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Chapter 1499: Killing With One Stroke

A major World Manifest!

The foremost and second of the Three Brahmas were of this level, so theyd gone to help Revered Rednote and Big Dragon Cong take down Longshan Yin. The other two were true World Manifests.

The third Brahma was just a minor World Manifest, so he couldnt participate in that level of battle. But to think that the great Longshan genius, Longshan Yan, had quietly broken through to that mighty level as well!


A tremendous explosion shook the sky. The palm strike that the third Brahma pushed out met with a certain rule that rebounded its terrifying strength back onto himself. Caught in the throes of shock, he flew backward from his own blow.

“Get back here!” roared Longshan Yan. His shout directed the power in the void around him to somehow yank the third Brahma back. With a casual grasp, he wrapped his hand around his enemys throat.

The suppressed Longshan Shui and posturing Longshan Yue gaped at the unexpected development. Never had they imagined that the true nihil realm Longshan Yan wouldve suddenly ascended to such lofty heights!

The traitors and enemies thatd charged into Dragonmountain Clime were likewise dumbfounded. There was another World Manifest that they had to contend with, and it was a major World Manifest!

“Brahmas!” Longshan Yan ignored the crowd and shouted at the few in the distance. “Get out of Longshan territory if you want the third Brahma to live!”

Preoccupied by coordinating attacks with Revered Rednote and Big Dragon Cong, the expressions of the other two Brahmas darkened when they saw whatd happened.

“Ignore him!” Big Dragon Cong gnashed his teeth. “Longshan Yan wont get away after we kill Longshan Yin!”

Longshan Yan was already too strong at Void World King. Though he was gravely injured, he was still able to fend off all these World Manifests. The four of them had to act together to firmly suppress him.

If the two Brahmas left, Longshan Yin would be able to take the remaining two with him even if he died!

That also happened to be his original plan.

However, the other two Brahmas had been thrown into complete disarray. They were three brothers and had endured an incredible amount of hardship to obtain their current level of strength. Their bond of brotherhood was extremely tight and they would never stand for someone hurting their third brother.

“Longshan Yan, if you dare touch even a hair on my third brothers head—” snarled the foremost Brahma, but Longshan Yan raised his hand and chopped off the third Brahmas head before he could finish.

Longshans greatest genius held the third Brahmas nascent spirit in his hand.

“Get out of here within ten breaths, or Ill crush his nascent spirit and send him back to the void.” Longshan Yans power was on full display. Though he was newly ascended to major World Manifest, Lu Yun had personally overseen the process and stabilized his level. It was as if Longshan Yan had spent countless years at this level and he wielded its power with deft aplomb.

“Good, good, good!” Longshan Yin roared with laughter. “As expected of a son of mine! Ignore those bastards and crush his nascent spirit! The other two wont be leaving today, theyll all die here!”

“Understood!!” Longshan Yan was suddenly reminded of his backer after his father spoke. He had a Nihil World Sovereign with him! Anything that dared attack them today and all traitors would soon die!


He tightened his hand before the other two Brahmas could respond.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” they screamed with horror and anguish.

“Longshan Yan, I want your head!!” shouted the foremost Brahma and he streaked toward the genius as a ray of light. He was peak major World Manifest and not far off from true World Manifest, making him much stronger than Longshan Yan.

“Hahaha!! Just the likes of you want to hurt my son DIE!!”


A bolt of black radiance erupted from Longshan Yins body—the thunder tribulation that the Thunderstruck Wood had just absorbed! What he released wasnt just lightning, but the actual tribulation!

There was a trace of true spirit within the tribulation, one that could deploy all sorts of combat arts and secret methods!

It hammered right into an unprepared Brahma, disintegrating him to ash and then blowing him away on the wind.

“Big brother!” The second Brahma wailed. The terrifying tribulation turned toward him before he could respond, and he swiftly followed in his brothers footsteps.

“My son, swiftly suppress the insurrection and expel the invaders!” Longshan Yin roared.

“Understood!” Longshan Yan whirled around and split his form into multiple copies, seeming to appear in every corner of Dragonmountain Clime at the same time. He swiftly executed any traitor or invader, showing no mercy or quarter.

“Second brother! Spare Longshan Yue!” Longshan Shui jerked out of his stupor and shouted urgently.


Longshan Yues body flew heavily through the air and thudded to the ground before his father. The power of the three Brahmas restraining Longshan Shui had dissipated, restoring his freedom.

“Its up to you how you want to handle your son. Im going to help father now.” Longshan Yan cast a glance at his elder brother and soared into the sky, joining Longshan Yin to stand side-by-side with him.

Longshan Shui looked enviously at his younger brother. What an honor and how majestic he looked to be standing by his father! This was also the dream of countless family members, but it was the patriarchs second son who stood by his side, not his firstborn!


The Thunderstruck Wood sparkled with black luminescence and flashed through Longshan Yins consciousness. More than half of the thunder tribulation itd collected had been consumed.

“You have a treasure that can absorb tribulations!” Revered Rednote regarded his enemy with gravity. “But thats also your final trump card, isnt it Showing it now means that your doom is upon you.”

Big Dragon Cong had retreated several hundreds of kilometers out. He wasnt able to withstand this level of tribulation. However, Revered Rednote didnt seem to be wary of this kind of power. He still remained confidently assured.

Longshan Yin took a deep look at Big Dragon Cong and summoned the rest of the thunder tribulation from the Thunderstruck Wood, sending it circulating around himself.

“Yaner, go to safety. We need you to lead the Longshans in the future,” he said gently.

You know, the number of selfless and caring parental/authority figures in NECRO really surprises me. Theyre generally mostly short-sighted **heads, and here, its oftentimes their offspring thats the ** heels.-

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