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Chapter 1477: Confusing Truth With Falsehood

“What!” The Fish King and Feng Qi were shocked by Lu Yuns declaration. Setting aside the six supremes of the chaos—since not many in the Hongmeng knew of their existence—the four ancestral gods inspired awe throughout the realm.

The manner of their death, however, was a subject of great contention.

Some said that the gods had died to the recoil of the Hongmeng barrier when they sought to break free and enter the fourth realm. Others denounced the traitors of Dragonhollow Mountain for scheming to the gods deaths. But with Lu Yuns latest observation of the great tomb, he discovered the truth of the matter.

“The four ancestral gods and six supremes all died to kill and seal away the Fire Virtue Potentate. They gave their lives to protect the Hongmeng!

“They paid the cost of existence itself to set up the layout and great tomb here. The Opposition Supreme activated the order of opposition and sacrificed his true spirit, completely scattering upon the air and vanishing forever.

“So did the same fate befall the supremes of Inception, Ethos, Burgeon, Creation, and Nirvana. The spirits of the four ancestral gods then entered the chaos with yi wood, kang metal, li fire, kui water, and shen earth not controlled by any god. They derived the connate five elements in the chaos and worlds so that the chaos would reform the orders in the absence of their supremes.

“It wasnt until the appearance of the six dao palaces that the six greatest orders of the chaos once again came under control…” Lu Yun murmured. “The six supremes shouldnt just be the supremes, they should be called the six supreme gods.”

The Fish King and Feng Qi quietly listened to his exposition. If he spoke the truth, then their views of the four ancestral gods had to change.

The Hongmeng venerated the ancestral gods because they were undeniable powerhouses—existences of the land that were closest to the fourth realm. But Lu Yun was saying that theyd died to protect the Hongmeng and that their true spirits had reincarnated into the chaos in order to protect the homes of the six supremes. It was only in recent times that they were returning to their own homes.

This could no longer be just described with the notion of “great”. The four ancestral gods roots were in the Hongmeng—they could be infinitely resurrected through creation, truth, origin, and eternity. They were undying as long as they stayed within the third realm.

Theyd chosen to give up this incredible power and enter the chaos to maintain order for the denizens there!

Sadly, everything theyd encountered since then and the start of it all was almost completely forgotten by the people. This tomb was simply viewed as a cursed tomb now, nothing more. If the ancestral gods had remained within the third realm all this time and continued cultivating, they probably wouldve already ascended to the fourth realm.

“The continual weakening of the chaos creatures is most likely because they lost their heritage with the death of the six supreme gods. That gradually chipped away at them until they became less than the Hongmeng,” Lu Yun continued to derive everything that had happened as a result of this tomb.

This was an unknown part of history. The mythological realm was the limit of knowledge for the current Hongmeng and chaos denizens. Even Leize and the others had forgotten what the world had been like before the mythological realm.

This hadnt been a conscious act, but a result of the establishment of new orders. As the masters of the new orders, their memories of time past had been eroded by their new orders.

If theyd remained cultivating in the chaos until they reached true king and then potentate, the denizens of the chaos wouldve slowly grown stronger because of them. But they seemed to suffer under some sort of curse or limitation, restricting them to never ascending beyond sovereign realm.

“The root of the curse is here!” Lu Yun suddenly snapped. “The six supreme gods were the main force in killing the Fire Virtue Potentate. Thus, his curse targeted them before he died and afflicted their bloodlines and heritage!

“The chaos will return to normal if we raze this place to the ground,” he muttered.

“But, but, isnt the chaos about to be swallowed by the worlds” Feng Qi asked haltingly.

“Its the land thats about to be swallowed, not the living beings…” Lu Yun replied.

The energy of the worlds had once been poison to chaos denizens, but now with the immortal dao running through the second realm and its inhabitants practicing immortal dao, they no longer feared the energy and could coexist peacefully with it.

The world of immortals continued to expand and swallow the chaos, yet the chaos denizens werent opposed to it. They could even travel through the polluted zone and enter the worlds proper, becoming a part of the first realm and the world of immortals.

The chaos creatures had once sought to destroy the worlds simply because the worlds were anathema to them. That situation no longer existed. Nothing would change after the chaos was devoured, just that the energy of the worlds would fill the realm and the chaos would resemble a world.

Everything that was present before would still remain; such was the general trend of events.

At the same time, the worlds would swallow the Hongmeng when they expanded to the extreme, combining the three into one realm. That would revert the third realm from a prison back into a complete realm.

During this period of time, however, the chaos denizens ran the risk of being eliminated, completely eliminated from the new world order. The reason for this The Fire Virtue Potentates curse.

This was also why the chaos creatures had previously been afraid of the energy of the worlds—the curse. Finding out all of this redoubled Lu Yuns conviction to find and destroy the Fire Virtue Potentate.


“Will we really be able to handle the potentate with our current strength” the Fish King asked uncertainly.

“Not us, you guys cant do anything no matter what. I can.” Lu Yun set up a Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals and a connate formation of the five elements with a wave of his hand.

The images of an azure dragon, white tiger, vermilion bird, black tortoise, and moat snake appeared at the same time. The two formations began to meld together and a terrifying feng shui layout appeared in their midst. It was the same one as the one beneath Azure Dragon Lake!

The mark of the Tome of Life and Death collected between Lu Yuns brows. He couldnt set up this kind of layout with his own strength alone; he had to borrow the treasures power.

The two great formations and feng shui layouts became one with the tomes help and projected a miniature Azure Dragon Lake.

“Using a formation to project a world… this isnt a formation world, its a world of formation dao! Its at an even higher level than a formation world!” The Fish King swallowed hard.

Lu Yun ignored her and pushed out with both hands, assimilating the small world into the greater one before them.


Violent trembling rocked the void as the energy of fire virtue, order of opposition, strength of destruction were immediately expunged. The void resolved itself as a dark burial chamber.

“Is this the truth of this place” Feng Qi stared dumbly.

“This is fake,” Lu Yun shook his head. “I projected the way of burial into this void via my feng shui layout, creating the illusion of a tomb. If there was one here, itd look something like this. We can reach the main burial chamber by following the fake one.”

The Fish Kings mind spun; it was her first time hearing of something like this. This was probably what was meant by confusing truth with falsehood.

Ah, so hes basically confusing the real, treacherous layout here with some illusions of his own.


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