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Chapter 1508: Feng Feifan

The vast Azure Dragon Lake once again appeared in front of Lu Yun after the world spun around him.

He was finally back in the Hongmeng.

Lu Yun raised his head and looked up at the radiant stars in the sky—each of them a heros barrow. He didnt know whatd happened in that age, but he did know that it was highly possible everything now had to do with that bygone era.

Hong had brought him to the mausoleum in the skies and spoke of the past because shed confirmed that he could control the strength of a Nihil World Sovereign in the fourth realm. Though he was only a superior realm cultivator in the Hongmeng, he was a powerhouse in the fourth realm and possessed the ability to protect this part of the Hongmeng.

The third realm was just a speck of dust in the fourth realm—even a Void World King had the ability to destroy it.

“Wow, its been three years,” Lu Yun realized after some calculations.

He hadnt wasted much time in Dragonmountain Clime; most of his sojourn to the fourth realm had been spent refining the Thunderstruck Wood and returning it to its origins. Hed spent three years transforming it back to withered wood.

Of course, three years was but the blink of an eye for some powerhouses.

“I wonder how everything is in the Hongmeng… the eleven potentates of the ten divine nations should be busy suppressing the true kings of the realm.” He briefly sent out his consciousness and refrained from disturbing his women when he noticed that Qing Yu was in closed door cultivation and the little fox was standing guard for her.

“Immortal King!” A surprised voice traveled from behind Lu Yun. “Youre not dead!”

“Of course Im not dead, why the heck would I be dead” Lu Yun suppressed an eye roll. He didnt even need to turn around to know that it was the Fish King.

“Wheres the life form in the Fire Virtue Orb” He changed his mind and turned around, cutting straight to the chase. “I obtained another fortuitous opportunity beneath the Azure Dragon Lake that will greatly benefit the being. Give it to me.”

“The life form” She wanted to ask about the Fire Virtue Potentate, but went with the flow when she saw that Lu Yun wasnt going to say anything.

It was more than likely that the Fire Virtue Potentate was dead.

“I sent it to the Terra treasury. It cant survive in this Hongmeng since the orders are scrambled here. It wouldve died after a short while, so I sent it to the vaults to be sealed away,” the Fish King replied after brief thought. “Ill give it back to you since you want it, but youll have to make a trip to Terra with me. The Terra Potentate isnt in residence because hes preoccupied with the true kings, so the Terra ruler and that crown prince are up to their old tricks. Ive absolutely had enough of them!”

The Fish King had returned to her divine nation after the events of Azure Dragon Lake, but the nations crown prince kept proposing to her and even the ruler had issued a decree for their marriage! Completely fed up with everything, she traveled back to Azure Dragon Region.

Her master had instructed her to watch over the region, after all, so this was just fulfilling her duties.

By now, the Fish King completely acknowledged Lu Yuns greatness. The Talisman King, Fire King, weird big-headed doll, and newly awoken azure dragon ancestral god had all appeared within the lake because of Lu Yun!

Her supplemental dao had taken a large step forward thanks to the Fire King, so she was now infinitely close to supplemental true king. There was nothing for her to be afraid of if she returned with Lu Yun in tow—well, she hadnt been afraid in the first place. Theyd just been annoying her to death.

“Alright, Ill go to Terra with you.” Lu Yun nodded. Hed long wanted to see the famed divine nations for himself. It was said that they were the strongest factions in the Hongmeng and apparently, the creation seeds came from them.


The ten divine nations were located in the central zone of the Hongmeng.

The Fish King used a method unbeknownst to Lu Yun, instantaneously whisking him to Terra. He saw an enormous purple tower that held up the skies and earth before even setting foot in the divine nation—the Hongmeng Tower!

So it was located in the divine nations!

“This particular area is a world created by the Hongmeng Tower. Its generally understood that this world preserves the orders of the original Hongmeng, and is the only place in the realm where the orders arent jumbled,” the Fish King explained.

“The original Hongmeng” Lu Yun raised an eyebrow. He wouldnt know what that was prior to his visit to the mausoleum. Since he had, it was easy to connect what was known as the original Hongmeng to the once core of the fourth realm—the realms world of immortals. How did the Fish King know about it, though

“Thats right, the original Hongmeng!” the Fish King nodded. “The Hongmeng Tower is a treasure from that era and as the legends have it, the unparalleled mistress is its owner and someone from that age. She created the Hongmeng we know and crafted its orders, turning what shouldve been a landscape of tombs into a place that can support life.”

She glanced at Lu Yun, surprised by his lack of unfamiliarity regarding these topics.

“When it comes down to it, both the opening of the tower and the rise of the ten divine nations should be a summons from the tower to protect it. Its also said that… the mistress has discarded the tower.

“Ah, Terras borders are ahead of us.” The Fish King suddenly paused her halting explanation and stopped in her tracks. “You cant enter the divine nation as you are, theres a lot of people inside who view you as an enemy. Youre Headmaster Lu Yun from the world of immortals, arent you”

Though she wasnt willing to believe that this was Lu Yuns true identity, she didnt have a choice anymore. It was the hottest gossip in the ten divine nations; everyone viewed Lu Yun and Qing Yu as the enemy.

“Mmhmm,” Lu Yun nodded. “Youre right, I cant go in with my true form.”


He flicked his sleeves and changed his appearance, looking to be a young man so otherworldly that it seemed hed naturally float on air. It was completely different from the way he appeared before.

“Call me Feng Feifan from now on,” he chuckled.

The Fish Kings expression darkened. “Immortal King, what is your relationship to my master!”

Feng Feifan!

That was the name of one of Lu Yuns replicas in the mythological realm. He hadnt been able to do anything that would result in karmic repercussions, but he couldnt resist exploring the era. Thus, he created the Feng Feifan identity to journey throughout the mythological realm.

Feng was the surname of Fuxis replica and Fuxi was one of the people whod had the greatest impact on Lu Yun. Thus, hed used the surname as well.

Since the Fish King was Lu Qings disciple and received his true teachings, she naturally knew about this character.

“Has the venerated enforcer still not told you” Lu Yun grinned. “Lu Qing is my son."-

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