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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1478: Young Girl

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Chapter 1478: Young Girl

The Fish King was completely won over by the display. This singular technique of projecting a world of formation dao was a level that she would never reach in her entire life.

She wouldnt be able to set up such a layout even if she had a treasure on par with the Tome of Life and Death to help her.


A dusky, long, and narrow passageway stretched into the unknown darkness.

The trio kept their formation robes on. The great tomb here was fake, an illusion, and their bodies still suffered pressure from endless order of opposition and power of destruction. The creatures of destruction were likewise hoodwinked by the “tomb” and drifted around lethargically after they were drawn in.

Though Lu Yun was the architect of the fake tomb, he wasnt familiar with it. All he could do was proceed according to the burial layout and compel the formless to take shape.

“There doesnt seem to be anything here.” Feng Qis nose twitched. “There are neither yin spirits nor zombies that would be present in other tombs. There arent any ghosts either.”

Lu Yun smacked him forcefully over the head. “Of course not, this tomb is a fake! Its an illusion I created from the burial layout here, its just a map to help us get through the real thing!

“Do you think youd actually see any scenery when you look at a map Keep your mind focused on the task at hand and search for the proper path!”

“Oh… um, okay.” Feng Qi nodded with half understanding.

The order of opposition seemed to grow fainter as they followed the long passage in. The power of destruction also dissipated and turned into another kind of power.

“Theres… theres a big yum-yum here!” Feng Qis eyes lit up. “Its yummier than the big-headed dolls coffin! I can guarantee that I wont be hungry for a year if I eat it!”

“Yummier than the dolls coffin!” Lu Yun jumped with surprise. The dolls coffin was a treasure of the fourth realm and refined from the Soulprison Wood!

A treasure stronger than that coffin!

“It probably belongs to the Fire Virtue Potentate,” he realized. “The order of opposition is faint here and the power of destruction almost nonexistent, but the energy of fire virtue is becoming ever stronger. Were almost there!”

He dismissed his tomb mirage with a wave of his hand. A scarlet flame appeared in front of them, basking in the pure fire virtue energy in the surroundings. It was many times stronger than the energy outside.

“We… are probably in the main burial chamber that you mentioned,” murmured the Fish King as she looked around.

This was definitely not the Azure Dragon Lake that they knew. This was another space—most likely where the Fire Virtue Potentate was.

“Perhaps were inside the potentates body… Hes dead, after all, and we dont know what hes turned into after that,” Lu Yun muttered.

When someone of the potentates level died, his soul was scattered to the four winds and his body fully disposed of. Otherwise, hed be reborn from even the smallest particles.

But no matter what his death looked like, there had to be something related to him in the tomb. It could be a valued treasure or part of his body devoid of life force. There had to be something representing him that was suppressed and buried here.

Of course, the potentate might actually be the dead buried in the tomb. Everything was possible here. Whatever it was, it was the power of fire virtue and an existence that violated the order of the Hongmeng. Lu Yun would perfect his fire of order if he refined it and begin the next stage of his cultivation.

“Its here, but be careful. The potentates become the dead in the tomb and that makes him extremely terrifying.” Lu Yun took a deep breath and reached out, materializing the Tome of Life and Death. This treasure was the only way in which he could contend with the Fire Virtue Potentate.

“Thats strange, why do I find this place kind of weird” Feng Qi fidgeted uncomfortably.

“Weird How” Lu Yun looked at him.

“This doesnt feel like the Hongmeng or any of its child planes or worlds…” Feng Qi frowned ferociously. “Theres nothing here apart from endless fire virtue, absolutely nothing. Even the order of opposition is barely here, and thats only because it seeped in from the outside world. Theres just the tiniest hint of it present.”

“You talk a lot, little boy, but youre right. This isnt the Hongmeng.” An ethereal female voice echoed from an unknown spot.

The flame in front of them jumped slightly as a young girl bearing flaming red hair, scarlet eyes and lips appeared in front of them.

Lu Yun and Feng Qis minds blanked with a loud hum when they saw the girl. She was too beautiful!

She was so stunning that her every move and gesture, every look and smile, every inch of her skin spoke of the worlds beauty and epitomized flawless perfection.

This was a girl so beautiful that there were no shortcomings about her. Even Lu Yun found himself momentarily dazed. As a woman, the Fish King also lost herself in the young girls looks.

“Are you here to stop me too, little miss” Lu Yun bit down on his tongue to recover his clarity and looked smilingly at the girl. Laced with dao notes, his words brought Feng Qi and the Fish King back to wakefulness.

“How can there be such a fairy in the world, its… simply… just…” Feng Qi smacked his lips. Hed always thought that his sole interest in life was treasures and how to fill his stomach. In this moment, he discovered how incredibly wrong hed been.

He was interested in the women of the world as well!

“Oh” The young girl blinked when she heard Lu Yuns words, then chuckled, “Why dont you think Im the Fire Virtue Potentate”

The young girls response made the Fish King shudder and even Feng Qis jaw dropped.

“Surely you jest, little miss,” Lu Yun smiled. “The potentates very existence violates the orders of the Hongmeng. He constantly exudes a strength that is at odds with the realm, but none of that is found in you.”

“But were no longer in the Hongmeng,” smiled the girl. “The great war pierced a hole through this location and formed a world that almost lies precisely between the Hongmeng and fourth realm. That is how the potentate is sealed, and the orders of the Hongmeng do not reach here.”

When she smiled, it was as if the very air bloomed with flowers.

Lu Yun nodded slightly. Hed called upon his fourth realm cultivation level to withstand the girls charms. If not, he wouldve lost himself in her smile. Feng Qi and the Fish King likely had forgotten who they were, and if it wasnt for his aura extending to them, theyd already be drooling.

Feng Qi, in particular, feels like he just went through puberty lol. -

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