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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1486: The Five Hells

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Chapter 1486: The Five Hells

Under the king soldier, big-headed doll, Fire and Talisman Kings shocked gazes, a pitch-black darkness swiftly swallowed the domain of fire virtue. Tongues of hadal hellfire ravaged the territory like cyclones, disintegrating any fire virtue ghostly spirits they touched.

Lu Yun slowly rose into the air, the Tome of Life and Death manifesting over his head. He was now a potentate, the beholder of life and death for everyone on the premises!

“Its the Hadal Hell, its really the Hadal Hell…” Hidden in the depths and ready to take possession of Feng Qi, a dumbfounded Fire Virtue Potentate drifted into view and looked up at Lu Yun in the void. He lost all motivation for defiance.

The Hadal Hell!

Though it was just a feng shui layout giving rise to a special pocket of space, it possessed the power of the real hell. This was essentially the Hadal Hells projection, and the young man wielded the real hell as well!

“Since he owns the hell, why not just call upon its power to instantly capture, suppress, and doom me for all eternity” Some bafflement rose in the potentates mind.

Lu Yun slowly opened his arms and manifested certain changes in the inky darkness of the world. Since the hellfire of order was about to fully take shape, the hellfires of the Hadal, Sanguine, Nether Abyssal, and Nihil Hells could break away from their brethren and form their own system.

Power from the five hells appeared at the same time and draped around Lu Yun. A pinprick of vermilion energy suddenly appeared in the void, dying the shadows of the Hadal Hell into a sea of red.

“This is… the Sanguine Hell!” The Fire Virtue Potentates knees gave way and he sagged weakly to the ground. The Hadal Hell had progressed toward the Sanguine Hell, meaning that this youth controlled more than just one hell!

The Fire and Talisman Kings looked at each other, then dismissed their projections in uncoordinated unison. They were free to return to being an order of the realm now that Lu Yun was displaying his true strength. This matter no longer required their presence. In fact, the strength he was displaying was more a cause of concern for them than anything else in this fight.

His power originated from the fourth realm and was the most frightening of them all—the one of hell.

If the two kings remained present, they were very likely to be impacted by the fourth realm and find themselves overwhelmed to the point of nonexistence. Even the mistress wouldnt be able to resurrect them then.

Meanwhile, the big-headed doll was so dumbfounded that he couldnt move from his state of being a pile on the ground. It was one thing to control the Hadal Hell since there were many stunning geniuses in the fourth realm. They could also project the Hadal Hell since they, too, perceived the ephemeral qualities of that hell.

But Lu Yun had then turned the Hadal Hell into the Sanguine Hell! This was a little too frightening to fathom.

Was perceiving the power of one hell not enough He had to perceive a second and change the Hadal Hell into the Sanguine Hell!

What had been a zone of complete darkness was suddenly something that resembled the Blood Sea. After coming to be, the Sanguine Hells fire surged from all directions, filling the space to capacity and providing enough strength for the hell to attempt refining the Fire Virtue Potentate.

Though his fire virtue originated from the fourth realm, it wasnt sufficient to protect him. At the same time, Lu Yun was looking to refine him with sanguine hellfire instead of killing him.

“Big-headed doll, the next person to be consumed by hellfire will be you if you dont get out now,” Lu Yun suddenly called out.

The doll had wanted to see what other methods Lu Yun had up his sleeve, but immediately changed his mind when he heard this.

“Refine me With only what youve got” the doll sneered. “If I wanted to, I couldve instantly pierced through your Sanguine Hell layout and rescued the Fire Virtue Potentate!”

“Is that so” The king soldier next to Lu Yun curled his lip. “You can try.”

The other soldiers had finished their mission and returned to Lu Yuns side, standing guard for him. Hence, the king soldier couldnt help but laugh at the dolls bold statement. “Ive already guessed your identity, so you better leave as soon as possible!”

“Puppets created by God” The doll swept a dismissive glance up and down the king soldier. “You puppets were gasping for your last breath when God struggled with the immortal dao—eh, huh!”

He abruptly shut his mouth and his eyes shot wide open.

Changes were occurring in the vermillion Sanguine Hell. It began to shift to a translucent cast as clear flames gathered from all directions, replacing the vermillion flames.

Nether Hellfire!

The Sanguine Hell was now the Nether Hell!

The doll shrieked and left without another word.

“What the **ity ** **! The heritage of all five hells are on you! No wonder you can plot against me and make me suffer a tribulation instead of the akasha ghosts! This little grandpa is so completely innocent! Why did I ever run afoul of you” The big-headed doll vanished from the scene, leaving behind a king soldier with a frozen expression.

“You are dismissed.” The Army Pagoda exploded with hazy purple light when Lu Yun waved his hand. The soldiers and their king returned to the treasure, as was the Fish King and Feng Qi sent outside of the tomb.

Only Lu Yun and the Fire Virtue Potentate were left. Black hadal hellfire burned quietly in a layout that wasnt overly strong—any regular ninth step king could shatter it. The will it contained within, however, could constrain the potentate and turn him into a fly in amber.

Hadal hellfire began to refine the potentate; the fire virtue around him had been dispersed. His true form was that of a humanoid being with three heads and six arms. All manner of curiosities abounded in the universe and such beings existed in the Hongmeng, chaos, and world of immortals, so his didnt raise any eyebrows.

“How about I tell you the secrets of fire virtue if you let me go” the potentate suddenly offered. “Ill also tell you an astounding secret about the fourth realm, I can even give you its ultimate treasures! Youll be able to pierce through the barrier of the Hongmeng and enter the fourth realm!”

Lu Yun remained focused on the layout and ignored the potentates words. Gradually, a bit of gray fire sparkled to life and turned the Nether Hell into the gray Abyssal Hell.

When abyssal hellfire began to consume the Fire Virtue Potentate, despair flashed through his eyes. If the Abyssal Hell was here, then the last Nihil Hell wouldnt be far off.

“D-dont you want to know what the ghosts in the Nihil Hell are!” he suddenly screamed.-

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