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Chapter 1472: Fire Virtue Potentate

“Is it something from the fourth realm” Lu Yun asked in response with a slight frown. Anything that would warrant a description of “insurmountable evil” from a being like the azure dragon ancestral god would certainly not hail from the Hongmeng.

“I dont know.” The azure dragons voice drifted in and out and sounded weak overall. He was evidently in poor condition. “Perhaps hes from other Hongmeng worlds or maybe hes from the fourth realm. Regardless, his appearance poses an extraordinary threat to our world!

“The order of opposition in this tomb was created by the realms first Opposition Supreme. We petitioned the supreme to create an order of opposition with boundless water virtue, thus making it possible to suppress the Fire Virtue Potentate.”

Lu Yun finally understood the layout of the land. The azure dragon likely referenced an era impossibly far in the past. Opposition Supreme There were no stories of this character in the chaos and not even Leize—first dragon of the second realm—had ever heard of the name. Opposition, however, was an order of the highest degree in the chaos.

If this Opposition Supreme could help the four ancestral gods form the order of opposition, then they were as strong as an ancestral god. Could it be that the chaos denizens were once as strong as modern day Hongmeng beings

“Its fine that youve broken my seal, but if you break the order of opposition and allow the potentate to escape the tomb, the entire realm will turn into a sea of fire!” the azure dragon solemnly warned again.

“Who is the Azure Dragon King” Lu Yun suddenly asked.

The azure dragons replica opened his mouth to respond, then sighed with resignation. “Cant you ask about something else”

“I dont trust you anymore after you lied about the Azure Dragon King. Fine, go on back. I know what Im doing and what cant be done.”

Before he slowly faded away, the azure dragon tried to look through Lu Yuns soul with a deeply intense gaze. Hed only just regained wakefulness and created a true spirit from a tendril of his will. He was immensely short on options to stop Lu Yun, not to mention that the Thousand Obliteration Formation had stabilized. His will was also unable to penetrate the smoothly operating formation.

Many ancient existences of the Hongmeng thought that the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals came from the mythological realm, but those such as the azure dragon knew that it was the joint effort of the first generation Six Royals in the chaos. An expert of the mythological realm had stumbled upon it by accident.

The Opposition Supreme had been one of the six. In that era, there was no hierarchical difference between the chaos and Hongmeng. Citizens of both realms were equally strong. The formation kept the chaos in check and wielded the six orders of the highest degree. Since Lu Yun had set up the formation through his own ability, there was nothing the azure dragon could do about it.

As for who the Azure Dragon King was… the azure dragon had lied more than once in his answers. Even if the azure dragon spoke the truth now, Lu Yun would likely mistrust him all the same.

The azure dragon departed, leaving behind terror-stricken expressions on both the Fish King and Feng Qis faces.

A heavyweight with the strength of the fourth realm!

The four ancestral gods had had to join hands to defeat him, and theyd needed the help of a supreme from the chaos as well

Feng Qi was the son of the Aer Potentate and the Fish King someone highly treasured by the Terra Potentate. They had a spot in the inner circle of the ten divine nations and certainly knew what kind of person the Opposition Supreme was.

Meanwhile, Qing Ting and Qing Yan were wholly unconcerned with external matters and focused on absorbing the azure dragons strength. The azure dragon hadnt taken them to task for it when he left. They were his descendants, after all, so it didnt matter that they took a bit of his strength.

The azure dragons seal finally cracked open large enough for a few people to pass through.

“Qing Ting and Qing Yan will be staying here to absorb the ancestral gods power. Nod if you want to head inside with me. If not, you can stay here to protect them.” Lu Yun looked at the Fish King and Feng Qi.

The Fish King grabbed his collar and wouldnt let go for the world, while Feng Qi clung to one of Lu Yuns arms. Both of them nodded so fast and hard that they seemed to run the risk of losing their heads.

As incredibly dangerous as the entity below might be, the two were used to running wild. Theyd already come so far, could they give up now

“Alright then, lets go take a look inside.” Lu Yun materialized another Thousand Obliteration Formation with a wave of his hand and turned it into three “formation robes”, draping it over the three of them.

The Fish Kings eyes bulged and threatened to fall out of her head entirely.

Changing a formation into something real! How perversely strong was this Immortal King that he could easily shift a formation into another state of being!

The current Fish King was yet to come within sight of that level of accomplishment. Not only had the Immortal King brought his formation to life, but hed also casually turned it into something like clothes that the trio could wear!

The Fish King had finally come face-to-face with Lu Yuns frighteningly prodigious strength.

“So hes always played the pig so he could eat the tiger… He didnt use his full strength at all when we fought at Crouching Dragon City!” The Fish King silently tabulated the events of the day. When she looked at Lu Yun next, some subtle shifts had taken place in her gaze.

The crack in the seal smoothed over before one could fully register its existence, but that was enough time for Lu Yun to accomplish many things. He set up tens of thousands of defensive formations to protect Qing Ting and Qing Yan before taking the Fish King and Feng Qi with him through the crack.

The crack immediately vanished after their passage.

In contrast to the lake over them, a sea of fire reigned inside—flames from the power of fire virtue. At the same time, water virtue was present to form the order of opposition and derive the power of destruction.

A massive horde of creatures meandered through the fiery ocean, ones even more aggressive than those from water virtue. Thousands of them rushed Lu Yun and the other two the second the group materialized.

“Away with you!” shouted the Fish King. She pointed at their foes and assembled numerous formations with the power of destruction in her hand, detonating the second they came to be.

The power of destruction from her formations melded with the ambient power in their surroundings, becoming ever greater devastation that exterminated any destruction creature in their path.

“Eh I can talk again” The Fish King almost couldnt believe it.

“Ooh I can too, and theres so many yummy things here!” Feng Qis stomach gurgled—he was hungry again.

“In the land of water virtue, its the power of water virtue suppressing you guys, not the order of opposition,” Lu Yun explained. “While there is water virtue here, its fire virtue thats in charge. Thats why you can talk again.

“The Fire Virtue Potentates coffin should be right beneath us.” He looked at the sea of fire below.

Dont you guys dare start with the pizza jokes, lol. There are only so many high-**tin words out there and were starting to run real short.-

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