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Chapter 1510: King Qilin City

The Fish Kings expression was so foreboding that she seemed ready to give the crown prince another beating of his life.

However, there were three true kings next to him. Since she was yet to reach that level, it would be almost impossible to bypass them to get at the prince.

“This divine nations crown prince is looking to rebel,” Lu Yun sighed with a glance at the man.

“Eh” It was the crown princes turn to glower when he heard Lu Yuns words. Hed noticed the stranger a long time ago—it made him very uncomfortable that a handsome young man followed by his Fishies side.

Hed refrained from erupting with outrage only out of consideration for the dignity of a crown prince. But when the stranger revealed his innermost thoughts with an offhand comment, it was incredibly hard for him to sit still.

“Terra is my Yu Clans to begin with and I am her crown prince. What talk is there of rebellion” He paused and plastered on a genial smile.

“That would be a question for the crown prince.” Lu Yun shook his head. “You should be asking me first before taking Xuanji for your princess consort.”

The Fish Kings eyes widened when she heard Lu Yuns response. Xuanji was her name, the one that her master had given her when he adopted her. Her surname was Yu for “fish”, her given name was Xuanji for “profound mystery”. Apparently, her name had something to do with the Purple Kings father.

No one else knew of this name other than her master and senior brother and sister, but Lu Yun had very easily used it!

That dispersed the last of her doubts. Lu Yun really was the Purple Kings father and her martial forefather!

“Xuanji” The crown prince blinked before quickly realizing who the stranger was referring to.

“How dare you talk like this to the crown prince!” hectored one of the true kings by the princes side.

He hastily backed away when the crown prince waved him off.

“Might I know who this gentleman is…” the prince asked.

“I am Xuanjis family, of course.” Lu Yun smiled. “Since the crown prince wishes to take Xuanji for his princess consort, her family naturally needs to make an appearance.”

He jerked his hand and sent out a pair of hammers—the Glacial Fire Hammers that hed taken from the Divine Fire World King. Lu Yun had also taken care of the hammers when he refined the Thunderstruck Wood. After spying into the secrets of the fourth realms supplemental dao, even he had no idea what level his craftsmanship was at now.

The supplemental dao of the fourth realm could also be employed in the third realm!

Granted, he wouldnt be able to deploy that level of strength when the Tome of Life and Death wasnt his nascent spirit.

The void shook when the hammers appeared and the three true kings standing in front were shoved to the ground by an overwhelming aura. The qilin beast that the crown prince was standing on keened and sank into the ground, foaming at the mouth.

“Youre just the Terra crown prince. You better send out the Terra Potentate to talk to me.” Lu Yun retracted the hammers with a beckon. Hed guessed whod created the hammers—the overlord of Ice. The method that the ruler had gifted him was actually one to activate the hammers!

“Se—senior…” The crown prince sprawled on the beasts head, nearly incoherent with terror. Who wouldve thought that the Fish Kings family would be so fierce and incapacitate him with just a treasure

“Come on, lets head to King Qilin City.” Lu Yun took the arm of a dazed Fish King and headed for the capital.

“Your Highness!” The three true kings were the first to react after Lu Yun left. They hastened to the divine beasts head and helped their master up.

The crown prince was true seventh level—the equivalent of a seventh step king. Lu Yun would be able to easily defeat the prince even without the hammers; hed only been concerned about the true kings.

“We go back to King Qilin City!” the crown prince declared ominously and glanced at his steed.

It was dead from fright.

“Those hammers were certainly treasures of the fourth realm! How dare a mere superior realm cultivator think he can throw his weight around in my Terra with just something from the fourth realm! Little does he know that we have treasures of the fourth realm as well!”

Hed never suffered such humiliation—hed been knocked to the ground in public view! If he didnt slice and dice that bastard for this offense, he wouldnt be able to rule with conviction even if there came a day when he ruled the land. To think of replacing the Terra Potentate would be also wholly out of reach.

“We go!” The crown prince ground his teeth with cold fury.


King Qilin City was only ten thousand kilometers across, a tiny speck of a city in the Hongmeng. Even the lowliest city was several tens of thousands of kilometers across.

Lu Yun could also see that there wasnt a single spatial formation or special pocket dimension within it. It was really only ten thousand kilometers—no, not even. It was nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine kilometers across, short one kilometer to make it the full ten thousand.

Instead of rushing into the city, he paused roughly fifteen hundred kilometers outside the city and stared at it.

“The Terra Potentate pulled this city out of some ancient tomb, didnt he” Lu Yun suddenly asked.

“Um…” The enormously confused Fish King wasnt sure how to process the question. She didnt know whatd happened for Lu Yun to suddenly become so strong that he suppressed even true kings.

“Im your martial grandfather, so dont fall in love with me,” Lu Yun chuckled. “It wont be good if your two grandmothers found out.”

“Who, whos falling in love with you!” That snapped the Fish King out of it and she glared furiously at him. “No one knows where the city came from, it was here when Terra was established!”

“Okay.” Lu Yun nodded. “There should be a huge spatial fissure beneath King Qilin City. It and all of Terra exist to keep it under control. But where does it lead to”

He furrowed his brows, thinking how there was a similar fissure in the world of immortals. The great tombs of the Dusk, Azure, Crimson, and Argent Provinces had once buried four spatial fissures that led to the void outside the world.

Those had been the work of Fuxi after he traveled to what was the future for him. Hed separated his senses and buried them there to fill in the fissure.

If Lu Yun guessed correctly, a similar layout for King Qilin City was at play here; there was a crack that led to the unknown beneath the ancient tomb below them.

etvolare's Thoughts

You know, it feels like the big bad hit upon a winning plot with the third/fourth realms and just replicated it in the world of immortals And wait, the crown prince is talking about replacing his father's master... okay, he really is up to something.-

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