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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1491: Treasury

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Chapter 1491: Treasury

Dragonmountain Clime was incredibly large and stretched on without end, nurturing innumerable treasures. Any clime commanded great authority in the fourth realm; even one overseen by bonafide ants might possess treasures that were unfathomable to a Nihil World Sovereign.

As ludicrous as it might seem for Lu Yun to take his pick of treasures from this clime and stand guard for its master, it also made a certain degree of sense.

There were powerhouses with eccentric personalities no matter where one went.


Longshan Yan was utterly delighted by Lu Yuns easy assent. He brought his guest to the climes treasury without further ado.

As the master of Dragonmountain Clime, Longshan Yin was father to several tens of thousands of children. The fourth realm differed from the Hongmeng in that its orders were whole and complete. The Hongmengs partially finished orders affected its cultivators the stronger they became, to the point of impacting their ability to perpetuate descendants.

Longshan Yan was Longshan Yins second son and wielded immense authority in the clime. His cultivation was equally overwhelming as hed already reached peak true nihil realm, reinforcing his command with real strength.


“Senior, about you being here…” Longshan Yan carefully broached the subject as they traveled through the clime.

“Im honestly too lazy to really stand guard for Longshan Yin. You can spread the word that there is a Nihil World Sovereign here protecting him,” Lu Yun responded casually.

Longshan Yan stared, tongue-tied. What did that mean

His original plans were for the great one to stay for a while, so the world sovereign could shoo away anyone who tried to cause trouble when his father broke through. But the mighty one was willing to publicly announce his presence and have it be known to all that he was in residence at the clime!

His familys status would be immensely elevated once word of this got out! They were gaining an invincible patron! Longshan influence would solidify in Dragonmountain Clime and extend to all of the other major climes around them! Anyone who submitted to them would prosper, anyone who dared defy them would die!

Such were the ramifications of support from a Nihil World Sovereign.

“Do you mean that, senior” Longshan Yan exclaimed with sheer joy.

“I hate hassle, so just take me to the treasury and library. Ive brought in some new disciples lately and they cant use what I have. I want to see if you have anything useful,” Lu Yun chuckled.

Longshan Yan finally understood that the venerated world sovereign wasnt doing this for himself, but for his disciples. As wondrous as a mere Dragonmountain Clime might be, it wouldnt even register to a Nihil World Sovereign. Lu Yuns clarification dispersed the last of Longshan Yans concerns.

“This way please, senior!” Hesitating no longer, Longshan Yan took Lu Yun straight to the climes treasury. He then sent the librarys entire contents into the treasury so the mighty heavyweight could take his time and browse at his leisure.

Lu Yun didnt stand on ceremony; he started rifling through the treasury.

The climes treasury and library were bigger than the entire Hongmeng. Treasures and books filled it to the rafters; even Lu Yun was a bit bedazzled by the cornucopia. But as marvelous as the treasures were, and being treasures found only in the fourth realm, there was nothing like Quiet or the Army Pagoda.

“Supplemental dao exists in the fourth realm as well, but theres no qi crystals that people use for cultivation.”

There were immortal crystals in the world of immortals, pure chaos crystals in the chaos, purple crystals in the Hongmeng, but no corresponding item in the fourth realm. Most of the items in the treasury were spirit roots, rare materials, or refined treasures.

Longshan Yan held nothing back and showcased the familys entire wealth to Lu Yun. The latter was in no hurry to claim items. Instead, he tried to discern the supplemental dao of the fourth realm through these treasures. That was the truly priceless in his eyes.


“Longshan Yan, how could you send an outsider into the treasury and deliver all of our books to him! Are you trying to destroy the family!” A tall and bulky middle-aged man who bore a strong resemblance to Longshan Yan shook with fury.

Dragonmountain Clime was in an uproar. The familys treasury and library were their most vital spots! They would suffer devastating consequences if others learned of what had happened here!

“Father is in closed door cultivation and due to break through to Void World King after seven days. Why are you doing this now, are you a traitor!” Longshan Shui ground his teeth as he glared at Longshan Yan.

Longshan Yan controlled the familys treasury and the entire climes finances. He could bring whoever he wanted into the treasury; there was no need for approval from his father. Such was the power that Longshan Yin had bestowed upon him.

It was also because of this that though Longshan Yan was just the second eldest, his authority within the clime was greater than his older brother, Longshan Shui.

Longshan Yan could use anything within the treasury to recruit powerhouses and expand his forces, but the firstborn of the family couldnt do so.

Normally speaking, Longshan Shui didnt care about this imbalance. His younger brother could do whatever he wished as long as he didnt harm the familys interests.

But with the enemy breathing down their necks and their father at his weakest because he was about to break through, this was highly unacceptable. Longshan Yin would have to endure a harrowing tribulation when he ascended to Void World King.

The family had numerous enemies and Longshan Yin had made many of them in the countless years hed overseen Dragonmountain Clime. Many were the eyes on the clime, and if Longshan Yin died in his attempt, that would automatically rule out the family from ever administering a major clime ever again.

Longshan Shui actually wanted to discuss employing the familys wealth to recruit helpers, but had happened to see his younger brother send a stranger into the treasury instead and then combine the treasury with the library. The brat had even sealed off the treasury entirely!

Longshan Shui was about to lose his mind.

“I say, older bro, I know what Im doing.” Longshan Yan smiled faintly.

“Know what youre doing” scoffed Longshan Shui. “Are you planning on fleeing with the family fortune and library once father dies Dont think I dont know what youre doing, that youve taken the little devil of Blackwind Clime as a disciple and given him the name of Longshan Chi. Hes gotten up to all manner of mischief using our name!

“Most of the enemies here to kick in our door during fathers ascension is because of that brat!” he sneered. “Blackwind Clime is your secret patron, isnt it”

I actually think this older brother means well.-

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