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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1471: Insurmountable Evil

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Chapter 1471: Insurmountable Evil

Just as Lu Yun lost himself in thought, the Fish King next to him suddenly shoved him away. Startled, his eyes snapped to the bridge of light formed by the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals and directed it to the side.

Given the kings personality, she wouldnt push him for no reason. Since she had, that meant danger was close at hand.


A rapid current of water grazed the bridge and hurtled in another direction like a swift arrow. An enormous shadow followed immediately behind it—a life form that resembled a shark. It moved with an unnaturally quick pace through the liquid formed by water virtue. Maw yawning open like a bottomless pit, it sought to bite down on the bridge.

Being born of the power of destruction, the shark was violent and highly aggressive. Lu Yun had evaded these creatures during their descent, but an encounter proved inevitable in the end.

“Fuck off!” He sent the Thousand Obliteration Formation forward with a bang and materialized it in the water. Affected by the tangible array, the order of opposition around them swiftly gathered in the form of a shield.


The sharks razor-sharp teeth sank viciously onto the shield. It emitted a strangled cry and darted away.

Though these creatures were born of destruction and uncommonly weak, they were intelligent. While arcane beasts were born with innate combat arts, the same didnt hold true for creatures of destruction. They only knew how to attack according to their instincts.

Lu Yun was unwilling to provoke them all the same. It would still be incredibly terrifying if they mobbed him in a group.

“The creatures have noticed us, we need to break the seal as fast as possible.” He expanded the formation and widened the bridge into an enormous curtain of light, bringing it down on the azure dragons seal.

The four still goggled at his ability to freely move about and talk in this environment. All of their faces were beet red with exertion, but they couldnt utter a single word.

Lu Yun brought out Qing Dis drop of hearts blood.

“You guys give me a drop too,” he said to Qing Ting and Azureclad. “Then sit down and prepare to receive the azure dragons power!”

Brother and sister didnt hesitate to pierce their own bodies and retrieve a drop of blood, handing it to Lu Yun. He mixed the three drops together and drew a strange-looking glyph in the air.


Dazzling azure splendor blossomed from the glyph. When it touched the bright crimson droplets of blood that sparkled with azure light, it transformed them into pure azure—ancestral blood of the azure dragon!

Lu Yun had employed his supplemental arts to distill ancestral blood from Qing Ting, Qing Di, and Qing Yans hearts blood!

The Fish King backed up from sheer shock, unable to comprehend the sight for a second. Something occurred to her the next moment and she jogged back, looking unblinkingly at Lu Yun.

His methods were approaching the realm of dao! One had to know that the azure dragon—a personage on par with a ruler of the divine nations—was awake. He was one of the strongest presences in the Hongmeng and Lu Yun was essentially stealing his bloodline. If the ancestral god detected his actions, he wouldnt even need to consciously think of retribution. The undefined strength of the ancestral gods would inexplicably attack Lu Yun to protect the blood of one of their own.

No backlash was forthcoming for his audacity; everything happened very smoothly. It wasnt that the strength of the ancestral gods had proven ineffective, but that Lu Yuns methods were so sophisticated that they completely evaded the azure dragon.

“Supplemental dao isnt meant for battle,” Lu Yun suddenly remarked meaningfully. “Supplemental dao is complementary to cultivation and battle. Focusing on it as the main path will lead one astray.

“Id initially thought that the Immortal Region and Supplemental Dao Alliance had enacted a monopoly over supplemental dao out of pure selfish interest. Its not until now that I understand they were trying to slowly shift this wayward Hongmeng back to the proper path.”

The Fish King still couldnt speak, so she only stared intently at Lu Yun.

“All of you think that the current method of cultivation in the realm is a deviated, incorrect path, but thats not necessarily true. The proper path of cultivation runs through nine levels before one becomes a true king.

“The path we follow gives one the chance to become a high level king upon ascending to titled kinghood through the Hongmeng Tower. Those talented few are far beyond all of us here and closer to the level of true king.

“The so-called true kings are a result of dao rule fusion. Tsk tsk, the kings on the so-called incorrect path also wield dao rules and possess the strength of their level in full. After so many years of a monopoly over supplemental dao, there are very few Hongmeng kings who make use of the supplemental arts. They rely on their cultivation to excavate their potential to the fullest.” Lu Yun stroked his chin.

“Aoooo!” A clear dragon howl erupted as water rippled in their part of the lake. The sound waves were so dreadful that the creatures spying on the intruders drifted away as lifeless ash before they could react.

“Its coming!” Lu Yun shouted. “Use the talents of your bloodlines to absorb the power of the azure dragon!”

Qing Ting and Qing Yan closed their eyes without question and fully released their azure dragon bloodline so it could communicate with the strength of the azure dragon floating through the void.

The power and the seal beneath their feet was the azure dragons most primitive strength. It took root in Qing Ting and Qing Yans body—imperceptible for now, but would sprout and grow as they took in more of the azure dragons power.

The invincible seal beneath their feet began to show tiny ripples. The image of an azure dragon floated up from it, roaring and snarling with fury, wanting to slaughter Lu Yun and the others.

However, the azure glyph in front of Lu Yun had completely become the azure dragons ancestral blood. It shared the same origins as the seal, so no matter how the protections within the seal raged and threw itself against the group, it couldnt harm Lu Yuns group at all.

“I know you can hear me, old dragon! Dismiss your power and let me in, or Ill destroy more than just this seal if you force me to take action!”

The azure dragon image wavered and a bit of sentience dawned in its aloof eyes.

“No, you cant go in!” the azure dragons voice suddenly echoed around them. “Theres insurmountable evil in the tomb. If you let him out, the entire Hongmeng and even the fourth realm will be affected!”-

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