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Chapter 1487: Fighting Over Their Person

Though white nihil hellfire had already materialized, Lu Yun paused when he heard the surprising declaration.

The Fire Virtue Potentate breathed out in relief. He would immediately fly apart upon the wind as soon as the Nihil Hell manifested, turning into ash beneath the five hells.

“I can tell you if you retract your hell at this very moment and release me!” The potentate thought rapidly and guessed that the ghosts in the Nihil Hell were a source of uncommon frustration for Lu Yun. This would be a perfect condition to negotiate with.

“Let me go, prepare a true king body for me, give me the six orders of the highest degree… and the secrets of the five hells! In return, Ill tell you where the ghosts come from and how to restrain them.” Thinking that he had Lu Yun by the throat, the Fire Virtue Potentate reeled off a list of demands.

“What a **ing idiot, has hellfire cooked your brains” Lu Yun curved his lips and waved the dispersed nihil hellfire back into being. The Abyssal Hell slowly continued evolving into the Nihil Hell.

“What! Dont you want to know where those ghosts come from! In all of the worlds, including the fourth realm, I am the only one who knows about them!” The potentates wits deserted him when he saw Lu Yun continue calling the Nihil Hell into being. “Youll never know their secrets if I die, and those ghosts are also eying the Hongmeng. Theyll conquer this world sooner or later and turn it into a ghost world!

“You wont be able to stop them even with the five hells!” His tones were incredibly urgent. “Or are you not willing to share your secrets with me …then I can forgo your five hells, just give me the six orders of the highest degree…”

Surely Lu Yun was continuing to project the Nihil Hell as intimidation and a negotiation tactic!

However, the young man remained wholly unmoved by the potentates words. Pure white nihil hellfire had spared through the void and the Nihil Hell was truly upon them.

Blazing flames instantly swallowed the potentate.

“You, you, you really want to kill me! I can leave this Hongmeng forever if you let me go! The ghosts in the Nihil Hell are the true threats to this Hongmeng! Hey! You!! YOU!! STOP!!” The potentate shrieked with fear and extreme confusion.

Hadnt the Nihil Hell been occupied by the ghosts Why could this young man utilize its strength and project it here

“The ghosts in the Nihil Hell arent important to me,” Lu Yun responded casually. “Im just a superior realm cultivator and not yet a titled king or in the true first level. I need to continue cultivating before I can consider anything else.

“Unfortunately for you, you are the opportunity in which I can continue cultivating. I can keep moving forward if I refine you, and only then will I have the ability to consider who is my true enemy.” He looked coolly at the potentate, who was truly feeling utter despair now. So Lu Yun hadnt planned on showing him mercy from beginning to end!

Hell once more underwent changes as the Nihil Hell slowly faded away, creating room for pinpricks of faint purple to wink into existence as far as the eye could see and completely surround the area.

Pale silver radiance gently floated into the void as the fires of the Hadal, Sanguine, Nether, Abyssal, and Nihil Hells appeared at the same time. In their center was a tiny, pale-silver tongue of flame that burned quietly.

Three hundred and sixty-four tendrils of flame had gathered together. When their last brethren came into being, that would ignite the true flame of order, and Lu Yun would officially set foot onto his own path.

The fire of three hundred and sixty-four tendrils jumped slowly, as if a sprite, and stretched toward the Fire Virtue Potentate.

What else could the potentate feel other than all-encompassing desperation and wretchedness He finally understood that the young man had projected the five hells and summoned the five hellfires all for the sake of this bizarre silver flame!

Itd never been the Hadal Hell that constrained him, but this strange silver fire!



The void trembled as an enormous spatial fracture appeared. A large fiery hand reached out from it and grabbed a Fire Virtue Potentate on the verge of being surrounded, dragging him out of the area.

Instead of being part of the Hongmeng, this void was a world within a world that Hongmeng energy had created within the fourth realm. It was more like an intersection point between the third and fourth realms.

“Trying to take my belongings from me!” Lu Yun was wholeheartedly focused on directing the Hongmeng Pearl to form the hell of order. Who wouldve thought that someone would appear halfway and take his quarry!

“You court death!” He flew into a towering rage and charged into the healing fracture. He beckoned at the same time and summoned the true Hongmeng Pearl, sending it into his body.

The spatial fracture disappeared; it was the fourth realm on the other side!

A tall and muscular man with fiery hair grabbed the Fire Virtue Potentate with one hand and blinked at the human hot on his trail.

“An ant dares chase out of the Hongmeng” The man was a denizen of the fourth realm and bigger than both the Bridge of Forgetfulness and She Nong. He was utilizing an illusion that made him appear the same as any Hongmeng creature.

He was slightly surprised by Lu Yuns presence in the fourth realm. How could an ant of the third realm dare chase down a superior being

“Return the Fire Virtue Potentate to me,” Lu Yun asserted frostily.

“The Fire Virtue Potentate” the man snorted with laughter. “Hes scum born of fire—its more accurate to call him Fire Scum Potentate. Hes already devoured the real Fire Virtue Potentate. Ill be able to command a section of fire virtue if I eat him in return and make my way to that peerless level!”

He seemed more to be talking to himself than responding to Lu Yun. After all, a Hongmeng being didnt register with him at all. Only those who pierced through the Hongmeng barrier and received a cultivation level of the fourth realm could survive in this realm. This was an empty realm for Hongmeng beings—empty and devoid of everything. There wasnt the energy or strength here that was crucial for their survival.

“It looks like you really are courting death.” Twin black flames flickered to life in Lu Yuns eyes and he began to grow in size.-

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