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Chapter 1502: A Primitive Trajectory

To the Divine Fire World King, the slender youth in front of him was likely another peak Void World King, but one far weaker than him. It was too hard to kill someone like that, so he could only beat the other until they gave up!

“Oh, I see.” Lu Yun nodded with half understanding. “In that case, Ill take a leaf out of your book and win with superior virtue as well!”

He balled up his fists and charged his opponent before the world king had a chance to react. Lu Yun wasnt displaying the strength and level of a Nihil World Sovereign. Hed suppressed his realm to peak Void World King—the same as his opponents.

Hed formed some thoughts and come to some conclusions over the past seven days of deriving combat arts and the cultivation system of the fourth realm. It was now time to test and validate those theories.

Seven days was still a very short period of time, however. Lu Yun hadnt utilized the order of time to extend it because he didnt know what would result from using it in the fourth realm. Hailed as the boundless realm, this fourth realm was yet too foreign to him.

Therefore, it was perfect that a peak Void World King presented himself to be his sparring partner.


“Well met!” the Divine World King threw his head back with hearty laughter to see Lu Yun sprinting at him. Having overseen the Plane of Fire for endless eons and witnessed too many Hongmeng worlds rise and falls, he couldnt remember the last time he met a match on his level.

His battle intent blazed to see Lu Yun release the strength of a peak Void World King. He forwent bringing out his weapon and also came for Lu Yun with his own fists as well.

And so two domineering powerhouses of the fourth realm tangled with each other in broad daylight like scrapping hooligans.

Longshan Yin and Revered Rednote struggled free of their bonds, but no one moved. Their jaws dropped at the two heavyweights fighting.

“The young man who suddenly appeared… is he your final ace!” Revered Rednotes chest heaved as he asked in a trembling voice.

Longshan Yin didnt answer. He turned to his second oldest walking up to him.

“Thats right, that senior is our familys reinforcement,” Longshan Yan declared clearly. “We win this time.”

Revered Rednotes expression darkened. Hed lost, completely and utterly! No matter who won, he would be plagued with misfortune after today!

Having been afforded some breathing space, Longshan Yin released his connection to the Thunderstruck Wood. Revered Rednote, however, was still a void phoenix. Though the Divine Fire World King was battling Lu Yun, he had split out a strand of consciousness to lock onto him!

A divine beast was a rare find and itd be so magnificent to have one for a steed!

Revered Rednote turned back to human form and plopped down on the air, hanging his head as he watched the two fight.

“Yaner, please explain.” Longshan Yin was hastily taking some pills to recover from his injuries. Unfortunately, his wounds were so severe that his pills could only delay the inevitable. There was no healing from this.

Longshan Yan quickly took out a pill and gave it to his father.

“Father, eat this. Its from that mighty one!”

Longshan Yin nodded and swallowed the pill glowing with a faint golden hue. A golden flame blazed over his body and his eyes shot wide open.

“My… core essence that was harmed by the tribulation is completely healed!” He couldnt believe it.

All was quiet within Dragonmountain Clime. All of the invaders and Longshan disciples fighting each other had stopped the moment the Divine Fire World King arrived.

It would be courting death to continue their previous activities.

“Dont worry, father! With that venerable one there, the clime is as solid as Nihil Mountain—no ones shaking us!” Longshan Yan brimmed with confidence.

“The venerable one… wants my Thunderstruck Wood, doesnt he” sighed Longshan Yin. He knew that when treasures of this caliber appeared, it would surreptitiously call to certain unknown existences such as the ones before him.

“Yes,” Longshan Yan nodded. “It was that senior who helped your son break through to major World Manifest. He will not have other designs on the clan once he receives the wood.”

Longshan Yin had already fully severed the wood from his nascent spirit while he quietly waited for the outcome of the battle. He tilted his head up to where the two Void World Kings were in the sky. Theirs was a sight that was… a little difficult to speak of in flattering terms.

If one described the battle between Longshan Yin and Revered Rednote, it would be an extravagant showcase demonstrating a dazzling array of combat arts, secret arts, thunder tribulation, and fire virtue. The one between the two august world kings Nothing but a brawl in the streets and not worth watching.

They exchanged punches and kicks, completely eschewing combat arts and using only the most primitive styles. However, it was a mesmerizing sight for Longshan Yan.

Just because the two didnt use combat arts didnt mean their fight was harmless. On the contrary, their every move followed a certain trajectory—a most primitive one of existence.

They were similar to the ax that Lu Yun had met in the world of immortals that spoke of the simplicity of dao. Its stroke had seemed laughably crude, but followed the most basic trajectory of space. Hed comprehended the reincarnation of space and time from the spear and ax, thereby controlling those two orders.

And now, his battle with the Divine Fire World King proceeded in a similarly primeval fashion. The strength they clashed with was enough to disintegrate Dragonmountain Clime with any one of their blows.


One of Lu Yuns fists connected with the world kings face and sent him flying.

“Yeah!!” Longshan Yan cheered despite himself and began imitating Lu Yuns punch.

“How dare you cheer!” It was beyond humiliating that someone had punched the Divine Fire World King in the face, but an ant witnessing everything from the sideline had dared cheer for it!

“Why not” Lu Yun could tell with a quick glance that Longshan Yan had almost reached spontaneous enlightenment for grasping dao.

“The lad is intelligent enough to glimpse a trace of pure dao through our battle. Its only a matter of time before he reaches your heights,” Lu Yun said faintly with his hands behind his back.

“Hmph!” The mark on the world kings face slowly faded away and he sneered, “Kid, I mightve gone easy on you in normal times on account of your age. But theres an important matter at stake today, so Ill show you no mercy!”


A pair of fiery wings extended from his back as a pair of bright red hammers appeared in his hands.

“Oh theres no need, you can win me over with all the virtue you got.” Lu Yun blew on his fists and grinned merrily.-

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