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Chapter 1462: Poison and Formation

The trip to Azure Dragon City was much smoother than the journey to Crouching Dragon City. Many of the skirmishes in Azure Dragon Region had quieted down after the great battle between Lu Yun and the Fish King, and the subsequent release of the Terra Potentates decree prevented any new action from developing.

The group spent less than a day rushing to Azure Dragon City, a location also on high alert. All of its formations were active and layering the city with protection. Since its city lord and Coiling Dragons city lord were attacking other cities, the cultivators and kings of those cities naturally wouldnt go quietly into the night. They also moved to attack Azure Dragon and Coiling Dragon City.

Most of the other regions in the Hongmeng had no wish for Azure Dragon Region to be unified under one banner. That would only create additional competition for them. Thus, they sent forces to reinforce various cities in the region—some of which had surrounded Azure Dragon City with a teeming horde of troops.

Many of its formations were shattered, but Azure Dragon wasnt Crouching Dragon City. Its formations were connected to the Azure Dragon Lake and borrowed its strength to power the citys defenses. Not even ninth step kings would be able to breach the city walls.

Despite its formidable shielding, Azure Dragon City teetered on the edge of destruction. The Wild Formation King had come for it!


“The Immortal King is here.” Meditating with his eyes closed and roughly fifty thousand kilometers from the city, the Wild Formation King opened his eyes and looked in Lu Yuns direction. Everyone with him perked up.

“But he defeated me last time and claimed even my seed storage. Im still not too confident in facing him.” The Wild Formation King wasnt too certain of his chances against Lu Yun. He could break the great formation around the city, but once it was shattered, Lu Yun would certainly head for another locale.

Of course, he didnt know why the Immortal King was traveling to Azure Dragon City.

“It was all due to the Intrance King last time.” A figure slowly materialized next to him—the Alchemist King whod challenged Lu Yun at the same time with the Wild Formation King. “Who couldve imagined that shed be a true king! In her absence, the Immortal King is certainly much less than us!”

Bitter resentment surfaced in his eyes. His reputation had fallen to rock bottom after two defeats at Lu Yuns hands; hed become the Immortal Kings stepping stone to fame and glory. His dao heart was almost completely broken and the only thought that occupied his mind was revenge. This was the perfect opportunity!

While the Wild Formation Kings dao heart remained intact, Lu Yun had become a great weight around his neck. His formation dao would no longer improve if he didnt remove it.

“Who cares about a fair fight, kill him as soon as he shows himself!” shouted the Alchemist King as one hundred and eight jade-green poison pills circled around him, each exuding devastating poison qi.

They irradiated the Hongmeng qi around them and turned their surroundings into lethal poison. Specially prepared for Lu Yun, the Alchemist King had tested them on a ninth step king before this trip and left his subject as a twitching corpse.

Apart from the two of them, there were also seven seventh step kings and one eighth step king in their group. They were all from the Immortal Region and the strongest force that the two kings could muster at this point in time.

“Kill!” shouted the Wild Formation King as he shot to his feet and strode forward.


Formation glyphs appeared beneath his feet and stretched in all directions, colliding and reassembling with each other along the way to craft numerous formations.


Lu Yuns Eternal Life Glory steered right into a grand formation thatd appeared out of nowhere and abruptly disassembled into pieces.

“What!” Lu Yun jumped with surprise. Preoccupied with his thoughts, he hadnt noticed anything abnormal in the surroundings until too late. Alarm bells rang in his mind only when the formation suddenly materialized.

“Its the Wild Formation King, hes here as well!” Lu Yun inwardly berated himself for his moment of carelessness. When hed seen only cracks in the Azure Dragon City formation, hed thought that there werent any major supplemental kings present since the formations core remained untouched.

But the Wild Formation King was here for him, not the city!




One hundred and eight miniature jade suns popped into existence as the formation rose. They released gleaming green luminescence in the void that erupted with black flames as it devoured Hongmeng qi and consumed the energy whole.

“Poison pills!” Slack jawed with surprise, Lu Yuns hands flew through the air and wove shimmering rays of karmic energy into a huge ball that enveloped his party.

“What terrifying poison!” Jin Naluo was as white as a sheet. If it hadnt been for Lu Yuns swift reaction, he would already be dead.

“The Alchemist King!” Lu Yun forced out through his teeth. He had to focus with everything he had. The one hundred and eight poison pills had turned this area into a zone of death. Though his karmic power could withstand the poison, the Wild Formation Kings formation was starting to operate.

Poison and formation perfectly complemented each other, supplementary and interdependent on the other…

If Lu Yun had answered with a formation, his wouldve been eroded by the extreme poison. If hed focused on the poison first, the formation wouldve crushed him to pieces! The power of karma could withstand the poison, but it couldnt defend against a solid formation.

The air around them had turned a ghastly green and pressure from the formation was bearing down on them.

“What is that… it looks so yummy!” Feng Qis eyes suddenly turned green and he drooled over the sparkling pills in the air. “Yum-yum!” Unable to hold back any longer, he swallowed hard and shot out of the zone of karmic power, shooting straight for the nearest poison pill.

“Piss off!” he yelled and slashed out with his hand, rebuffing the great formation coming to crush him. He wielded neither treasure nor weapon; his own body was a great treasure itself.


His blow shook the formation as he unreservedly released strength of true first level. This wasnt a degree of battle strength, but of real cultivation level!

The Wild Formation Kings seemingly indestructible formation now had a large chunk taken out of it!

“What!” its maker gasped. “True first level! Hes a powerhouse from one of the ten divine nations!”

“…wait, he wants my poison pills!” The Alchemist King was also highly alarmed.-

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