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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1481: Fire Virtue

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Chapter 1481: Fire Virtue

“The Immortal King is a meticulous plotter, alright,” sighed the azure dragon upon seeing Lu Yun vanish with the Fish King and Feng Qi.

“Whats so meticulous about him” grumbled the big-headed doll.

“He took those two with him because he doesnt want to be affected by any karma. Either Feng Qi can eat the treasures they encounter or the Fish King can take them. He wont touch any,” explained the azure dragon. “If he loses control over his greed and claims any of the treasures, hell form a karmic relationship with the Fire Virtue Potentate. once that happens, he wont be able to kill the potentate.”

“So he cant control himself at the end of the day, thats all there is to it,” sniffed the doll.

“Only someone like the Fire King would remain unmoved by the potentates treasures. There are none in this Hongmeng who can ignore them entirely. Can you do so” the azure dragon shot back as he toyed with his formation disk.

The big-headed doll opened his mouth to retort, but didnt say anything.


Indeed, Lu Yun couldnt bear to ignore the dazzling array of treasures floating around him, but he also couldnt take any, which was why hed brought along Feng Qi and the Fish King. Theyd stumbled into an unexpected area. According to the layout of a tomb, this should be where the coffin of the Fire Virtue Potentate was located.

Except, the tomb wasnt meant to lay the potentate to rest, so the coffin here wasnt a coffin either. It was replaced by another kind of layout.

The four ancestral gods and six supreme gods had once sought to destroy the Fire Virtue Potentate—a fact that the potentate was well aware of, which was why hed placed boundless treasures around him. These were all premier treasures of the Hongmeng and ultimate treasures of the fourth realm.

Anyone who took a treasure would form a karmic relationship with the potentate and thus be unable to fully kill him. The potentate could even utilize certain methods to assimilate the treasure holder into his own body.

“There… are so many treasures here.” Feng Qi swallowed hard. “So many treasures that are yummier than the big-headed dolls coffin!”

“Theyre all ownerless, so you can eat whatever youd like to eat.” Lu Yun nodded.

“They wont poison me” Since hed just eaten a plank from the dolls coffin, Feng Qi wasnt too hungry at the moment. Thus, he had the mental capacity to doubt Lu Yuns words.

“Dont worry, nothing will poison you when Im around.” Lu Yun shook his head confidently.

“Then here I come!” Feng Qi shot out like the wind and grabbed a spear blazing with flames that was hovering in the air. He gleefully bit down on the weapon.

The Fish Kings heart bled. She could tell with a single glance that the spear wasnt a treasure of the Hongmeng. It was a weapon refined from materials of the fourth realm that Feng Qi was happily chomping through! Even the eleven divine rulers would fight over it if the spear was in the third realm.

But now, it was being devoured by Feng Qi like a piece of bread.

“That spear isnt even the best of whats available here, so you go as well.” Lu Yun nodded at the Fish King.

“Wont we be assimilated by the Fire Virtue Potentate if we lay hands on anything” the Fish King paused.

“That would be the case if I wasnt here—you guys would become his replica or puppet. But with me here, hes dead if he dares make a move.”

“And you arent tempted yourself” the Fish King continued.

“Of course I am! Many of these items are rare even in the fourth realm. Would I bring you two here if Im not” Lu Yun responded matter-of-factly.

“Then thats weird, its ours if we take it and we wont give it to you afterward. Are you going to take it from us by force” The Fish King would never give something to Lu Yun after she obtained it, including the egg that the Fire Virtue Orb had taken shape as.

“Youll know when you go,” Lu Yun smiled faintly. “Hurry and snatch some treasure from Feng Qi, or youll really cry when he eats the good stuff.”

“Then Im going, and everything I get is mine! Dont expect me to give you anything!” The Fish King leapt upward and vanished on the spot.

It was a land of purest fire virtue here without anything else present—order and destruction were unable to share the space. Countless treasures floated in the air, too many to fathom counting. They were as if the stars in the night sky, and the potentate had purposefully placed them here.

Whoever took any of them would form a karmic relationship with him, and hed be able to take his next steps through these ties.

Even Lu Yun found it hard to restrain his greed, but he was now at peace with things.

“Youre my martial granddaughter, so Im just giving things to my own people. Thats alright,” he muttered and walked further into the depths. “Yo, you really created a coffin for yourself, you old fella.”

An enormous scarlet coffin laid at the center of this locale. Flaming glyphs covered its surface—the fire virtue glyphs of the void.

Fire virtue was something that later came to be in nature—fire controlled by living beings. These glyphs were the traces of when fire virtue had been wielded by another. Plainly, the Fire Virtue Potentate had crafted this coffin for himself.

“Are you really going to kill me” came a clear voice as a young man in black appeared out of nowhere, sitting on the coffin.

“I dont need to, youre already dead. Im just here to eliminate you.” Lu Yun nodded.

The young man in black possessed black hair and eyes, and a strength that was at odds with the realm emanated from his body. He existed to destroy this world; its orders viewed him as a great enemy.

“Do you know who I am” he asked with a meaningful look at Lu Yun.

“Fire Virtue Potentate Thats the name that this Hongmeng has given you—or do you have another name” Lu Yun blinked.

“Ai,” sighed the young man. “I am Fire Virtue, the fire god venerated by countless chaoses and beings. I brought fire to humanity and scattered the seeds of fire through the worlds, sowing the murky chaos with civilization.

“But for that, I was labeled a demon and a deviation, slandered and hunted by endless others…”

“Whatever deeds of merit you might have accomplished before coming here was a thing of the past the moment you aimed your blade at the Hongmeng,” Lu Yun interrupted.

“Youre right,” Fire Virtue paused with surprise. “Someone else once said the same thing to me, but what of it I am viewed as a demon because I broke the taboo and gifted civilization to the third realm. When did you see me aim my blade at Hongmeng beings”

This almost kinda feels like the JD vs AH case…-

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