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Chapter 1480: The Whole Gangs Here

Instead of leaving, the big-headed doll had followed Lu Yun and erupted with outrage when he heard Lu Yun call him a big-headed doll. However, he swiftly jumped behind the Fire King when he sensed an ardent gaze on his body.

Feng Qis throat bobbed.

“Mm, yummy food and pretty lady…” he said as he stared at the two.

Since the Fire King wasnt a real life form, she didnt think one way or another about Feng Qis words. That was hardly the same for the big-headed doll.

“Big sis Fire King, what dont we work together and take out these impudent brats. Lets resolve our troubles permanently!” the doll leered at Lu Yun.

“I cant take any action, so you do it.” The Fire King seemed to agree with the dolls proposition. Plainly, she wasnt surprised by his sudden appearance.

“Hmph hmph hmph, the Fire Virtue Potentates in there and well wake him if we do anything…” the doll pondered dejectedly. “I shouldve offed him when I had a chance to outside…”

Lu Yun shrugged wordlessly. He was slightly surprised that the big-headed doll hadnt left, and since there was no killing intent coming from the other—he was all talk.

“Seeing as youre here too, stand guard with big sis Fire King and make sure the Fire Virtue Potentate doesnt run off.” Lu Yun tossed another layout of the Six Royals to the doll.

“I, I, when did I agree to stand guard for you” the doll stammered with formation disk in hand.

“And Azure Dragon, youre here too arent you The formation that you four ancestral gods set up contains creation, origin, truth, and eternity. Ive only snuck a look at creation and cant recreate the formation, so Ill have to ask that you do it.” Lu Yun raised a cupped fist salute to the air.

“Ai, I couldnt keep it from you.” The azure dragons replica slowly appeared in the void. He hadnt left after his failure to dissuade Lu Yun, just as the big-headed doll hadnt. Hed remained hidden on the sidelines, waiting for another opportunity to stop the young man.

Unfortunately, Lu Yun had seen right through him.

“Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise cant make it. My bit of creation is also less than yours,” the azure dragon said dejectedly. “I was born because of creation and protected by creation, but I cannot wield it however I want.

“I cant even set up a formation of creation, much less the four orders. Back in the day, we set up a great formation of the connate four directions.”

“Uh… fine then, you can have a formation of the Six Royals as well. Stay here and stand guard.” Lu Yun etched another formation disk and tossed it to the ancestral god.

He caught it with a rueful smile and looked at the others. “Are we going to just play along with his antics like this”

“What else can we do” The big-headed doll closely inspected his formation disk, nodding to find that it was indeed derived from the purest six supreme orders. “Or should we team up and take him out instead” he suddenly leered.

“With Her Majesty Fire here and the addition of our support, we should be able to prevent the Fire Virtue Potentate from emerging in the world.” The azure dragon took a look at his formation disk. “It was the six supremes who were the main force in killing him, so the power of the Six Royals can still seal him away!

“Lu Yun,” the ancestral dragon turned to the young man. “If you can set up an even bigger layout of the Six Royals here, youll be able to seal away the potentate!

“The Six Royals is a power formed by the six supreme orders, which are the strongest orders in our realm. Our Hongmeng, chaos, and the continuously growing and dying worlds all exist because of them,” the azure dragon explained.

Though creation, truth, origin, and eternity were also hailed as supreme orders, they were “dao” instead of “order”. This kind of dao was something inexplicable and undefinable, but it was born of order and complemented it.

Only with these daos could order become the truth, be eternal, and give rise to life. This was what Lu Yun had gained through the creation hed found in the flame of order.

The six supreme orders were the highest level of existence when it came to orders. They possessed an incredible killing force that could eliminate even an entity like the Fire Virtue Potentate.

“Alright,” Lu Yun nodded. He waved a hand and released the six great orders—the power of the six dao palaces.

Hed installed the six dao palaces into his kingdom of hell, and that was where his six supreme orders originated from. The six dao palaces were older than the six sacred palaces. Though they werent as domineering as the sacred palaces, they could deploy stronger power when bolstered by the Tome of Life and Death.


The images of the six dao palaces appeared in the void and set up the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals.

“This is…” The azure dragon trembled. “The palaces of the six supremes! So he has them, no wonder he can control all six supreme orders by himself!”

His lingering confusion was thus resolved. It was almost impossible for one person to command all six supreme orders. But if he also controlled the six dao palaces, that made it possible.

The dao palaces were different from the sacred palaces, the former were left behind by the six supreme gods. Though theyd been destroyed, their heritage hadnt. They would reappear in the chaos through various ways when the time was right—such as when the mythological realm almost devoured the entire chaos. Leize and the others had stumbled onto a way to return the dao palaces to the chaos and protect the last living beings within it.

The six sacred palaces were based on the dao palaces; they were the product of the chaos new orders and exercised new authority over the six supreme orders. Afflicted by the Fire Virtue Potentates curse, the six dao palaces lost their previous power.

However, the curse didnt mean much to Lu Yun. The Tome of Life and Death negated any curses effect on him.

The appearance of the dao palaces from the chaos nearly attracted the six highest orders in the Hongmeng as well. They imbued the area with their power and manifested the Thousand Obliteration Formation, setting up a layout of the Six Royals.

The tiny world was instantly overwhelmed by the titanic power of the royals.

“Ive found him. Fish King, Feng Qi, come with me!” Lu Yun beckoned at them.

“Alright!” Feng Qi brightened and rushed after the young man. The Fish King wanted to chat more with the Fire King, but she suddenly grasped why Lu Yun had summoned her and quickly brought up the rear.-

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