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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1455: A Battle of Methods

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Chapter 1455: A Battle of Methods

“Because she knew you would come,” Qing Ting suddenly said to Lu Yun. “Youre the Immortal King, the most genius of supplemental kings in the Hongmeng. Of course shed want to take you on. This great formation is most likely her challenge to you.”

Lu Yun blinked.

“Ive been wanting to try myself against the best supplemental kings in the realm, but to think that someone would take the initiative before I did!” He grinned widely.

Setting up such a grand formation just for Lu Yun was a validation of his strength. The Fish King plainly felt that he was qualified to meet her in open battle. That was the primary purpose of her setting up such a wide-ranging formation.

Shed anticipated that he would come, and even the grand formation of Coiling Dragon City was a bold declaration of her strength.

Lu Yun was renowned throughout the Hongmeng and his disciples an astonishment to all. Though the Fish King was known as the foremost formation master within the ten divine nations, she was hardly accepted by or even known to the realms denizens.

Defeating the Immortal King with her signature formations was her best chance to establish her reputation!

The ten divine nations no longer wished to sit on the sidelines now that the immortal dao was upon them. Feng Qi and the Fish Kings appearance was only the beginning.


“Yup, shes here for me alright.” Lu Yun adjusted his mindset and refocused on examining the array. He nodded gently. “Anyone else setting foot into the formation will be completely unaffected, but once I enter it, Ill be subjected to boundless attacks.”

“Should the rest of us go inside first then” Jin Naluo blinked.

“You can try if you want to die.” Lu Yun glared at him.

Jin Naluo shuddered and said no more.

“The Fish King detected my presence the very first moment I crossed into the Azure Dragon Region. This is why shes set up this formation for me…” Lu Yun chuckled. “So you want to meet me with formations, but I dont want to respond in kind. All supplemental daos belong to the same family and they fall under the same category. I use whatever I like!”


He materialized the Purple Stellar Mountain overhead with a quick beckon. Cerulean Stellar Light Magneticus flooded out of the massive structure, turning the mountain into an opulent canopy that blotted out half of the sky and hovered protectively over Lu Yuns head.

“Lets go in!” Magnificent display shimmering over him, Lu Yun strode into the terrifying formation that ran nine hundred million kilometers across.

Qing Ting, Azureclad, and Jin Naluo quickly followed behind him. Still chewing on a piece of desk and mumbling something inaudible, Feng Qi was hot on their heels.

“How would the current Immortal King rank in your divine nation” Jin Naluo sidled up to Feng Qi with a quiet whisper.

“I dont know how hed compare in Aer, but I do know that the current him can swat ten of you to death with a single slap,” Feng Qi curled his lip.

“…ten” Azureclads jaw dropped. “Jin Naluo defeated the Li King with one blow, and the Li King dominated my uncle the Dragonfeather King…”

“Oi oi oi, all of you here are false kings. You walk the wrong path!” Feng Qi rolled his eyes. “Although the Immortal King isnt a king yet, he walks the right path!”

“What” Jin Naluo jumped with shock; he had built a general understanding of what was the right and wrong paths.

Kings on the wrong path, whether half step kings, titled duke half step kings, or titled kings, were all just superior realm cultivators. Kinghood was only a measurement of battle strength. While they mightve formed their dao rules, their innate life form didnt change.

Cultivators on the true path ascended to a brand new cultivation realm after the superior realm. They participated in a different cultivation system, one that gave them true cultivation levels despite being labeled the same as current kings.

All cultivators in existence, including arcane beasts, were on the wrong path from the moment of birth.

Of course, these conclusions were drawn from Lu Yun and Feng Qis conversation. The truth of the matter remained to be determined. But Feng Qi—a first step king—easily triumphing over seventh step Jin Naluo was indicative of how wrong things were.


Lights of five different colors gathered in the void and arranged themselves according to the five elements. They followed the canopy over Lu Yuns head like a shadow.


Black lightning split the sky and smote the Purple Stellar Mountain. It trembled and almost revealed its original form.

“Reversing the five elements and setting them upon each other to derive destruction… this Fish King has some skill to her name.” Lu Yun paused and raised a grave expression to the five-colored radiance in the sky.

Hed once used a similar method in the world of immortals, but it paled in comparison to the formation before him.

“Since you use a formation that reverses the five elements against me, then Ill follow their trajectories and have them complement each other in mutual growth!”


Clouds of five different colors rose from Lu Yuns body and coalesced in the power of the five elements, forming a perfect cycle. They securely blanketed the spectacular canopy and blocked the devastating black lightning.


Coiling Dragon City.

A skinny and lithe figure stood on the northern city gate, her clear gaze piercing deep into the northern horizon. It was a charming young woman roughly eighteen years old, her long black locks casually swept into a bun.

She radiated a refreshing presence and a seventh-rank lotus flower was under her foot. Her hands fluttered through seals, sending them into the grand formation in the air.

“I reverse the five elements to create the power of destruction, but you want to use only the five elements to break my work” The Fish King shook her head. “It wont be that easy. If thats all you can do, then Ive rather made a big deal out of nothing.

“…wait!” Her expression shifted and she stared dumbly at the void. Her opponent had changed her reversal of the five elements at some time! It was now a harmonious influence that reinforced itself and was beginning to erode her grand formation!

“Hes not using formation dao, but talisman dao!” The Fish Kings expression darkened, but her knitted brows quickly smoothed themselves out. “Thats right, the Immortal King is telling me that not only is he a formation king, but that hes also a supplemental king!

“Using treasure dao to withstand the pressure from my formation and formation dao to turn my reversal around, he then uses talisman dao to assimilate my work. He does indeed live up to his name!

“But what a pity for him that Im more than just a formation king as well.” The Fish King suddenly smiled, imparting an unfettered joy to her immediate vicinity.-

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