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Chapter 1501: Winning People Over With Virtue

A void phoenix was a spirit of the great dao of flame, one that could innately control the great dao from birth. Strengthened with the Fire Virtue Orb, Revered Rednote instantly possessed the strength of a Void World King.

His true form bristled with rampantly splendid feathers that sparkled with the luster of fire. He hung in the void like a blazing sun, more resplendent and bedazzling than Dragonmountain Clime itself.

The Fire Virtue Orb hovered over his head, releasing boundless heat and light.

Blood continuously welled up in Longshan Yins mouth as he bellowed and called upon the Thunderstruck Wood with his life. However, the thunder tribulation that itd absorbed was being gradually eroded by the Fire Virtue Orb. Longshan Yins demise would arrive the second it was completely consumed.

All he could do was utilize the tribulation stored in the wood; his cultivation level and capabilities didnt permit him to draw on the wood itself.

Color draining from his face, Longshan Yin held on with gritted teeth and tirelessly sent his strength into the Thunderstruck Wood. He wanted to call upon the woods core essence if he could, but it seemed to be a bottomless sea and took in his energy without offering a response in return.

As fatigue crept up on him, so did hopelessness.

Revered Rednote was correct. While Longshan Yin had his plans, so did his enemy. Both of them knew each others preparations and it would be personal strength and trump cards that determined the final victor.

By now, it was apparent that Revered Rednote was the winner.

A tireless horde once again rushed out of unknown origins and converged upon Dragonmountain Clime, charging in with Revered Rednotes fiery sea to plunder and pillage as they would.

Longshan Yan roared furiously; hed forgotten about the Nihil World Sovereign that was his guarantee of victory. The only thing on his mind was to protect his home!

Longshan Shui, Longshan Huo, and even Longshan Chi joined the fray, preparing to lay down their lives for their homeland.


“What a good treasure, what a fine treasure! Who wouldve thought that thered be a piece of the five hells here Heh heh heh, no wonder I felt unsettled today and couldnt settle into meditation. So its this precious thats emerged in the world!” a delighted voice traveled into everyones ears.

The scene instantly quieted down. Whether it was Longshan Yin, Revered Rednote, or Dragonmountain Clime close at hand, a strange power wrapped around all of them.

Everything froze into an enormous void crystal; everyone was a bug inside the crystal. A man in red robes walked out of the air, regarding Revered Rednote and Longshan Yin with surprised delight.

“Good, good, good!” he applauded with laughter. “A divine beast with a Fire Virtue Orb and that treasure! This trip was well worth it, well worth it!”

“Void World King!” Revered Rednotes throat bobbed and he forced out, “Peak Void World King… half step Nihil World Sovereign!”

“Youre the Divine Fire World King!” Longshan Yins eyes widened. They were in the Plane of Fire and the great dao of fire ruled the plane. Thus, many beings in the domain practiced fire arts. Big Dragon Cong, Revered Rednote, and this Divine Fire World King counted among their ranks.

Longshan Yin wasnt a native of the plane and neither was his firstborn, Longshan Shui. On the other hand, Longshan Yan and the others were born after Dragonmountain Clime was established and thus were influenced by the great dao of flame in their surroundings.

This plane was boundless without end and its ruler—or the strongest among them—was the Divine Fire World King in front of them. Dragonmountain Clime was a tiny locale in the plane, neither Longshan Yin nor Revered Rednote had thought that theyd attract this mighty one with their fight.

The Divine Fire World King was a peak World King and had taken a step into Nihil World Sovereign. Both Longshan Yin and Revered Rednote were tiny grasshoppers in front of him. He didnt consider their feelings at all before reaching out a hand—one that bizarrely appeared in front of both people at the same time—and grasped for Revered Rednotes body and Longshan Yins Thunderstruck Wood.

Despair dawned in Revered Rednotes eyes. Becoming the pet of the Divine Fire World King was even worse than death. He would forever be a slave and never break free!

As for Longshan Yin, the world king naturally didnt give a whit about his well being. Longshan Yin had refined the Thunderstruck Wood with his nascent spirit; the process of extracting it like this would pulp his nascent spirit!

“Though the process is different, the end result is the same.” A smile curved Longshan Yins lips. Revered Rednote would never be able to threaten Dragonmountain Clime again once he became a pet. Longshan Yin could die without regret. Someone like the Divine Fire World King would never bother razing the clime.

“Ahem!” A cough sounded and scattered the world kings large hand in the air. The hand faded away into emptiness, like itd never existed.

“Who was that!” The world king frowned and looked to the other side of the void.

A handsome young man roughly eighteen years old walked into view. He wore a blue satin robe and carried himself with a dashing grace. All of his gestures seemed to define the great daos of the plane.

Longshan Yins face twitched when he saw the young man. He suddenly understood why his son hadnt been afraid or lost hope from beginning to end. Was this young man his sons reinforcement

“Fellow daoist, I saw these two treasures first. Surely its first come, first served” Lu Yun spread his hands out at the Divine Fire World King.

“Treasures are claimed by the virtuous.” The world king hadnt discovered Lu Yuns existence beforehand, so he was highly on guard to see the young man suddenly appear. At the same time, he was a half step Nihil World Sovereign. He was a premier existence in this plane and feared no one!

Nihil World Sovereigns

Would they come to such a remote backwater

“Ive always won others over with virtue. Lets have the treasure go to whoever is more virtuous!” smiled the Divine Fire World King.

“Whoever is more virtuous” Lu Yun blinked and stared blankly at Longshan Yin and Revered Rednote. Did powerhouses of the fourth realm compete with virtue instead of an old fashioned fight when they clashed over treasure

However, the two looked equally lost.

“And how… do we compete” Lu Yun asked haltingly.

“Whoevers fist is harder is the more virtuous, of course!” the world king suddenly leered. “I always win through virtue, so I will beat you into the ground!”

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