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Chapter 1503: Nothing

“Fine, Ill take you up on it since you have a death wish!” The Divine Fire King finally lost his temper when he saw that Lu Yun still refused to use a weapon.

This had veered into blatant contempt and dismissal!

Their exchange earlier had been one of casual mutual probing. When the world king unsheathed his weapon, that meant he was now treating their clash with utmost gravity. Since Lu Yun still wished to face the change in circumstances with empty hands, that meant he didnt think much of the world king.

Divine Fire was the greatest powerhouse of this plane! How would he stand for this kind of humiliation!

His hammers trembled as thirty-eight hundred trails of primitive trajectories collected together and formed an enormous volcano, smashing down on Lu Yun.

The combat arts of the fourth realm were highly different from the Hongmeng. The former was based on primitive trajectories—the more there were, the stronger the combat art. Of course, only souls at the level of Void World King could see the trajectories and utilize them. This level of skill was far out of reach for a new Void World King like Longshan Yin.


As the huge volcano descended from the air, it crushed everything in its path and returned them to a state of nothingness. Lu Yun looked up at the enormous mass coming for him and reached out with a punch.

Just a singular punch!

It contained only one trajectory, but that was all it took to form a major combat art!

In the fourth realm, twenty or more trajectories were needed for a combat art, but Lu Yuns employed only one!

The greatest simplicity of dao—Space Reincarnation!

“Impossible! You used only one trajectory for a major combat art!!” shrieked Divine Fire.

His hammers had released nineteen hundred each, making for thirty-eight hundred combined. A major combat art of this magnitude was enough to shake the heavens and move the earth.

But somehow, it seemed as fragile as paper when facing his opponents art of a single trajectory!


Lu Yun blasted the volcano away with his punch. It was larger than Dragonmountain Clime.

“No, no, this is impossible, impossible!” Divine Fire flew backward as he stared fixedly at his approaching opponent.

Lu Yun darted forward the moment he dismantled the volcano, reaching for Divine Fires vivid hammers. Those were crafted by someone as opposed to being connate treasures, and the principles of supplemental dao in them far exceeded anything in the clime.

They had to be Lu Yuns! With them in hand, he would be able to derive many things about the fourth realm, especially the inner workings of its supplemental dao. The treasures in Dragonmountain Clime were too low level for that purpose.

Divine Fire erupted with new wrath to see his opponent reach for his treasure. Giving up on stabilizing his body, he waved the hammers again and formed another thirty-eight hundred trajectories, swiftly collecting them in the void.

“Too slow.” Lu Yun shook his head at the latest attempt and pointed forward.


He shattered the forming combat art with his finger, then grabbed the hammers before Divine Fire could react. Similar to when Longshan Yin and Revered Rednote were almost captured, Lu Yun only needed one hand to grab both at the same time.

“Let go!” he snapped.

Yelping with pain, Divine Fire involuntarily let go of his weapons when a prodigal amount of force traveled down his hammers.


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Winning over others by virtue… it seems that my fists are stronger and I am more virtuous.” Lu Yun juggled the hammers with a smile. He hadnt needed his strength as a Nihil World Sovereign from beginning to end. Only peak Void World King had been needed.

“Return my Glacial Fire Hammers,” Divine Fire forced out through grit teeth.

“What, you think you have the right to talk terms with me” Lu Yun chuckled.

As befitting their name, the hammers contained both the power of ice and fire. If Divine Fire ever grasped the force of ice within, hed be able to balance yin and yang and become a Nihil World Sovereign.

Divine Fire didnt respond—his cultivation level was disappearing. Peak Void World King receded from his body and he began expanding, releasing “nothing” from his form.

Lu Yun frowned faintly. This was the same condition hed been in when he first arrived in the fourth realm. Just as She Nong and the others had said, there were no cultivation levels in the fourth realm. The bigger one was, the more “nothing” one contained and the stronger as a result.

The Divine Fire World King was putting his life on the line.

Longshan Yin went slack jawed with horror. Even a breath of “nothing” from a Void World King could raze Dragonmountain Clime down to the last pebble. All Longshan disciples would die!

On the other hand, Revered Rednote brayed with maniacal laughter. He couldnt escape becoming a slave either way, but it would be a pleasant sight to see Longshan Yin die before he was enslaved and all of Longshans descendants die as well.

Longshan Yan had awoken from his state of comprehending dao and knew what was happening, but he remained unmoved.

“You want to set your life against mine” Lu Yuns joviality slid off his face. “Id planned on sparing you, but you court death.”

“DIE!!” A furious howl answered him. Divine Fire was so incredibly large now that Dragonmountain Clime was just the tiniest speck of dust in front of him.

“Hmph!” Lu Yun snorted as a marvelous ripple flashed in front of him.

All of the void seemed to turn into nothing. Divine Fires terrifying blow sank into nothing and he stumbled forward, plunging head first into it.

The nothing slowly devoured him like it was a massive swamp.

“Nihil… Nihil World Sovereign…” Divine Fire finally understood who he was facing.

A true Nihil World Sovereign.

Longshan Yin was utterly dumfounded. How had his son found a Nihil World Sovereign!

“No wonder that traitorous Longshan Chi didnt do anything, he probably knew of the sovereigns existence…” The Longshan patriarch thought rapidly.-

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