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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1460: Getting In the Way

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Chapter 1460: Getting In the Way

Lu Yun had never entertained the notion that the Fish King might be on the same side as them. Everything shed done since Coiling Dragon City had the possibility to end his life; Lu Yun wouldve been blasted into oblivion at the slightest hint of carelessness. Her plans wouldve also affected Coiling Dragon City, Feng Qi, Jin Naluo, Qing Ting, and the Azureclad Duke.

The grand formation shed set up over these nine hundred million kilometers targeted only Lu Yun. Every step was filled with fatal danger and he was forced to employ almost everything at his disposal to safely make it through.

But now the Fish King said that she was the Purple Kings disciple and thus his… martial granddaughter

This newest martial grand disciple of his seemed unwilling to accept him and wanted to determine who was superior. It was an attitude echoed by all of his martial grand disciples as the venerated enforcer had likewise dismissed Lu Yun, thinking nothing of his battle strength.

Similarly, the Fish King had dismissed Lu Yuns supplemental dao and tested her martial grandfather, though, of course, she didnt know who he was.


Crouching Dragon City remained unaffected by their great battle. Apart from the Fish King summoning the black dragon at the very end, the citys cultivators hadnt known that anything out of the ordinary was occurring.

The Fish King had captured the city so quickly that none of its former defenders had had the time to react.

“Do you represent the Terra divine nation on this trip” Lu Yun asked solemnly when they were all gathered inside the city.

“No.” The Fish King shook her head. “A minor Crouching Dragon City and a mere Azure Dragon Region doesnt register to Terra.”

Her tones were natural and devoid of arrogance or contempt; she seemed to be relaying simple fact. Meanwhile, the city lords of Azure Dragon and Coiling Dragon shifted uncomfortably.

Azure Dragon Region was one of the strongest regions in the Hongmeng. Even Lu Yuns Multitude Region paled far in comparison.

However, they were unworthy of consideration to someone like the Fish King. Something as priceless as the Azure Dragon City was common dirt in her eyes!

“Not representing Terra” Lu Yun blinked.

“My master sent me.” The Fish King spread out her hands. “Terras ruler doesnt have the ability to issue commands to me and I would never be bothered to visit such a remote backwater.”

The two city lords once more suffered titanic blows to their ego and decided to turn a deaf ear to the conversation. Their cities, remote backwaters It was too much to bear. At the same time, they began to wonder just what kind of place this Terra divine nation was.

Feng Qi didnt care either way. He gnawed on a piece of ship deck and nodded along with their discussion. “If it wasnt for my sister promising that Id get a full meal, I wouldnt want to come here either. All of the realms orders are a scattered mess.”

“You say that Lu Qing sent you” Lu Yun stroked his chin. “Did he send you to help the two city lords conquer Azure Dragon Region”

“Not to help these two trash, but to help you.” The Fish King sized up Lu Yun. “How do you know my masters name There shouldnt be anyone apart from us three disciples who know his name. Who are you”

She stared intently at Lu Yun, trying to glean some information from the changes in his expression.

But he maintained the same expression throughout.

Everyone around them held their breaths and refrained from interrupting.

“Me” Lu Yun frowned slightly. At the moment, there werent that many who knew his relationship with his son and he didnt know what Lu Qing was planning either. First he was a sixth step king, then a true king, then he took the Fish King as his disciple and undoubtedly wielded great influence in the divine nations.

“The venerated enforcer must have his own considerations if he didnt tell you who I am. Therefore, its better if you dont know. But why are you a ninth step true king and your senior brother just a half step king” Lu Yun didnt ask about the second senior sister.

“Because master took the venerated enforcer as his disciple first, then me,” the Fish King responded matter-of-factly, but offered nothing else. Evidently, things werent as simple as they seemed.

The two fell silent.

“Since weve taken Crouching Dragon City, that should be the end of things here, right” the Azure Dragon city lord quickly asked when he saw that both parties remained quiet.

“Why would my master send me to help if thats the case That was too simple,” the Fish King shook her head. “My master probably didnt realize how strong the Immortal King is. Theres no need for me if hes here.”

“Youre wrong,” Qing Ting laughed coldly. “If my guess is correct, your master will be hopping mad if he learns that you set up such a grand formation to challenge the Immortal King. He sent you here not for you to battle the Immortal King and announce to the Hongmeng that hes in Azure Dragon Region!

“Idiot woman.” Qing Ting curled her lip at the Fish King.

The latter jerked with surprise.

“Qing Tings right,” Azureclad chimed in. “You helped the Li King breach Coiling Dragon City because you wanted to force the Immortal King to reveal himself. But when he sent Jin Naluo instead, he sidestepped your scheme. Then you set up a great formation spanning nine hundred million kilometers and made him use almost his full strength. Thanks to you, everyone knows where he currently is…

“Tsk tsk tsk, it seems that this is all there is to the Purple King if he sent such a fool to help. The Purple King isnt actually feuding with the Immortal King, is he”

The duke was inwardly seething as well. A hundred million lives in Coiling Dragon City had almost met their doom thanks to this Fish King! When the Azure Dragon city lord forestalled further fighting by explaining that they were all on the same side, he almost erupted in curses on the spot and greeted eighteen generations of her ancestors!

The Fish King paused, then quieted down. Indeed… if the Immortal King could freely take action, was there a need for her in Azure Dragon Region

His every move sparked raging storms across the Hongmeng. Countless powerhouses sought his whereabouts and true kings wanted his head. Even now, there were many pairs of eyes monitoring the mayhem in Azure Dragon Region.

“Its fine, with the amount of ruckus we caused, anyone who wants to move in on me will have to consider their own ability first.” Lu Yun naturally wouldnt find fault with his own martial granddaughter. “It puts me at ease to have you holding down the fort here. Qing Ting, Qing Yan, lets go.”

“Where are you going” the Fish King asked subconsciously. She wasnt angered by Qing Ting and Azureclads denouncements.

“What, are you going to follow us and tell more people where the Immortal King is” Qing Ting found the Fish King incredibly irritable for some reason and couldnt help jeering at her whenever she spoke.

“Dont worry, the Immortal King will be fine as long as he stays within the region.” The Fish King shook her head. She also knew that despite his strength, the Immortal King was just a superior realm cultivator. If a high level king decided to attack him, death would be certain and swift.

“Ehh… wait wait wait! Im coming too!” Hugging a piece of ship deck to himself, Feng Qi hastened to join the group.

“Im going to Azure Dragon City.” Lu Yun didnt keep his plans a secret.

Uhh damn straight Id be pissed if I was Lu Qing. The Fish King was essentially having a pissing match over whos stronger and ruining a ** ton of stuff.-

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