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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1482: Surrounded

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Chapter 1482: Surrounded

“But I did see it,” Lu Yun nodded. “I can see all life and death here. I see you killing them one by one, extracting the power of this Hongmeng from their bodies and refining their corpses into your own.

“More than thirty million true kings and a hundred thousand potentates died here. Some fell in battle and some you tortured to death while you stripped their dao rules from them.

“But it doesnt matter to me whether youre a saint or demon. None of that is important. Whats important is that I kill you and complete my dao.”

“You want to kill me” Genteel and refined, the Fire Virtue Potentate suddenly leered and released black smoke from his body. Two white claws reached out from the smoke, swiping at Lu Yun.

“Dropping the act, huh” Lu Yun sneered when he saw the claws reach for him. He manifested a purple bead interlaced with silver patterns and smashed it against the claws.


The claws shattered the moment they touched the bead; the Fire Virtue Potentates strength was suppressed before he had a chance to fully release it.

He stumbled backward and regarded Lu Yun with shock. He was dead and buried here, but after countless aeons, hed recovered the same strength of a Hongmeng potentate that hed wielded when he was alive.

This young man was just a superior realm cultivator, one not yet titled by the Hongmeng Tower. His cultivation wasnt true first level yet, so no matter what he called himself with, he was only a superior realm cultivator!

The Fire Virtue Potentate could kill him hundreds of millions of times over by simply breathing on him, but the young man had used a bead to force the potentate back! This was ludicrously farfetched, something that shouldnt be possible!

“You came prepared, you have something that counters me!” Realizing the truth of the situation, the potentate grabbed the scarlet coffin next to him and threw it at Lu Yun.

Lu Yun twirled the bead through the air and flung it at the coffin as well.


The study coffin crashed to the ground as a pile of splintered wood.


Silver fire darted out of the Hongmeng Pearl and set the coffin shards on fire, denying them the chance of reassembly.

“What is that!” shrieked the potentate. “What is that Hellfire from the Hadal Hell! No, that isnt it. What… what is that!”

He whirled around with another shriek and ran from sheer terror. Hed barely escaped being sealed in the Hadal Hell years ago and being eternally shut out from rebirth. Thus, his wits deserted him out of pure horror when encountering a flame similar to hadal hellfire.

Throwing all other thoughts out of his mind, the Fire Virtue Potentate shot into the air as a pillar of flame and sought to flee the scene.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Most importantly was that he knew hadal hellfire could restrain kings. Even a dead supreme of the fourth realm would come under the hellfires control! Since he was dead, he would immediately plummet to the Hadal Hell if the flames touched him, salvation to be eternally out of his grasp!

Additionally, he saw another power in the silver flames that could also restrain the current him.

“Who is this young man to control the strength of the Hadal Hell as a superior realm cultivator!” The Fire Virtue Potentate was absolutely certain that the young man possessed the power of the Hadal Hell—he wouldnt dare come here otherwise!

“An unparalleled existence claimed the Hadal Hell after it was built and, along with the other five, set it to protect the core essence of the fourth realms orders. Why is it with this young man” That he called the fourth realm so indicated that he wasnt a native of the fourth realm. He was someone whod cultivated his way to those heights.

Those of the fourth realm believed that their realm was the only one that existed in all of existence, that the so-called Hongmeng was just floating prisons through their realm. They wouldnt call their home the fourth realm.

The Fire Virtue Potentate had completely lost his mind—even a pig wielding the power of the Hadal Hell would scatter his soul and vanquish him from this world with just the merest hint of that strength.


He flung himself at the void, trying to break through it and escape to another location. Hed accumulated enough strength. Though hed be affected by the order of opposition outside, it was better than dying here and being devoured by the order!


He rammed the void again.

Craaaack, crack craccccck.

A large cavity appeared in the air.

“Though its not the right time for me to emerge in the world, there are no more powerhouses left in this Hongmeng, no When my power of fire virtue envelops this Hongmeng and turns it into my world of fire virtue, I will no longer need to fear the Hadal Hell!

“And, its said that this Hongmeng is the origin of the fourth realm!” He drove his fist through the hole and prepared to squeeze himself outside.


Fearsome power of the Six Royals blasted down at him and forced him back.

“What!” Caught off guard, the potentate was thrown back by Lu Yuns last Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals.

“Hes making his escape alright, to arms!” The azure dragon jumped with shock and quickly activated his formation disk, overlaying it with himself as a formation robe. He was suddenly reminded of that far off era, when the six supreme gods bolstered him with the same formation and bestowed him the strength of the Six Royals.

The big-headed doll copied his movement and committed to it to an even further degree. He swallowed the formation and drew over himself with his brush.


Radiance of six different colors flashed by—the doll had transformed himself into a Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals!

“Buahahaha, this little grandpa finally sees the secrets of the Six Royals! Muahahaha, Fire Virtue Potentate, remember me” Roaring with laughter, the doll charged the potentate head first.

“Its you!” gasped the Fire Virtue Potentate.-

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