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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1457: Moat Snake

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Chapter 1457: Moat Snake

Of course, it wasnt that easy to steal power from the core essence of the four ancestral gods. Aside from Lu Yun using order to take the Azure Dragons power of creation, nothing else had been similarly plundered.

The Fish King had used the White Tigers connate power of yang metal to summon her white tiger, whereas Lu Yuns vermilion bird made use of connate li fire.


“Idiot,” sneered the Fish King when she saw what Lu Yun had brought out. “You summon a vermilion bird because I brought forth a white tiger Are you trying to use the connate five elements against me

“The connate five elements of the Hongmeng have long shaken off the rule that the five elements must support or destroy each other. They are now a massive circulatory system that operates beyond the ordinary strength of the elements!”

The vermilion bird and white tiger had met each other in battle—fiery sparks and metallic qi crashed into each other. However, the anticipated result of fire countering metal was nowhere to be seen.

“Indeed, the connate five elements of yin wood of the east, yang metal of the west, yang fire of the south, yin water of the north, and yang earth of the center have formed their own system in the Hongmeng. They have fully transcended beyond their predestined influence on each other. As such, a vermilion bird of li fire can do nothing to a white tiger of yang fire.”

The vermilion bird that Lu Yun had summoned was incredibly strong as it was pure connate li fire. In terms of fundamentals, it was superior to the Fish Kings white tiger. However, her cultivation level and strength far outstripped Lu Yuns. Thus, they were locked in a stalemate and neither was able to gain the upper hand.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared within the nine hundred million kilometers. Crystalline pieces of pure Hongmeng qi fluttered down from the air.

The grand formation was infinitely close to collapsing.

Despite that, all life within its boundary remained blithely oblivious. Even kings didnt detect anything out of the ordinary. The formation was still deceiving their senses even as it fell apart.

“I am indeed pretty idiotic.” Lu Yun took a deep look at the distant Fish King and grasped at the sky in the west with his left hand.


An enormous tiger snarl rang out as a second white tiger of connate yang metal walked out of the void, pouncing on the Fish Kings white tiger.

“WHAT!” The Fish King jumped with shock. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that Lu Yun would be able to summon a second connate divine beast after the vermilion bird!

How is this kid doing it

Her eyes almost bulged out of her head the next second as an azure dragon of yi wood and black tortoise of kui water respectively walked out of the eastern and northern directions.

Tiger roars and dragon croons reverberated in the air. The Fish Kings white tiger was instantly mauled into pieces and the four triumphant divine beasts headed for Crouching Dragon City.

The Fish King stood on the citys walls, frostily watching the four beasts advance on her.

“Miss Fish, the Immortal King is on the same side as us…” the Azure Dragon city lord transmitted weakly to her.

“I know,” she nodded. “But that doesnt preclude me from teaching him a lesson.”

She gestured and summoned the pale-yellow hair ribbon back to her hand.


Crouching Dragon City shuddered violently as a ponderous presence seeped out from its foundations.

“Allow me to show you why this city bears its name.” The corners of the Fish Kings lips curved upward into a derisive smirk.

While Azure Dragon and Coiling Dragon City were the first and second largest city in Azure Dragon Region, it was Crouching Dragon City that was the oldest. Itd once been the largest city in the region as well. Thus, it was the true core of the region and far more important than both Azure Dragon Lake and City combined.

Crouching Dragon City shook without pause, as if a tremendous beast stirred to wakefulness underneath it. A weighty presence rolled out from the ground, vibrating the entire region.

A tiny yellow beam filtered out beneath the city, collecting in the air and looking like a dragon scale. The formation thatd covered nine hundred million kilometers of the territory had fallen apart, but a strength that enveloped the entire region appeared before Lu Yun. It was a towering mountain, too monumental to consider scaling. Lu Yun was just an ant at its foot.

“The heck The true form of Azure Dragon Region is… a dragon” Lu Yun stopped his four divine beasts with a wave of his hand and looked around, scanning Azure Dragon Region with the Spectral Eye.

Though the region was too large for him to completely take it in, he could still glean a thing or two.

“Its not a living dragon, but a dead one. Crouching Dragon City is located on top of its reverse scale! Incredible, the Fish King can utilize the dead dragons strength!” Lu Yun frowned so fiercely that his face bunched together. He reached out and grasped at the ground.


Dense connate shu energy rushed out of the ground and formed a gigantic muddy yellow snake—the Moat Snake!

There were four ancestral gods in the Hongmeng—Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise. Apart from their own strength, they also wielded the power of connate yi wood, geng metal, li fire, and kui water.

The five elements were thus firmly safeguarded, but no one among the four ancestral gods controlled the connate power of shu earth. Theyd never thought about claiming it for themselves as they were born of the Hongmengs incredible core essence. Already the favored children of the land, the current power they possessed was the realms favor for them.

An unprecedented occurrence was taking place in the Hongmeng. Masterless since time immemorial, the central power of connate shu earth now came into the hands of this moat snake! It raised its head in a defiant scream at the sky, emitting a sound that didnt belong to a snake divine beast.


The void shuddered fiercely and the terrifying power of earth shot into the air, blasting the dead dragons strength to pieces!

Standing in midair, the Fish King took a hasty step back while amazement filled her face.

“That moat snake is a carmine snake! Its not a divine beast hes manifested from the power of earth, but a real living being. Its a cultivator!

“This is someones plot—they wanted to use this carmine moat snake to claim the power of earth in the Hongmeng!” With her dragon power dispersed by the moat snakes attack, the recoil snapped brutally into her and inflicted grievous wounds. However, she remained staring intently at the moat snake enfolded by muddy yellow radiance.

A Carmine… Arbiter.

Do you guys still remember the Carmine sisters-

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