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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1485: My God

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Chapter 1485: My God

Seemingly affected by the arrival of the Hadal Hell, the Fire Virtue Potentate grew ever more wild and violent. An endless stream of ghost spirits poured forth from his fire virtue and smashed the great formation around the azure dragon!

Stricken with horror, the azure dragon didnt have time to react before the ghostly spirits mobbed and vanquished his replica.


Not the azure dragons real body, of course, but one of his replicas thatd taken shape through the power of the seal. It didnt hurt him when it died.

The big-headed doll, however, was here in the flesh. If he died here, he was truly dead. Of course, since his true strength had reached the fourth realm and thus surpassed a Hongmeng potentate, he wouldnt die so easily.


The dolls Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals also cracked beneath countless charges from the ghostly spirits.

Though the spirits were also restrained by the power of the Hadal Hell within the formation, they didnt care about their survival when under the Fire Virtue Potentates control. They burned their core essence to attack the array!

The ghostly spirits were born from the fragmented souls of beings thatd died in the tomb. After countless years, theyd all come under the Fire Virtue Potentates sway and were his soldiers to invade the fourth realm after he refined the Hongmeng.

Hed never factored in Lu Yuns arrival; the possibility of someone like the young man had never been in his realm of existence. Not only had the young man almost killed the potentate, but hed decimated more than half of the army of ghostly spirits! As furious and anxious as the potentate was, there was nothing he could do. All he could do for the moment was gather and wrap his fire virtue around him for protection.

“I will no longer be affected by the Hadal Hell if I could undergo rebirth.” The Fire Virtue Potentate slowly recovered his calm and hid himself in fire virtue, observing the situation around him.

He was dead, so he couldnt be reborn through his own strength. He could only accomplish it through reversing life and death through borrowing a living beings soul!

“One thats too weak wont do. I left behind so many treasures so I could form karmic relationships with those who enter this area, but…” The potentate looked around. Since Lu Yun hadnt taken any of the treasures, the potentate didnt share any karma with him.

“The other young man and little girl took them, but theres something protecting the little girl from karma.” The potentate frowned ferociously. Something that protected the holder from karmic repercussions existed only in the fourth realm!

Treasures of the fourth realm sometimes appeared in the Hongmeng. Since the third realm was different worlds floating in the fourth realm, it wasnt uncommon for treasures born in the latter to accidentally fall into a Hongmeng world and be picked up by a local denizen. The sword named Quiet that the Di Clan had once possessed was one such example.

Thus, the potentate wasnt too surprised that a Hongmeng being owned a fourth realm treasure—but one that evaded karma was an immense surprise!

“Its mine! Ill take it from the girl after I take possession of my new body and kill that kid!” Greed sparkled to life in the Fire Virtue Potentates true spirit. This kind of item was an ultimate treasure in the fourth realm!

“The other kid… has a belly full of treasures! Trying to eat my treasures That makes for prodigious karma. Heh heh heh, your body is mine!

“Its a shame hes only true first level. If he was a true king, Id be able to bring some of my strength to bear!” Taking possession of Feng Qi was the potentates least preferred option. A mere true first level was really too pathetic for his taste. Though it would enable his rebirth, hed have to spend a lot of time and effort to recover his cultivation level and strength afterward.

“Its fine, getting out of here alive is of primary importance!” The potentate transformed into a tiny flaming star and vanished into the void.

“What! Those fire virtue ghosts are coming for us!” Feng Qi jumped with shock.

The teeming horde of ghostly spirits had eaten the azure dragons replica and destroyed the big-headed dolls formation; the only obstacle they had issues with was the enormous formation overhead that clamped down as if a pot lid.

Lu Yun waved a hand when he saw the fire virtue spirits rush out and sent the Army Pagoda forward. Troops of soldiers walked out in orderly formation—one hundred and eight individuals.

These one hundred and eight soldiers were the inhabitants of the pagodas first level. Having passed the first levels test, Lu Yun could command these soldiers.

They were all true first level—cultivators on the proper path. Directed by the king soldier, they immediately assembled into a huge formation when they marched out and set up a blockade against the fire virtue ghostly spirits.

“So its the remnants of you scum.” A hazy purple flying sword floated next to the king soldier. He inclined his head at the masses of ghostly spirits. “How dare rats who escaped from my Gods hand come back! Kill!”

He summoned a rain of sword light with his weapon and directed it at the spirits.

“Be careful, the fiery rat wants to possess the young man next to you,” he said with a glance at Lu Yun.

Feng Qi shuddered in horror.

“What did you say Rats who escaped from your Gods hands” Lu Yun stilled his movements with surprise.

“When these demons ripped through the land and attempted to refine the Hongmeng, my God and nine other great ones worked in conjunction to capture them and suppress them within the Hadal Hell. That scum escaped from my lieges hands due to obtaining the opportunity of fire virtue, but to think that youd come here to continue your evil!” murmured the king soldier. Instead of joining his men, he stood next to Lu Yun.

Though the soldiers were just true first level, their strength was far beyond it. They were plainly all peerless powerhouses themselves.

Lu Yun nodded, having guessed a long time ago that there was far more to the Ten Valleys of Evil than met the eye. All of their founders couldve once been heavyweights in the fourth realm—and it now seemed that his speculations were right.

“He wants to possess Feng Qi Not a chance.” A cold sneer curved his lips as the Hongmeng Pearl abruptly disassembled.


Hazy purple radiance interspersed with pure silver flames bloomed in the void. An even more terrifying layout extended from the purple illumination—the Hadal Hell!

Utilizing the Hongmeng Pearl as the center, Lu Yun finally released the Hadal Hell layout that hed been crafting all this time.

Yoooo! These soldiers have something to do with God! I love it!-

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