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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1466: Talisman King

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Chapter 1466: Talisman King

“How dare you!” Standing guard in the far off Crouching Dragon City, the Fish King shouted angrily when she saw the Talisman Adept King. With her capabilities, she could tell with a single glance that he was a true king!

Not only was he a supplemental king, but his cultivation level had reached the true king realm!

Shed just brought out the Terra Potentates decree, but here was a true king in blatant violation and disrespect of the potentate!

Though the Fish King was a disciple of the Purple King, she was also a citizen of Terra. The Terra Potentate was as if a god to his people, so she would never tolerate any blasphemy!

She took to the air and shot toward Azure Dragon City. At the same time, she waved a hand to re-materialize the decree that shed put away. The Terra Potentates aura once more spread across the land.

“Hmph.” The Talisman Adept King grabbed the poison fiend that was the formation and sniffed contemptuously at the decree. He freed a hand to smack the offending item, turning his hand into a golden talisman that clashed with the decree.

“What!” gasped the Fish King. She hastily backed up in alarm—the decree over her head had swayed from the other kings blow! That was impossible!

“Are you really the Talisman Adept King!” she cried out.

“The waters are very deep in the Hongmeng, little girl. Those eleven old geezers only made it into the tower once—that doesnt make them the masters of the realm,” sneered the Talisman Adept King. He gripped the poison fiend with one hand and held a talisman with another.

Ashen faced, the Fish King trembled violently. The decree over her head had cracked with an ugly tear. If the Talisman Adept King struck again, he would shatter it, delivering an indelible blow to the Terra Potentate and ten divine nations at large.

“Youre not the Talisman Adept King.” Lu Yun dismissed the Grand Formation of the Ten Yama Kings and Karmic Tree. Protected by the Yama kings, he stood on the ground and looked up at the figure that appeared exactly who he claimed to be.

Lu Yun had seen the Talisman Adept King once before. The Wild Formation, Alchemist, Prime Weapon, Talisman Adept, and Imagination Kings had jointly hosted the Supplemental Dao Convention.

Lu Yun had traded blows with the Alchemist, Wild Formation, and Imagination Kings, then vied with the Prime Weapon King through the mountain of Earth Light Magneticus. The Talisman Adept King was the only one he hadnt had any dealings with, but he was very certain that the Talisman Adept King in front of them wasnt the one thatd been present at Multitude City. Though their aura was the same, they were definitely not the same person.

“Who can I be, if not the Talisman Adept King” the king asked merrily and looked down at Lu Yun beneath him.

“Should I call you… the Talisman King instead” Lu Yun said thoughtfully. “Thats right, youre simply the Talisman King, not the Talisman Adept King.”

The Fish Kings expression shifted dramatically when she heard the title. She was familiar with it, and it belonged to a personage she couldnt afford to offend.

“Little girl, go back and tell the Terra Potentate that he cannot possibly suppress the realms true kings for a hundred years. If he really wishes us to bide our time until then, he needs to demonstrate proper manners and send out invitations for all true kings to discuss his request!” sneered the Talisman King. He sent another golden talisman at the Fish King with a wave of his hand.


A gray cloud rose in the air as the Terra Potentates decree exploded and slowly formed into a human face.



The Talisman King flung over yet another talisman when the face wished to speak and blew apart the newly formed face.

“Terra Potentate, you have no right to speak to me through just a mere replica,” he sniffed.

Color drained from the Fish Kings face, leaving her as white as a sheet. She was haughty and proud, lofty above all and daring to beat even the crown prince of her nation.

But when she faced the Talisman King, not the slightest hint of rebellion rose in her heart. He dared to erase even the Terra Potentates replica, what didnt he dare do

“And you, Immortal King!” The Talisman King leered at Lu Yun. “You should watch yourself in case some old fellows cant help but swat you out of existence!”

“I should watch myself” Lu Yun shrugged with puzzlement and innocence.

“Didnt you give approval to your ragtag crew of disciples to make waves in the Hongmeng” The Talisman King glared at him as golden light flashed again from his hand. Another shimmering talisman had taken shape.

Lu Yun pursed his lips without a word. He knew that his self-styled disciples were stirring up all manner of trouble in the realm, but that wasnt done with his approval. After Dragon Butterfly and Long Batian failed to obtain the ancestor blood, theyd gathered up all of the Immortal Kings disciples and stopped at no crime or mischief when rampaging over the land—all in Lu Yuns name.

Qing Ting, Qing Yan, and Qing Di were in closed door cultivation to digest their outsized gains from the Dragonling Assembly. If not for that, theyd convene with the Immortal Kings disciples as well.

“Nope!” Lu Yun shook his head resolutely.

The Talisman King glared at him hotly and huffed, “This thing shouldnt be in the Hongmeng, so Im taking it with me. All of you are on your own!”

He abruptly slapped the talisman in his hand down on Lu Yun.

“Well met!” Lu Yun shouted and drew a pure silver talisman in the air—a Yu character for warding.


Gold and silver radiance scattered across the sky when the two talismans met, then vanished at the same time. The Talisman King took advantage of the distraction to disappear with the poison formation.

“What kind of person is that Talisman King To think that wed have such a character in the Hongmeng!!” Jin Naluos expression flickered rapidly as he goggled at where the king had disappeared.

“Hes not a person.” Lu Yun shook his head and shook off his right hand; it was trembling slightly. It was plain to see that hed come out on the losing side of the exchange. Despite using the same amount of strength as him, the kings talisman had defeated him head-on.

“Not a person” Jin Naluo and Feng Qi looked at Lu Yun at the same time.

“If my guess is right, hes the manifestation of talisman dao in the Hongmeng. All cultivators who walk the path of talisman dao become his strength,” Lu Yun murmured. “He borrowed the Wild Formation Kings body to prevent a disaster from happening.”

Fascinating, so the daos can take human form. I wonder what they think of an upstart — the immortal dao — coming to essentially conquer them all-

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