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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1454: Fish King

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Chapter 1454: Fish King

Azureclad and Qing Ting exchanged glances, not sure of what to say. Meanwhile, Feng Qi looked eagerly at Lu Yun. In his eyes, filling his stomach was more important than anything.

“Then… you follow by my side” Lu Yun asked probingly.

“You feed me until Im full” Feng Qi countered.

“I cant do that everyday… but I think I can do that once a month.” Lu Yun nodded.

“Alright!” Feng Qi grinned brilliantly. Being able to eat to his hearts content once a month In the ten thousand years hed been alive, he could count on one hand—or rather, one finger—the number of times hed ever been full.

Lu Yun dismissed the formation rope after carefully sensing the changes in Feng Qis emotions. Once freed, the young man yawned and was in no hurry to rise. He remained sprawled on the ground and patted his stomach, looking sideways at Lu Yun.

“What do you plan on feeding me with Im not eating anything nasty!”

“You should be thankful that you have anything to eat! How dare you be a choosing beggar!” Qing Ting huffed.

“I can get full off the mud in the ground, but Ill never eat mud!” Feng Qi switched to side-eying Qing Ting.

“Ill feed you whatever I gave you just now.” Lu Yun retrieved the Purple Stellar Mountain, drawing a wary glance from the strange young man. That mountain couldve smashed him to death by itself!

“Treasures” Feng Qis eyes lit up

“Yep.” Lu Yun nodded. “But I want your cultivation methods and system.”

“Thats fine!” Surprisingly, Feng Qi agreed without hesitation. “Are you trying to find your way to the right path through Aers cultivation methods Dont bother, the orders of this Hongmeng are wrong. You wont be able to correct yourself even if you get my cultivation methods.

“On the other hand, our cultivation system is the same as whats present in the rest of the third realm. Its just that we walk the proper way and the rest of you dont.”

Dense superiority floated onto Feng Qis face; Lu Yun nodded silently and still made a copy of Feng Qis cultivation methods.


A second Eternal Life Glory appeared in the void and sped for Crouching Dragon City. Feng Qi sat at its bow, taking an occasional nibble of the deck—not the one he was traveling on, but the wreckage of the first Eternal Life Glory. It was now his personal snack.

Qing Ting, Azureclad, and Jin Naluo gave a wide berth to the eccentric and uncommonly strong young man. They didnt want to accidentally anger him!

But even so, Feng Qi often sought out Jin Naluo to spar with him during their trip. The latter never backed down, but one had to say, he was much weaker than Feng Qi. The impossibly strong youngster often beat Jin Naluo black and blue.

As it were, Lu Yun was very happy about this development. This way, he could clearly observe the differences between Feng Qis strength and kings on the wrong path. But despite all his chances to make close observations, he couldnt identify anything out of place.

“Were here!” Lu Yun brought the enormous ship to a halt with a gentle wave of his hand.

“Were here Were at least hundreds of millions of kilometers from Crouching Dragon City.” Azureclad looked around with confusion.

“Well run into formations if we keep going. The formations that cover the next nine hundred million kilometers are all from the same hand!” Lu Yun sucked in a sharp breath. “The Fish King is very strong, much stronger than I anticipated!”

“Fish King” Busy gnawing on a piece of deck and starting to drool over the second Eternal Life Glory, Feng Qi jerked his head up. “The legendary formation king of the Terra divine nation”

“Legendary formation king of the Terra divine nation” Lu Yun repeated. “Terra divine nation”

“Yes,” Feng Qi nodded. “The divine nations of four origins, five elements, and yin and yang are the ten strongest factions of the Hongmeng. In our eyes, the Ten Valleys of Evil, Immortal Region, and Supplemental Dao Alliance are all farts in the wind.

“Your path is wrong, but you delight in it. Even the Hongmeng you see is fake—”

“Alright, alright, I didnt ask about that,” Lu Yun cut him off when he saw that Feng Qi was about to wax eloquent. “These eleven titans all founded divine nations But you only mentioned ten nations”

“Yes.” Feng Qi took a dainty nibble out of his piece of deck. “The Yin Potentate and Yang Potentate are dao partners. Their jointly created nation of Yin Yang is the strongest of the ten. They should be the strongest faction in the Hongmeng.

“The other nine are evenly matched with no major differences between them.”

“Is the Fish King very strong” That was what Qing Ting cared most about. Her father and uncle were very likely trapped in Crouching Dragon City by the Fish King.

“Very,” Feng Qi nodded. “Shes the legendary supplemental king of Terra and the greatest of the Hongmeng. Stories say that the Terra crown prince divorced all of his consorts a million years ago and tried to pursue her, but the Fish King beat him until he resembled a pigs head.”

“Wait, shes a… woman” Azureclad blinked.

“Woman,” Feng Qi nodded again. “So I recommend you not to provoke her. Youre no match for her.”

His mind seemed to be gradually clearing up after filling his stomach; there was no hint of the devious cruelty that could previously be found on his face. All of those unpleasant emotions seemed to have weakened.

“The greatest of the Hongmeng” Lu Yun licked his lips. “I havent agreed to that.”

“How confident are you” Qing Ting asked him worriedly.

“Im the Immortal King.” Lu Yun narrowed his eyes and stowed the ship beneath their feet with a gentle wave. He drifted to the ground and to inspect the great formation in front of him.

Hed once set up multiple grand formations in Cloudexit City, enough to cover six hundred and fifty million kilometers. However, they were so much weaker than the one blocking their way.

This one was so incredibly strong that itd nearly perfectly melded into the land around it. To attack this formation was to attack this part of the Hongmeng, and it was still operating. Its continuous flaring of power meant that the target it suppressed was still alive and might even have the ability to defend themselves.

Thus, Lu Yun was in no hurry to take action. He opened the Spectral Eye for a close look at the formation and everything within it.

“Crouching Dragon City is within these nine hundred million kilometers… as well as another four cities. But Crouching Dragon is the only one suppressed—the formation ignores the other four,” he murmured. If it wasnt for his own accomplishments in formation dao making it possible for him to discover this terrifying formation, no one else would see anything untoward.

The formation wouldnt activate as long as one didnt approach the city.

“Since suppressing Crouching Dragon City is her goal, why is she wasting the extra effort to cover so much territory” Lu Yun couldnt quite understand this part.

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