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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1461: Decree

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Chapter 1461: Decree

“To Azure Dragon City… I see.” Azure Dragons city lord quickly understood when he heard Lu Yuns response.

The Immortal King had been highly interested in the Azure Dragon Lake the first time he visited the city. He hadnt entered the lake back then, and it was the perfect time to now, given the disruption of war within the region. Powerhouses from all walks of life abounded and the very orders of Azure Dragon Region were disturbed. It was best to fish in troubled waters.

“He wants to go to Azure Dragon Lake” The Fish King blinked. “Theres a true king buried in its depths.”

She suddenly leapt into the air and stood in the sky, a giant decree unfurling over her head.

“From this day forth, no true king is to interfere in the affairs of the Hongmeng. Violators will be punished with death!” An overwhelming aura spread throughout the realm.

Everyone in the Hongmeng, including the true kings of the ten divine nations, looked askance at where the decree stood. There were more true kings in the realm than the public realized; they were just biding their time, waiting for the immortal dao to arrive in their home.

However, many were also stirring to action as they couldnt sit still anymore. After Lu Yun and Qing Yus identity were revealed, more than a few of them decided to hunt down these masters of the immortal dao.

But with this decree, these true kings dismissed their plans. A ruler of a divine nation had spoken—that had been the Terra Potentates decree.

He outranked true kings and was a heavyweight truly close to approaching the fourth realm. If any true king dared defy his decree, they would have to flee out of the Hongmeng to evade his wrath.

On the roof of the Immortal Pagoda, the little fox frowned slightly. She looked toward Azure Dragon Region, where the muddy-yellow decree targeted every true king in the realm—apart from her.

A hazy tower image hovered over her head, easily blocking the Terra Potentates aura. The Hongmeng Tower.

“Its a shame that I need the eleven keys to really become your master… Why is the ruler of the Hongmeng so nice to me She first gave me all of her cultivation and now gifts me her treasure… Shouldnt she give the tower to Lu Yun instead” No matter how she mused over this, Miao couldnt make sense of things.

Shed been paying close attention to the tenth key of the tower. Since itd shown itself, the eleventh key wouldnt be too far behind.

“The Terra Potentate is someone who entered the tower, right I wonder whats in it” The little fox sank into deep contemplation as she looked at the giant decree on the horizon.


The dragon lord that was the demon of immortal dao shot out of the boundless Hongmeng Sea. Still in azure dragon form, his strength was undoubtedly in the true king realm. However, he was also riddled with wounds and missing a front claw.

When hed tried to take the Hongmeng Pearl, the little fox and Qing Yu defeated him in concert and severed his claw. It would never belong to him again without Qing Yus consent.

He craned his neck and cursed loudly at the decree.

“Im injured, heavily injured! Even a ninth step king doesnt have to think twice before stepping on me, but you still threaten me! I…” He wanted to cry, but could find no tears to vent his feelings.

The demon had thought that borrowing the body of the previous dragon lord and slipping into the worlds as the Azure Dragon King would give him enough breathing space to do whatever he wanted. He would establish himself as a key part of the immortal dao assimilating into the third realm and ultimately become the master of this Hongmeng. He could then use its strength to shatter the barrier to the fourth realm and henceforth live easy and carefree.

Who wouldve thought that first, the will of the azure dragon in Dragonhollow Mountain would see through his identity and expel him from the faction, then the little fox and Qing Yu would incapacitate him, and finally a decree would threaten him to the point of not permitting him to walk out of the Hongmeng Sea!!

The demon had fancied himself nigh invincible in the Hongmeng, if not wielding absolute authority, thanks to his true king body. But after all of his schemes, his only gain was to be imprisoned within this barren Hongmeng Sea

“Fine, fine! Youre the boss! I wont argue with you. When the immortal dao arrives and I am its demon once more, I will use its strength to flatten all you Earth and Air and whatever potentates!” grumbled the demon before he very reluctantly sank back into the waters.


“Is that Terra Potentate an absolute **ing idiot or what” Lu Yun turned up his nose at the decree in the air.

Feng Qi hastily dropped a new section of ship deck that he was snacking on and slapped his hand over Lu Yuns mouth.

“H-h-how dare you insult the Terra Potentate Do you have a death wish!” Feng Qi cast a careful glance at the decree in the sky and heaved a long sigh when he saw that it remained quiet. Thank goodness it wasnt paying attention to Lu Yun!

“Hmph,” Lu Yun sneered and struggled out of Feng Qis grasp. “Throwing out a decree like this to suppress the true kings of the realm… Hes just looking for trouble!”

“Why” Azureclad didnt understand why Lu Yun was so outraged. “A hundred years is nothing for a true king. It wont cause any harm to restrain them for that period of time.”

“Which means true kings will likely flood the realm in great numbers after a hundred years,” Qing Ting sighed. “After a hundred years, even the true kings who dont want to emerge in the world yet will probably be forced out.”

Azureclad and Feng Qi opened and shut their mouths, not sure what to make of that.

“Forbidding them from becoming involved for a hundred years… also means that the Hongmeng is theirs after that period of time,” Jin Naluo added. “The Terra Potentate isnt an idiot. He has his reasons for doing this. Whatever, we only have a hundred years before true kings are as numerous as dogs and ninth step kings will be everywhere.”

“You mean ninth step true,” Feng Qi clarified helpfully.

“There are no ninth step true kings in the realm apart from the ten divine nations.” Jin Naluo rolled his eyes at Feng Qi.

“There are far more true ninth level cultivators in the divine nations than there are ninth step kings in the Hongmeng!” Feng Qi made a moue. “If true kings really do appear after a hundred years, then the great heavyweights of the divine nations will have to travel throughout the Hongmeng as well. The entire realm is much bigger than the divine nations.”

The rest of the group fell silent and Lu Yuns expression was less than pleasant. Would he be able to withstand the combined front of all powerhouses in the divine nations after a hundred years It wouldnt be just one or two at that time, it would be an endless horde of them.-

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