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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1495: Revered Rednote

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Chapter 1495: Revered Rednote

Everything that violated order was disorderly. That which suppressed disorderly existences was the Disordered Hell!

What hed previously called the hellfire of order was now renamed the disordered hellfire—the flame that would sear clean the damnable, blasphemous violations of order!

His naming of the new hell immediately received nebulous approval from existence itself. The hell slowly melded into his body and the hadal hellfire thatd suffused his body turned into disordered hellfire.

Though hed grasped the level of “nothing” in the fourth realm and become a Nihil World Sovereign, it was hellfire that supported his current level of strength—hellfire from the Tome of Life and Death.

But at this moment, disordered hellfire perfectly supplanted hadal hellfire and enhanced his strength. Compared to hadal hellfire, disordered hellfire was the power of his own core essence and something that hed crafted through painstaking cultivation.

Utilizing disordered hellfire enabled the power of the fourth realm to more easily assimilate with Lu Yun, and his true body could now take the next step on the path of cultivation—becoming a titled king or entering true first level!

Granted, this was the fourth realm, so he wasnt able to become a titled king here.

“Despite being the deviated path, its not necessarily a bad thing to become a titled king.” Lu Yun sat down cross-legged and retracted the silver hellfire of disorder into his body. A faint silver flame burned in the depths of his pupils.

“The deviated path is actually a shortcut. Theres not much difference between the shortcut to true kinghood and true realm to true kinghood. After all, my son made it back to the true king path after becoming a deviated king.

“Ill ascend to titled kinghood after I return to the Hongmeng!

“With the advent of true kings in the realm, news of the proper and deviated paths has spread throughout the realm. Everyones uneasy and on tenterhooks, especially the kings thatve taken the wrong path!

“Its time for me to set them at ease and provide a proper example for them.”

Back when hed been in the world of immortals, the immortals thatd yet to experience the void realm had also wailed and howled with despair at the thought of their impending elimination by the times. Fortunately, Lu Yuns creation of the formation of heaven and earth had resolved that crisis.

The titled kings of the Hongmeng shared similar feelings to the old guard immortals. What they didnt know was that the deviated path wasnt necessarily a bad thing—it was a shortcut left by the mistress of the Hongmeng Tower so that Hongmeng beings could still continue to cultivate despite the incomplete and confusing mess of Hongmeng orders.

“In that case, I need to publicly announce that Im going to become a titled king! I will do so beneath the eyes of all and let them know that the so-called deviated path is also the proper path!” He quickly made up his mind, despite the dangerous road he would embark on. He would be mired in perilous situations if anyone caused him any trouble, with even the possibility of death.

The little fox and Qing Yu couldnt keep him safe! …not unless they located the towers mistress in the world of immortals. But Lu Yun couldnt be certain who this person was, and neither was he willing to brashly search her out for free of bringing trouble to her doorstep.

“But if shes maintained any sort of connection to the Hongmeng, shell make an appearance on that day.” Lu Yun stroked his chin and lifted his head to look at the world outside.

It was the seventh day since his arrival. Patriarch Longshan Yin of Dragonmountain Clime had made preparations to weather the heavenly tribulation and break through to the next cultivation level.

What surprised Lu Yun was that there was nothing out of the ordinary in the faction—everyone went about their usual business. Only an undercurrent of unease ran through the Longshan clan members, while Longshan Shui remained highly confident in his wisdom of befriending help. Three World Manifests with concealed cultivation followed by his side.

However, Lu Yun could sense through the Karmic Tree that these World Manifests bore the family ill will and a deep-seated hatred. At the same time, malevolence wrapped around the clime without a break in negativity.

“Hmm… Longshan Yin could easily break through elsewhere, but that means his enemies could also mob his faction and raze it.” Lu Yun quickly grasped that Longshan Yin cared deeply for his family and would rather trade his life for a chance of the clans survival!

In fact, he didnt plan on focusing on his breakthrough. He would kill all of the clans enemies instead!

There was an aura that matched Longshan Yins prowling around Dragonmountain Clime—likely belonging to their greatest enemy, Revered Rednote.

“Impressive character and commendable action!” Approval flashed through Lu Yuns eyes as he looked at Longshan Yin hovering in the air.

There werent many like him who were willing to sacrifice themselves for their descendants. Whether it was the world of immortals, chaos, Hongmeng, or fourth realm, it was commonly held that a new clan could be created at any time as long as the pivotal character didnt die.

Descendants and family members were just tools.

Longshan Yin, however, had set up a self-sacrificing plot for his family. He would use his life to sweep away all of their obstacles! Meanwhile, his second son Longshan Yan was extremely close to the World Manifest level. He would become the new Longshan patriarch after Longshan Yin died.

Longshan Yin appeared to be a man in his early twenties and wore a long white robe. His silver hair and eyes sparkled with a haughty demeanor that looked down on everything.

“What a pity that he hasnt discovered the Three Brahmas by his firstborns side.” Lu Yun gave a brief shake of his head. Though the three werent as strong as Longshan Yin, they could deliver a fatal blow at a critical moment.

What truly surprised him was that Longshan Yan hadnt made any preparations. Everything was as usual and he didnt even comfort the clansmen beginning to panic.

“Looks like hes really betting everything on me.” Lu Yun rubbed his nose. “Ah, its starting.”

A dense layer of thunderclouds had blown in at some point in time and enveloped the entire clime.


“Its here!” Dressed in red, Revered Rednote murmured at the incomparably dense tribulation clouds. “The plot that Longshan Yins set up aims to collect all of us in one go and clear away all obstacles for his clan!”

“Then… revered one… we…” a World Manifest next to him spoke haltingly.

“I know what he wants to do and he knows that I know.” Revered Rednote was a young man dressed in shockingly red robes. His features were gentle and he was pleasing to the eye.

“Now its time to see whos prepared more trump cards and who laughs the final laugh.” His lips curved in a gentle smile. “I have a blood feud with that old fart. I just want his head on a platter, the rest can go to you.”

“Do you mean that!” The World Manifest cultivator next to him lit up.

“When have I, Revered Rednote, ever gone back on my words” His response dispelled the others concerns.

Dragonmountain Clime was the most fertile clime in this plane. Taking it would increase this cultivators strength more than ten times over, and this World Manifest was the ruler of the Bigdragon Clime next to Dragonmountain Clime—Big Dragon Cong.

I keep having to be careful not to type Reverend Rednote, lol. Thatd certainly put a different spin on things.-

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