yun had ruined their schemes—and since his identity had been revealed, they were certainly aware of him.

Feng Qis presence here was striking proof of that.

However, Lu Yun didnt know what the Aer Potentate wanted. Send Feng Qi to assassinate him That would be one of the greatest jokes in the realm! As strong as his son was—being on par with a seventh step king—it was too easy for Lu Yun to handle him.

A headache brewed. Lu Yun couldnt let Feng Qi go or keep him around.

“Hang on!” A sudden thought struck him. “Feng Qis path isnt one of titled kinghood through the tower. His is the true path, not the deviated one that the king soldier deems wrong…

“Then the Aer Potentate…” A possibility occurred to him. “Perhaps thats not his intention, but I can do it this way. I can use Feng Qis cultivation path to derive what the proper path should be in the Hongmeng!

“Feng Qi, what else do you eat apart from treasures” he called out.

“Purple crystal!” Feng Qi drooled. “I hear you have a huge mountain of it, it must taste good!”

“Do you mean this” Lu Yun materialized the Purple Stellar Mountain with a flip of his hand.

“Stellar Light Magneticus…” Feng Qi twisted his lips and furiously shook his head. “Purple crystals are yummy, but I cant chew through Stellar Light Magneticus!

“No more, not eating it anymore! I knew you were a trap! My sister was totally lying to me!” Feng Qi sprawled onto the ground and kept up a running litany of complaints.

If Lu Yun had taken out the mountain earlier in their fight, Feng Qi would already be dead. As strong as he was, he couldnt ram a body of flesh and blood against Stellar Light Magneticus. It would slice him to pieces.

“How long would one premium crystal vein keep you full” Lu Yun put the mountain away.

“One premium crystal vein Not enough to even use as a toothpick!” Feng Qi flicked a glance at Lu Yun and curled his lip.-

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