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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1500: Void Phoenix

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Chapter 1500: Void Phoenix

“No!” Longshan Yan remained firmly planted next to Longshan Yin. “I will fight by fathers side!”

His gaze was resolute and even a bit excited. Itd been a childhood dream of his to fight next to his father, and it was coming true today!

As the founder of the Longshan family and its only pillar of support, Longshan Yin had been the only one to step forward whenever the clan met with danger over all these years and the only person to protect everyone.

Longshan Yan had finally grown into his own and become a major World Manifest. Although he knew full well that there was a Nihil World Sovereign among them and so the familys crisis was long resolved, he still wished to fight side by side with his father.

“Very well then.” Longshan Yin looked deeply at his son, approval shining out of his eyes.

“What a touching display of love between father and son, but both of you will die today!” Revered Rednote sneered and extended his right hand, showing that there was a crimson bead in his palm.

It dyed the void a startling red and he melted into the air as if he was light. In this moment, he somehow seemed to have the strength of a Void World King.

“Big Dragon Cong!” he suddenly roared.

“What” Having retreated far off into the distance, Big Dragon Cong reflexively responded when he heard his name. He wanted no part of this!

A horrific suction force bloomed out of the unknown. He only had time for a final shriek of horror before he was devoured by the force.


A long croon sounded after Revered Rednote swallowed Big Dragon Cong and he began to change.

“What!” Longshan Yins jaw dropped. “A void phoenix! Revered Rednotes true form is the divine beast void phoenix!”


Highly on edge, Longshan Yin released the Thunderstruck Wood from his nascent spirit and filled the void with black thunder and lightning. This was something to stand at full combat readiness for!

Those who could be hailed divine beasts in the fourth realm wielded a great dao of their own and possessed innate talents that were more dreadful than connate combat arts. Revered Rednote immediately gained the strength of a Void World King after swallowing Big Dragon Cong—and the full strength of that level.

Longshan Yin wouldnt have feared him if the former hadnt been injured in the heavenly tribulation. Now, however, he regarded the situation with grave solemnity and fully released all of the tribulation that hed absorbed.

A tremendous bird cry echoed after Revered Rednote revealed his true form. Fearsome dao of flame erupted from his body and formed blazing fires that surrounded Longshan Yin, Longshan Yan, and all of Dragonmountain Clime.


Longshan Yin spat out a mouthful of blood—his enemy completely suppressed the thunder tribulation from the Thunderstruck Wood!

In addition, the flaming bead floating in front of Revered Rednote was another frightening treasure that could withstand the Thunderstruck Wood!

The Thunderstruck Wood was the original body of the five Karmic Trees, but itd been destroyed by heavenly tribulations and became a piece of wood without life. With Longshan Yins injuries flaring up, he was unable to deploy the woods true power.

Longshan Yin reeled backward from the heat wave and Longshan Yan went flying, smashing heavily into the highest peak of the tallest mountain in the clime.

There was no hope.

No hope whatsoever.

Who couldve fathomed that Revered Rednote would suddenly burst forth with the strength of a Void World King!

“HAHAHAHA!!” Longshan Yue howled with maniacal laughter. “Do you see that, father That is Revered Rednotes true power! If you surrender to him now on behalf of the family, well have a chance of survival! Well have a chance!

“Swear fealty to Revered Rednote and youll be the master of the family. The Longshans can still conquer the plane under the revered ones protection—”


Longshan Shui sent his son flying with a slap before the latter could finish. He left Longshan Yue alive, though, as he couldnt bear to kill his most promising son.

“I am a Longshan through and through. While we have endured countless setbacks throughout history, we have continued to develop in this plane. We would rather snap than bend!” Longshan Shui declared frostily. “We will never bow our heads to our greatest enemy, even if the entire clan is exterminated today!”

An unending fiery sea surged toward them from all directions. Roiling magma and fire consumed Dragonmountain Clime, slowly refining it so that it would vanish from the plane.

Longshan Chi stood piteously next to Lu Yun, not daring to move a muscle. Apart from his master Longshan Yan, he was the only one who knew Lu Yun was here.

“Did you want to refine the Fire Virtue Potentate and gain his power of fire virtue for this moment” Lu Yun smiled at Longshan Chi.

Longshan Chi first nodded, then shook his head. “I knew that Revered Rednote was a divine beast, but I didnt know that hed be able to use the strength of a Void World King…

“The power of fire virtue isnt enough to contain him and… I wouldnt be helping the Longshans either way…” Longshan Chi didnt dare lie to the mighty world sovereign. The treacherous bones in his body were enough to form a spear with and stab a hole in Dragonmountain Clime. If the Nihil World Sovereign hadnt been here, he likely wouldve turned traitor along with Longshan disciples.

“At least you see clearly,” Lu Yun nodded. “That Revered Rednote can ascend to Void World King in such a short amount of time because one, hes eaten Big Dragon Cong, and two, that pearl is also a Fire Virtue Orb!”

A Fire Virtue Orb!

The Fish King had obtained one after they entered the Azure Dragon Lake, but thered been a life form inside thatd become a fire virtue fetus. The Fire Virtue Orb in front of them was just a treasure from inside out. It contained the great dao of fire virtue and the equivalent of a Void World Kings strength.

“If I feed this one to the life form inside the other one… then hell have the potential to become a Void World King…” Lu Yun thought rapidly when he saw the latest Fire Virtue Orb. Though the Fish King owned the other one, she was his martial granddaughter. Whats hers was his, wasnt it

And the fire virtue fetus wasnt a thing, it was a living being!

Lu Yun couldnt sit still after his thoughts traveled here.

“I need a steed to travel throughout the fourth realm with. A void phoenix will… just do, I suppose.” He suddenly vanished into the void.

You know, weve come a far cry from when Lu Yun used to gift all of his treasures to other people. Now its “whats yours is mine, and whats mine is still mine”.-

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