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Chapter 1476: Layout of the Six Royals

“The Terra Book is the Terra Potentates personal treasure, it wouldnt be kept in the treasury.” The Fish King flicked a sideways glance at Feng Qi. “Since the big-headed doll is gone, can we continue looking for the Fire Virtue Potentate”

“Right right right, I feel like there are a lot of delicious things there. Ill stay full for a very long time after I eat them,” Feng Qi spoke up in quick support.

“Lets go,” Lu Yun nodded. He wouldnt give up on his plans just because of appearances from the azure dragon and big-headed doll.

His path was one of order—only through perfecting the flames of order and igniting the hellfire of order could he slowly extract himself from the Tome of Life and Death and Hadal Hell. Only then would he set foot on his own path.

Though hed subdued the tome and turned it fully into his own possession, he still needed to experiment and create original methods before he could truly be his own person and reach that unparalleled realm.

Lu Yun adjusted his formation robe and sank down to the bottom once more, closely followed by the Fish King and Feng Qi.

“Do you guys know if the Fire Virtue Potentate is really down there” Feng Qi suddenly asked.

“Where else would he be” the Fish King asked in return.

“There are a lot of yum-yums down there and creatures of destruction…” Feng Qi stroked his chin. “But if you wanted to seal someone away, would you put them in a pile of corpses and treasures”

Lu Yun started and saw the logic in Feng Qis words. This was where the Fire Virtue Potentate had fallen. If his corpse and fragmented soul were to be sealed away, the ancestral gods and supremes would never choose to do so among the dead. That would cause the potentates corpse to mutate into a terrifying ghost or corpse king, enabling him to instantly struggle free of the seal.

Where he perished would certainly be a bleak and desolate landscape of commingled death qi and resentment. Hongment treasures would never form in such a domain.

“Not here” Lu Yun frowned and look around. There was nothing here other than blazing flames. The creatures of destruction had scattered in various directions after the big-headed doll appeared.

“And, where are we” the Fish King asked, perplexed. “That doll seemed to have purposefully herded us here.”

“He did,” Lu Yun nodded. “Dont look at this as a sea of flame or a seal. This is a tomb! The layouts of a tomb are ever-shifting and endless. Theres only one eternal constant—the main burial chamber.”

Lu Yun sat down cross-legged and opened the Spectral Eye, sketching the layout of a tomb through it. He superimposed the world in his eyes with the tomb in front of them, continuously trying to derive the tombs actual layout.

This time, he simulated all of the burial and feng shui layouts he knew and compared them to the void in front of him, seeing which would meld seamlessly into the world beneath the lake.

Though this was, frankly, a slow and dumb process, it was the only method available to him. There were no mountains coiled here or a great dragon, so even the Dragonquake Scripture wouldnt make out anything.

He could deploy the Dragonquake Scripture itself, but that might give rise to unexpected consequences if the scripture appeared within the Hongmeng. He might be crushed underfoot by certain existences the next second.

Two rays of fiery black sparks shot out from Lu Yuns eyes. They slowly turned to silver and became tendrils of the flame of order. There were more than two hundred strands within his body now, but his strength and cultivation remained unchanged. In fact, even the tendrils after the two hundredth one seemed a little intangible.

Two hundred and fourteen tendrils of flame were the highest he could go. Ghost crystals were completely ineffective by this point and even the cores of ninth step ghost kings did nothing for the flame of order.

Lu Yun had to locate greater entities that violated order in the Hongmeng, such as the Fire Virtue Potentate. The latters existence certainly violated the order of the realm; he threatened the Hongmeng at every second. Most importantly was that he was dead. Since he was dead, Lu Yun would be able to exert control over him through the Tome of Life and Death.

In their current environment, he could bring out all of his methods without worry of anything else.

Feng Qi and the Fish King flanked Lu Yun, closely observing his deductions.

“Fish King, who do you think he is” Feng Qi asked carefully. “There are rumors developing in the Hongmeng that the Immortal King is a supreme being from the world of immortals, the one who completed immortal dao and established a new epoch for it. But the strongest creatures under the immortal dao havent even reached the chaos cultivation realm!”

“Havent reached the chaos realm” the Fish King shrugged. “Remember the ten women he summoned They were wreathed with the presence of immortal dao and practice immortal dao methods. They were also all true first level, and I can guarantee that any of them would beat you silly with one hand behind their back.”

Feng Qi goggled at the Fish King.

“He is indeed that person from the world of immortals, but what of it Many of the premier powerhouses in the Hongmeng come from the chaos or the mythological realm. My master, the Purple King, is one such person from the mythological realm. He ascended from the world of immortals in that realm to enter the Hongmeng!

“In the same vein, some of the eleven potentates come from even older realms.

“Ours is a tolerant era. No one cares who you come from or where you were born as long as you dont commit any acts of evil. We wouldnt even care about the ghosts if they didnt cause all that trouble.”

“I got you, youre so right. Those powerhouses are all so lazy. My dads super lazy—he doesnt care about anything happening in Aer. Hes dumped it all on my senior brother and my senior brother complains everyday that hell abdicate.

“My senior brother is also lazy, but thats not my point. The Immortal King is so perverse that he doesnt seem like hes from the world of immortals or Hongmeng. Hes more like from the fourth realm!”

The Fish King: That was completely not what I was talking about.

“Found it!” Lu Yun suddenly hollered and shot to his feet.

“Its a Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals!” Incredulity filled his eyes. “No, not the formation, but the feng shui layout that corresponds to it! Its intermixed with a layout of the four divisions… I get it!” he murmured rapidly to himself. “The first Six Royals of the chaos—the six supremes—all died here. Even the four ancestral gods of the Hongmeng died here. They all died here to seal away the Fire Virtue Potentate!”

Okay, this guy is like Thanos with how hes turning out…-

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