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Chapter 1504: Not a Coincidence

Lu Yun had no choice but to bring out the power of a Nihil World Sovereign since the Divine Fire World King was putting his life on the line. Only that level of strength could contend with Divine Fire in his current condition. Or perhaps Lu Yun could also revert his cultivation level to “nothing” and expand his body to the greatest it could go…

But if he did that, Dragonmountain Clime would be no more. It would be similar to him just running over his opponent with the power of his cultivation level. That kind of physical condition was to give full expression to the strength of a Nihil World Sovereign, so that everyone would be overcome by his magnificence and domination.

All he was doing now was the merest display of strength and flaring a hint of his aura. Just that was sufficient to stop Divine Fire in his tracks.

The world king froze on the spot, looking blankly at what was happening to him. Though he was peak Void World King and glimpsed the threshold of Nihil World Sovereign, he was a far cry from the next level. Anything less was just a gnat in the eyes of an actual world sovereign.


He dropped to his knees, trembling so hard that he couldnt get a word out.

“Whose fist is stronger” Lu Yun blew on his fist again.

“Of course it is your mightiness! This humble one wholly submits!” Divine Fire knew that the world sovereign wasnt angered by his trespasses when he heard Lu Yuns question.

“Good good, youre dismissed.” Lu Yun retracted his strength and waved a hand.

Seized by baffled joy, Divine Fire scrambled to his feet and vanished without a trace, not even daring to bid Lu Yun farewell. What if the world sovereign changed his mind

Titans such as them were an eccentric group, their thoughts changing from second to second. Divine Fire didnt dare allow for anything unexpected to happen.

Meanwhile, Lu Yun had only come to the fourth realm to capture the Fire Virtue Potentate. He didnt want to form any karmic repercussions. Divine Fire World King was the ruler of a plane and if Lu Yun killed him, that might attract other Nihil World Sovereigns.

With his current level of strength, he could bully Void World Kings. But when it came to others of his level, he was the lowest on the totem pole. He had a very good understanding of himself—he was definitely the weakest among all Nihil World Sovereigns. His combat arts and understanding of the fourth realm were a result of formula dao, yet formula dao had not yet reached the level of the fourth realm.

He glanced at the hammers in his hand again. This was the true doorway through which he could peer into the fourth realm.


“Greetings to the venerable world sovereign!” Longshan Yin took a deep breath and crawled on hands and knees to approach the mighty one, offering up the Thunderstruck Wood with both hands.

Lu Yun nodded and waved the wood to him, then took possession of Revered Rednotes Fire Virtue Orb with another gesture. He also planted a restriction in Rednotes nascent spirit.

Smiling wryly, Rednote aped Longshan Yins movements and knelt in front of Lu Yun.

Lu Yun had planted a restriction in his nascent spirit as he wasnt the honest sort. Just like Lu Qing had done in Zhuo Bufans true spirit, such a precaution was necessary to keep them under control.

“This clime bears the surname of Lu in the future, understood I will send over a group of… once powerhouses in the days to come. You will teach them well, do you hear me” Lu Yun looked down at Longshan Yin and Rednote.

Delight flashed across the Longshan patriarchs face. Though Dragonmountain Clime was no longer the familys territory, a noble Nihil World Sovereign wouldnt interfere in mundane affairs. Longshan Yan was still the climes ruler, and now he had a massive patron!

Once powerhouses Teach them

That was training a personal force for the world sovereign!

Lu Yun crooked his finger and sent a ray of fiery sparks into Longshan Yins body. The latter began burning up—this was pure fire virtue.

Though Lu Yun had refined the Fire Virtue Potentate, hed only refined the disorderly entity that violated the Hongmengs orders. Hed kept the power of pure fire virtue intact. Longshan Yin was a good talent, so Lu Yun was generous with him.

“My deepest thanks to Your Mightiness favor!” When an overjoyed Longshan Yin lifted his head, Lu Yun was already gone.


There was no need for Lu Yun to worry about Dragonmountain Clime. Longshan Yin and Longshan Yan were highly capable geniuses, and with Revered Rednote among the ranks, the clime was one of the strongest in the plane now.

Having been scared off, Divine Fire World King would never dare cause any more trouble for the faction.

Lu Yun reached out to She Nong to have him bring the Bridge of Forgetfulness and the former prisoners in the Hadal Hell to Dragonmountain Clime.

The prisoners were completely cut off from their pasts. Whatever traces theyd left in history and even their names were buried in the Hadal Hell. The page had been turned on all grudges and debts theyd held before. They were now Lu Yuns subordinates—nothing more, nothing less.

He couldnt be bothered with these minute details; his top priority was to refine the Thunderstruck Wood and revitalize it!

The Karmic Trees that once supported each of the five hells all came from it! When he obtained the wood, a frightening thought flashed into his mind.

What if the ultimate reason for the five hells existence was to resurrect the Thunderstruck Wood

The five hells buried all life so they could utilize that power to return the wood to life… Did the destruction of the five hells have something to do with this Additionally, a sixth Karmic Tree had swiftly appeared after he established the Disordered Hell.

“Violetgraves ardent desire to break free of the Nether Hell probably has something to do with this too. She pointed me toward the path of refining the sixth hell, and then the Thunderstruck Wood appeared here.”

It didnt seem to be a coincidence. The six great hells were all in the Hongmeng and part of the Hongmeng led to Dragonmountain Clime of the Plane of Fire. Meanwhile, the Thunderstruck Wood had just so happened to be in Longshan Yins hands

“There is nothing wrong with my path and my hard work will not be for the benefit of another.” Lu Yun called upon the Tome of Life and Death to analyze the wood. It was dead through and through after being smote by terrifying heavenly lightning. It was more lifeless than if Quiet had struck it.

The Tome of Life and Death was plainly stronger than the wood since it could analyze it. Whether it was the Hadal Hell or Karmic Tree—all had been captured by it to help Lu Yun. Though Violetgrave had set events in motion for Lu Yun to obtain the Thunderstruck Wood, it was still mostly due to the Tome of Life and Death.

The feedback from the treasure was clear. After the wood was resurrected, it would be subdued by the book and become a tool for Lu Yun. After all, it was now Lu Yuns nascent spirit.

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So... Tome of Life and Death is still the true MC, huh-

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