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Chapter 1492: Ushering the Wolf Into the House

“Longshan Shui, I dont need to explain myself to the likes of you!” Longshan Yan grew irritated at his brothers accusation. Hed been in high spirits and couldnt wait to announce the arrival of a Nihil World Sovereign to everyone, but that good mood was shattered and his temper roused after this run-in with Longshan Shui.

There was no trace of a subservient attitude to be found now. He was the second strongest within Dragonmountain Clime, his cultivation strength below only his fathers! It wasnt for no reason that hed been given jurisdiction over the family vaults and library.

The Longshans were the masters of Dragonmountain Clime, just and noble, protectors of the countless life forms within a world. However, shadows loomed behind the light and whatever the Longshans couldnt conduct, Longshan Chi would finish.

The Darkwind Clime that Longshan Chi was from was filled with demons and depravity. At the same time, Longshan Yan had subdued it long ago and that clime was now under the Longshan banner.

Longshan Yan had completed this in an extremely covert manner, so none was the wiser for it.

Meanwhile, Longshan Chi was the way in which Longshan Yin controlled Darkwind Clime—he wielded the entire climes power through the adoptee. Longshan Chis demonic nature, however, proved too hard to tame and he often did the unexpected. He constantly schemed against Longshan Yan, wanting to break free of the latters control.

That was why hed summoned Longshan Yans replica when Lu Yun chased after him, wanting to borrow someone elses hand to kill Longshan Yan.

Unfortunately for him, hed set his sights on the wrong person. Lu Yun could sense Longshan Yans emotions and the latter had demonstrated extreme humility, thus decreasing Lu Yuns desire to take the two to task for their trespasses.

Longshan Yan and Longshan Chis relationship was their business, Lu Yun couldnt be bothered to become involved.

“Longshan Yan!!” Longshan Shui flew into a range at his brothers response.

“Oh shove it,” Longshan Yan sneered. “Im warning you, Ive sealed off the entire treasury. Whoever dares come within half a step of it will die, including you, my big brother!”

He walked up to Longshan Shui and patted the others face, then—


Domineering ripples blasted from his body, sending an unprepared Longshan Shui flying off into the distance. Other family members and servants looked incredulously at Longshan Yan.

“World Manifest!! No, youre not a World Manifest yet, but youve broken through the true nihil realm and youre infinitely close to World Manifest!” Longshan Shui struggled to his feet and gaped at his younger brother.

“Thats right, Im a half step World Manifest.” A noncommittal Longshan Yan stood with his hands behind his back. “When father breaks through to Void World King, I will officially set foot into the ranks of World Manifest and rule Dragonmountain Clime on his behalf!

“Our clime will dominate the entire plane then and become a true sovereign!”

He subconsciously thought of Lu Yun when he declared these sentiments in ringing tones, but he couldnt remember the great ones appearance no matter how he tried. Such was the strength of a Nihil World Sovereign.

Ordinary beings were unable to recall the appearance of such august personages, and Longshan Yan grew more assured when his thoughts traveled here.

He would never dare speak like this if there was only one Void World King and World Manifest within his faction. But with a Nihil World Sovereign holding down the fort, he wasnt just blowing hot air.

“Longshan Shui, you can dismiss the disorderly rabble that youve summoned,” he said faintly to his elder brother.

“Disorderly rabble” Longshan Shui jerked his head up at his kin. “Do you have any idea who Ive invited Theyre all true heavyweights of the plane and bonafide World Manifest cultivators!”

“What!” Longshan Yan blinked and denounced angrily, “Youve welcomed other World Manifests into Dragonmountain Clime! Thats ushering the wolf into the hen house!”

“Ushering the wolf into the hen house” Longshan Shui struggled up from the ground. “Three World Manifests have come to protect father, not even that Revered Rednote will find us an easy target!”

Revered Rednote was a World Manifest within their local plane. He had a deep grudge with Longshan Yin and would surely pay them an unwelcome visit in the coming days.

“Three World Manifests!” Longshan Yan shook from fury. “You, youve, youve brought in so many World Manifests!”

“Thats right!” Longshan Yin sneered. “Youre not the only one whos been building his network these years, Ive also befriended many experts! The esteemed Three Brahmas are some of the friends Ive made in the plane!

“Longshan Yan, I dont care about the other things in the treasury, but the three esteemed ones have their eye on the three Radiant Moonpearls…”

“Three Brahmas! They can ** off right with you!” Longshan Yan almost spat a mouthful of saliva as he waved a sleeve and sent his brother flying again.

Longshan Shui howled with outrage, but he was no match for Longshan Yan and could only passively take the beating. Meanwhile, Longshan Yan was almost apoplectic with anger. If it wasnt for the fact that Longshan Shui was his elder brother and the firstborn of his father, he would slap the idiot to death on the spot!

The Three Brahmas!

Thank goodness hed brought back a Nihil World Sovereign! If not, Dragonmountain Clime would soon belong to those three! According to what Longshan Yan had received from Darkwind Clime, those three were best friends with Revered Rednote!

How would they possibly help Longshan Yin against their good friend

Longshan Yan abruptly changed his plans. The Three Brahmas were likely coming to help their friend against Longshan Yin. Surely there were also many other enemies hidden in the dark, just waiting to deliver a lethal blow to Longshan Yin.

If the world sovereign simply scared them off before they had a chance to take action, it would be very difficult to root them out in the future. Anyone who dared set themselves against Dragonmountain Clime had to pay the price!

I just wonder what that venerable world sovereign is like… Though he seems to think highly of me, but… Longshan Yan started fretting again.

“Hahaha!!” Lu Yuns voice suddenly reverberated in his mind. “Do whatever youd like to do! Just let me know when you do it. Your treasury and library is a good place, a fine place indeed!!”

He was delighted and had obviously noticed the happenings outside.

“Understood! Will do! Thank you, most venerable world sovereign!” Longshan Yan beamed happily.-

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