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Chapter 1459: The Purple Kings Disciple

“Hmph!” The Fish King snorted derisively and floated down to Crouching Dragon City as an enormous black dragon shot out of it.

It wasnt a real dragon—it was one condensed from thick death qi. The qi, however, contained boundless Hongmeng power and had become something similar to an order of the realm. All of Azure Dragon Region shook when the black dragon appeared. Cultivators oblivious to the great battle happening around them finally sensed the tumultuous upheaval.

“Impossible! Why has a black dragon suddenly appeared” A shocked ninth step king looked around incredulously. He wasnt a local; hed been hired to handle the Azure Dragon and Coiling Dragon city lords.

Courage and motivation deserted him as he faced the terrifying dragon. This dragon wasnt something that an ordinary ninth step king could take on!

Fearsome dragon aura covered the region. Any cultivator or arcane beast with a dragon bloodline crouched fearfully on the ground.


“Aooouuu!” A shrill dragon croon rang out from the endless Hongmeng Sea and a black dragon erupted from the waters. “Who dares touch mine body!”

It was the black dragon king thatd appeared during the dragon gate trial of the Dragonling Assembly!

Splash splash splash.

Gargantuan metal chains rushed out of the sea and wrapped around the black dragon king, dragging him back into the waters.

Lu Yun gravely considered the situation inside Azure Dragon Region. Currently, the five divine beasts circled around him and the power of the connate five elements formed five enormous pillars that reached for the sky.

In spite of that, his formation trembled when it met with the black dragon. It couldnt withstand the terrible aura!

True king!

The black dragon image that the Fish King had summoned was a true king!

Lu Yun narrowed his eyes and flung a hand skyward. The connate five elements around him collected in his hand, concentrating all of their power in the Hongmeng within his grasp.

“Immortal King,” the Fish King suddenly said, her voice as airy as a small brook in a quiet mountain valley. Unmistakable pride rang clearly in her voice. “Do you concede If you do, I will immediately call off the black dragon.”

“Youre just making use of anothers strength.” Lu Yun shook his head, still building up the five elements in his hand.

“Anothers strength” chuckled the Fish King. “You and I are both supplemental kings. Whose strength do we use, if not anothers”

“Youre right, but its a bit farfetched to say that youll defeat me with these little tricks,” Lu Yun sighed. “Youre using your full power to bestir the dragon corpse beneath Azure Dragon Region, but I still have effort to spare. If I bring my full strength to bear though, one of us will not be walking away today.”

“Oh” the Fish King sniffed. “And who do you think that will be”

Lu Yun flipped his hand over and slowly materialized a sparkling golden karmic fruit on his palm. A faint purple hue shimmered within its depths. It wasnt the purple of the Hongmeng, but of the order of time!

The Fish King froze.

“Thats the order of time! Youve managed to coalesce the order of time and retrieve water from the river in the lost ancient city!” She instantly recognized what he held.

“But you havent been turned into a fish to be collected by the ancient city lord!” Incredulity crossed her face. “When the Yin Yang divine nations first true king—the Time King—formed the order of time seven hundred billion years ago, he transformed into a big fish and was collected by the ancient city lord.

“The Yin Potentate and Yang Potentate jointly charged the lost ancient city, yet returned with ashen faces. In the end, they had to seek help from Hong to rescue the Time King. Although he was returned, the order of time was stripped from him.

“How did you do it Why can you retrieve water from the river of time!” The Fish King was so wide-eyed that it seemed like she was staring at a monster.

“This is my trump card.” Lu Yun didnt answer her. “Who, do you think, will be walking away if I release these ten inches of time”

The Fish King: ……

Though shed heard the rumors that the Immortal King controlled the order of time and had used it to set up a formation to kill the Beast King and others of the Colosseum… it was another thing entirely to see it with her own eyes. That he held ten inches of time in his hand meant that his control over the order of time had reached insurmountable heights.

If he released the ten inches, the Fish King would absolutely be the one to die!

“Your Majesties, please dont fight any more!” A rueful Dragonfeather King walked out of Crouching Dragon City. “This is all just one massive misunderstanding. Miss Fish isnt the enemy, were on the same side.”

He jogged over and placed himself between the two combatants.

“On the same side” Lu Yun blinked. “How”

“My master is the Purple King.” The Fish King cast a sideways glance at Lu Yun. “The venerated enforcer tells me that you have a strong connection to the Purple King as well… Are you one of his disciples too”

“Purple King!” Dragonfeather shuddered to hear the name; Feng Qi on the ground also paled. Plainly, the Purple Kings name was intimidating in both the ten divine nations and the rest of the Hongmeng. The stronger one was, the more theyd seen of the realm and the warier they were of this legendary character.

“No wonder this Fish King is so brazen that she dares beat up even the crown prince of Terra Nation. A disciple of the Purple King!” mumbled Feng Qi.

“I see.” Lu Yun understood. It would seem that the venerated enforcer was in contact with the Fish King, but he hadnt told his junior sister who Lu Yun was.

“Then you really are one of the Purple Kings disciples… youre my junior brother” repeated the Fish King.

“How many disciples does the Purple King have” Lu Yun asked instead.

“Four, if we include you.” Her look at Lu Yun turned soft. “First senior brother is the venerated enforcer, second senior sister is called Yue Yi, and Im number three… Youll be the most junior of us”

“Ahem!” Lu Yun coughed and shook his head. “My connection to the Purple King does indeed run deep, but Im not his disciple.”

Alright, this just took a weird turn.-

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