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Chapter 1489: Breadth of Vision and Cultivation Realm

A mighty Nihil World Sovereign, someone as legendary as the divine dragons, had easily agreed to protect an ant in a swamp

This was too incredulous to believe… It was the stuff of tales!

Even Longshan Yan found the turnaround a bit surreal. He was somehow getting a feeling that the world sovereign in front of him could rebuff the enemies on his familys doorstep with just a single glare.

“Gain” Longshan Yan came out of his reverie. “My Longshan family has safeguarded Dragonmountain Clime for endless eons—our very surname means dragon mountain! Weve collected a vast sea of treasures, so the venerated world sovereign will have whatever you wish!”

Lu Yun thought for a bit and nodded, saying nothing else. He had agreed to this matter.

When it came to treasures of the fourth realm, even scrapings or shavings would raise fire and thunder in the Hongmeng. Additionally, there was nothing he needed to be concerned about in the third realm for the moment. His ten Yama Kings were present and the little fox had stabilized her true king cultivation realm. It didnt matter if he was present or not.

Since hed made it back to the fourth realm, he might as well pick up some pretty baubles before going back.

He contacted his Yama Kings to relay his plans to Qing Yu and the little fox. But since Qing Yu was in closed door cultivation to break through to the true king realm and the little fox was focused on standing guard for her, they would remain unaware for a bit longer.

There was nothing to worry about even if they continued to be preoccupied, since Lu Yun was far stronger in the fourth realm than in the third. However, given that he didnt know anything about the fourth realm, he wasnt sure what level “Nihil World Sovereign” was supposed to be.

“When is your father breaking through” he asked Longshan Yan.

“Within seven days” the man answered hastily.

“…seven days” Lu Yun quirked his lips. How did the fourth realm measure days Was there a large sun rising and falling in this realm too He still hadnt seen anything tangible in the fourth realm; it seemed to be an empty void.

Vast, endless, and completely unoccupied.

“Please follow me, senior!” Longshan Yan and his disciple couldnt believe their luck. Theyd recruited a Nihil World Sovereign just like this

A golden avenue suddenly appeared in front of them with a wave of Longshan Yans hand. He bowed deeply and invited Lu Yun to set foot on it.

Still wordless, Lu Yun said and asked nothing. He followed the golden avenue according to the thoughts that Longshan Yan exuded.


“This is something similar to a transportation formation, but its much more sophisticated,” Lu Yun derived quietly while he stood on the avenue. “She Nong.” Since he was in the fourth realm, he could contact his subordinates.

“Master!” She Nong was in closed door cultivation and fell on bended knee when he heard Lu Yuns transmission.

“How is the Bridge of Forgetfulness”

“All is well, its true spirit has already recovered and its cultivation has greatly advanced. Its infinitely close to the true void realm.” Envy seeped into She Nongs tones. Hed cultivated for countless years to reach the true void realm, but the bridge had somehow broken through after spending a little while by their masters side.

“True void realm” Lu Yun hesitated, something that She Nong wasnt surprised by. His master wasnt a being of the fourth realm, so it was natural that he didnt understand everything about the realm.

“Master, the true void realm is the second level of this realms cultivation system. This humble one and my fellow daoists are all within this realm.”

Though Lu Yun possessed a peerless cultivation level within the fourth realm, his knowledge remained within the Hongmeng. Whether it was his system of strength or the way he utilized his power—none reached the fourth realm.

Thus, he saw only empty space and nothing else when he visited the fourth realm.

It was akin to a normal person suddenly possessing the greatest wealth in the world, but only having the fortune and none of the requisite network, vision, and proper knowledge to utilize these resources.

This made Lu Yun upstart new money in the fourth realm.

However, he was well aware of it and hence tried to maintain a low profile. Hed already retracted his domineering aura to the best of his abilities.

“So what is a World Manifest How does it compare in the fourth realm” Lu Yun thought of how the master of Dragonmountain Clime was to break through World Manifest and become a Void World King.

“Ah…” She Nong blinked. “World Manifest is someone who reigns supreme in this part of the realm. They hold sway over the lives of countless beings in a world and there is nothing they cannot do. They are a true heavyweight!

“Have you met a World Manifest, master But you are even stronger at Void World King realm, so you have nothing to be afraid of!” She Nong was highly confident in Lu Yun.

Lu Yun hadnt concealed his cultivation ripples when he resided in the fourth realm, so everyone in the realm could clearly identify his level of strength. Again, it was similar to new money flaunting their fortune at every turn. But since hed recognized that, hed concealed the traces of his cultivation.

“How are the cultviation levels in the fourth realm defined” He was still floundering in the dark.

“In response to master, there are six great levels in this realm,” She Nong quickly answered. “Void refinement, true void, true nihil, World Manifest, Void World King, and Nihil World Sovereign!”

“Nihil World Sovereign…” His current level was the peak of the fourth realm

At the same time, Lu Yun didnt put much stock in She Nongs explanation. The latter was just in the true void realm, so what he saw wasnt necessarily the truth. Similarly, hed thought that the kings of the Hongmeng were so high and mighty when he first arrived in the third realm. They were inviolable and absolute!

But the more his cultivation progression and horizons broadened, he learned that there was a hierarchy to the kings as well. There were true kings, potentates, and the rightful true realm. The titled kings hed first seen were cultivators on the wrong path!

Hence, he would never believe that there were no additional realms after Nihil World Sovereign. At least, the god of Mount Tai in charge of the five hells was at a higher level. It was almost impossible to imagine someone capable of killing him and destroying the five hells.

Breadth of vision… only someone at that level would see another worthy of being their peer.-

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