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Chapter 1465: The Grand Formation of the Ten Yama Kings

“As I thought. While the owner of the corpse poison is very talented, hes not to the level of the fourth realm. The green thing is whats truly impressive.” Xingzi grabbed the ball of orange qi and peered intently at it, getting to the bottom of the corpse poison. “But this thing can easily kill a ninth step king as well.”

She split herself into thousands of replicas and surrounded the poison fiend that was the Alchemist King, stripping down the poisonous light as fast as he released it.

Outside the formation, Lu Yun gained control over the poisonous lightning through employing Thunder Palmstrike and absorbing the terrible poison around them, preventing it from spreading further.

He took an involuntary glance at Azure Dragon Lake—the poisonous lightning was plainly from the entity within the waters, created to absorb the overwhelming poison. However, the poison had taken control of the lightning instead and they were swiftly gathering in the Alchemist Kings direction.

If he swallowed the lightning, he would likely mutate again.

“Ignore the poison fiend king, the formations coming alive!” Lu Yuns eyes widened and he shouted up at Xingzi.

“What!” The envoy jumped with surprise and whipped her head around at the Alchemist King. Though he was wholly a poison fiend now, the light of intelligence sparkled in his jade-green eyes.

The poison fiend suddenly faded out of sight and earth-shattering roars emitted from the formation. It gave off every indication of becoming an enormous living being!

In fact, the formation had come alive in the form of a huge poison fiend! It possessed three heads, eight arms, and wielded different weapons in each of its eight hands. However, the weapons were still shadows and hadnt yet resolved themselves into tangible items.

“No, its not alive. The Alchemist King remains the Alchemist King, its the poison thats come alive!” Xingzi identified with greater clarity. “My mastery of formations is far less than the Wild Formation Kings, we need Feinies help…

“If all ten Yama Kings take to the field at the same time and set up our grand formation, well easily shatter this formation and dismantle the poison within, especially if we have the Karmic Tree as well!” she transmitted to Lu Yun.

“Alright!” Lu Yun waved a hand, opening the Gates of the Abyss with no hesitation whatsoever.

Yuying, Feining, Huangqing, Aoxue, Xuanxi, Cangyin, Zhaoqing, Luli, and Su Xiaoxiao materialized at the same time. The ten halls appeared as well—the Ten Yama Worlds of hell. Theyd been refined into tangible objects and had reached the Hongmeng level. Finally, the Grand Formation of the Ten Yama Kings, the one thatd once awed the world of immortals, came into being.

Xingzi whistled sharply and darted into the hall that belonged to her.

“Break this poison formation!” she called out.

The ten worlds burst with scintillating radiance and covered hellfires advance toward the poison formation. The Karmic Tree within the formation trembled as karmic fruit blossomed with magnificent karmic light, guiding the Hadal hellfire to where it could rampage with greatest devastating effect in the array.

The formation thatd taken shape as a poison fiend keened with anguish. Waving the shadows of its weapons around, it smashed its arms down on the Karmic Tree inside it. However, karmic light had formed a curtain of pure aureate illumination around the tree. The poison fiend couldnt break it, no matter how it tried.

The cries of agony grew ever more strident—it wasnt the poison fiend, but the poison that comprised it that was screaming with pain!


“What in the heavens is that!” Crippled Dragon and others inside the city gaped at the events taking place outside.

The poisonous light around them had scattered when the Grand Formation of the Ten Yama Kings appeared. Lu Yun had also collected the jade-green lightning in the palm of his hand.

The lake returned to calm and the mammoth creature in its depths drifted away.

“This… must be the w-w-work of the Immortal King” Qing Di stammered next to Cripple Dragon. He looked around with a vacant expression. More than half of Azure Dragon City lay in ruins and the casualties among the citizenry were too awful to speak of.

If anyone attacked them now… Well, granted, no one would dare march on them at the moment, not with those monsters outside the city.

The Grand Formation of the Ten Yama Kings came from the Tome of Life and Death, while the Karmic Tree would be a rare and fearsome spirit root in even the fourth realm. When their strength was combined, the poison formation that just barely reached the fourth realm was completely outmatched.

If the Yama kings had been true ninth level or true kings, they wouldve suppressed the poison formation the instant their own formation appeared. It wouldnt be the suppression of dominant strength, but the domination of cultivation level.

Given that lack of prerequisite, it was slightly difficult for the ten Yama kings to put the formation beneath their heel.

The poison fiend that the formation had transformed into howled and snarled. Failing to have any effect when attacking the Karmic Tree, it turned its attention to the grand formation.

Under the Karmic Trees protection, Qing Ting and Azureclad remained safe and sound. The Wild Formation King and others, however, were devoured whole the second the formation came alive and became part of the fearsome poison.

Alarmed by the change in the situation, Jin Naluo and Feng Qi turned tail and ran for the Karmic Tree, each of them hugging a karmic fruit and hiding among its branches.


The battle of Azure Dragon City naturally attracted the attention of other cities in Azure Dragon Region. When the Azure Dragon and Coiling Dragon city lords wished to return and support it, the Fish King prevented them from doing so. With their cultivation level, theyd die and their souls scatter into nothingness as soon as they touched the poison.

“I truly am indeed less than him.” The Fish King paled as she looked in the citys direction and took in the mighty grand formation.

If it was her facing the jade-green poison, shed be able to protect herself and make her escape, but itd be nearly impossible for her to undo the poison thatd nearly reached the fourth realm. Very few in the Hongmeng could do so—the rulers of the ten divine nations, Hong, the Dao King, and the one in the lost ancient city were the few who could.

Never in her wildest dreams did she think that the Immortal King could do so as well, and he was even attempting to subdue the poison for his own use!


Then the unexpected happened. A gigantic talisman popped into existence and crashed down on the Grand Formation of the Ten Yama Kings that was battling the poison fiend. It exploded the second it appeared, catching all of the Yama kings off guard and dismantling their formation.

“Talisman Adept King!!” Lu Yun roared at the figure thatd appeared in the air.

Avengers, assemble! Its so good to see them again and not have them fade into irrelevance.-

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