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Chapter 1511: The Terra Crossbows

Lu Yun lifted his head again and looked out over King Qilin City, toward the grand Hongmeng Tower at the far reaches of the horizon. It stretched loftily into the sky and was firmly planted at the center of this world—this entire Hongmeng.

He shook his head slightly. The original Hongmeng had shattered and its core become the world they were in. The chaos beneath it and the worlds at the center of the second realm were the origin point of all living beings.

However, the Hongmeng that everything occupied was likewise broken.

If Lu Yuns guess was correct, each capital of the ten divine nations suppressed a fissure that didnt lead to any particular spot—it was just a crack in the world. If the capitals were razed, the realm would split apart from these fissures and ultimately disintegrate into dust. The origin of all life would also forever vanish from the fourth realm.

Although he didnt know what that would mean for the fourth realm, it would spell the doom of the world of immortals and chaos.

“Whatever those eleven potentates are doing or thinking, nothing can go wrong in the ten divine nations!” he murmured to himself. “At the very least, they cant be destroyed before I find a way to repair these cracks!”

This task had become his most pressing concern.

“Ah,” he thought of something else and addressed his martial granddaughter, “Last time you mentioned theres another brush in the Terra treasury. I want it.”

“Thats fine, Ill get it for you when we go inside.” The Fish King nodded readily. “But it wont be that easy for us to enter the capital now,” she paused. “The crown prince has returned and he is no broadminded person. You exposed his innermost thoughts and then humiliated him in front of all to see. Im afraid youre an enemy of the nation now.”

“That crown prince is just a prancing clown, theres nothing to be afraid of. Ill end him if he dares hop around in front of me much longer. Come on, this city can do nothing to me.” Lu Yun waved a hand.

“Has your supplemental dao reached the level of true king Are you a supplemental true king now” the Fish King quickly asked out of sudden curiosity.

In her understanding, there was only one person in the realm whod reached the level of supplemental true king—the Dao King of the Immortal Region.

Known throughout the Hongmeng, he was famous even in the ten divine nations. He was the only one in the realm who dared talk back to the eleven potentates! Hed even bypassed them to enter the worlds and take on the identity of Haotian so he could search for the mistress of the Hongmeng.

The one walking through the realm these days, including the one that Lu Yun had met, was just his replica. If his true form had been present, he wouldve crushed Lu Yun with a single finger. However, Lu Yun was afraid of the Dao King no longer. Though his true form was a weak superior realm cultivator, the supplemental dao of the fourth realm was now at his fingertips.

“Supplemental true king I suppose you could say that.” Lu Yun nodded.

“Fantastic!” The Fish King beamed. Her obsession with supplemental dao trumped everything else. Shed glimpsed the threshold of supplemental true king after the Fire Kings gift, but she hadnt been able to cross it. Since Lu Yun was her martial grandfather, it only made sense that he would teach his granddaughter, no

Lu Yun could easily guess the Fish Kings thoughts, but he didnt mind. He led the two of them to King Qilin City. Fifteen hundred kilometers wasnt far for those of their cultivation level. Just a few steps would cover that distance.

“Theyre here!” Up on the city gates, a true king frowned at Lu Yun and the Fish King. “Kill the brat next to the Fish King, but dont harm her!”

Almost all of the Terra true kings had gone out with the Terra Potentate. If counting the Terra ruler, there were only five true kings left in the nation.

“Understood!” roared armored soldiers with cultivation levels in the true realm.


The city walls shook as ninety-nine sets of heavy crossbows rose over the ramparts. A dense compilation of earth energy rushed to them from all directions.


Ninety-nine crossbows twanged at the same time and shot out ninety-nine enormous bolts. As they whistled to their destination, they were followed by trails of horrific dirt spikes that popped up from the ground.

“The Terra Crossbows! Be careful!” shrieked the Fish King. She hadnt thought that the crown prince would be crazy enough to bring out the national weapon!

The ninety-nine sets of heavy crossbows were Terras primary defensive weapon. Even true kings would disintegrate when facing them! They fired bolts of pure energy as opposed to physical crossbow bolts. When all ninety-nine fired at the same time, they delivered a blow that was on par with a maximum blow from the Terra Potentate!

These crossbows shouldnt be used unless the situation was dire, but the crown prince had activated them against Lu Yun! Hed sent out the nations strongest attack!

The Fish King shrieked with horror, but there was nothing that could be done now. The bolts were traveling too fast and quickly reached them with overwhelming power!

They completely enveloped Lu Yun with their zone of attack, but pointedly excluded her.An image of a purple-golden tower floated over Lu Yuns head the moment they descended. Curtains of light trailed down from it and wrapped protectively around the young man.


The bolts slammed heavily into the curtain of light and pierced through it. As soon as they did so, the image sharpened into focus and swallowed Lu Yun.




The bolts fanned out and howled through the air, barraging the tower from all sides.

The Army Pagoda!

The tower shifted into pure gold and trembled uncontrollably. Inside it, blood welled up in Lu Yuns mouth and he was as pale as a sheet. Though the tower had blocked the attack for him, the recoil was still extremely devastating.

If it wasnt for his cultivation level and sheer strength, he wouldve already been ground into bone dust.

“To arms!” The king soldier and one hundred and eight soldiers pressed themselves against Lu Yun, bearing the brunt of the backlash for him.

The king soldier darkly regarded the situation outside the tower. He knew what the Terra Crossbows were and hed never dreamed that the Terra divine nation would use them against this generation of the towers master!

“To think that one of the ten divine weapons that my God and the other nine great ones forged together would be aimed at Gods heir!” He almost ground his teeth to pieces.-

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