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Chapter 1512: Supplemental True King

At the establishment of the ten divine nations, the Hongmeng had been gripped by strife and ghosts roamed freely throughout the land. God and nine others had forged ten divine weapons for the nations to ensure their survival and cleanse the realm.

The Terra Crossbows were one of them.


Lu Yun tossed a few pills in his mouth and slowly calmed down his roiling blood. He swept a glance at the king soldier. “Im not your Gods heir.”

“Whoever can compel the Army Pagoda and us to recognize as our master is Gods heir.” The king soldiers expression was still highly unpleasant. The pagoda was releasing its maximal defensive capabilities based on its current condition, but the Terra Crossbows were still twanging with attacks.

A second barrage soon came after the first flight of ninety-nine bolts; the third arrived at the same time. A dense compilation of crossbow bolts relentlessly hammered the Army Pagoda.

The treasure shook uncontrollably, but it wouldnt be so easily defeated since itd once been Gods personal treasure. Its main body was a treasure of the fourth realm.

The Fish King had vanished from the immediate vicinity. Though the experts directing the crossbows were avoiding her, increasing strength being fed to the crossbows meant that their area of attack was widening. She wasnt so foolish as to remain unmoving on the spot.

All of the color had drained from her face and she was at a loss for what to do. The Terra Potentate was absent from the divine nation and the Terra ruler didnt concern himself with the states affairs anymore. That meant the crown prince essentially had a free rein.

Back inside the Army Pagoda, Lu Yun had recovered from the initial attack and seemed ready to rip someone apart.

“The pagoda has the ability to break the Terra Crossbows, right” he asked.

“Yes… but if we do that, the crossbows will be destroyed beyond repair. Terra will be left defenseless!” The king soldier shook his head in disapproval.

“You wont help me” Lu Yun frowned.

“We cannot… if the Terra Crossbows are broken, the divine nation will be lost. We will become sinners of the Hongmeng then.” The king soldier continued shaking his head. He was something similar to a treasure spirit, but one that was unrestrained by it and could travel outside at any given time.

The king soldier could also deploy the pagodas strength—hed been the one to activate the treasure and protect Lu Yun earlier. Thus, Lu Yun wouldnt say anything if the king soldier refused to help him launch a counteroffensive. This was his savior, after all.

“Then Ill do it myself.” Lu Yun waved the Glacial Fire Hammers into his hand, shaking the Army Pagoda with their aura as soon as they appeared.

“These are… divine weapons of sequence crafted by an overlord of the fourth realm!” the king soldier cried out. “No! Theyll destroy the Terra Crossbows without a doubt!”

“Ill use the Glacial Fire Hammers to protect Terra once the crossbows are a pile of kindling.” Lu Yun vanished from the pagoda. It wasnt his style to passively receive a beating like this.


The Terra Crossbows pivoted toward him the second he appeared, but he was ready. He called upon the method of nothing and summoned the hammers strength as two gigantic shields of light in front of him.

The fearsome crossbow bolts couldnt shake the modestly sized shields.

“Its those hammers!” The crown prince was also on the city walls and was delighted to see the stranger bring out the hammers again. “Gentlemen, take down those hammers together! Our Terra will have another ultimate weapon then!” He shuddered and pointed at the hammers easily defending against the Terra Crossbows.

“Understood!” A variety of expressions shifted across the true kings faces. A treasure that could block an attack from the Terra Crossbows was definitely from the fourth realm!

Three of them had previously been caught off guard and flattened to the ground from the hammers aura. But now, all of them were fully prepared!

The one wielding the powerful hammers was just a puny superior realm cultivator. They could blow a hundred of him to death with just an absentminded huff!

The four true kings came at Lu Yun from four different directions. Their goal was very obvious—avoid the terrifying hammers and just kill their wielder!

The hammers were locked into position by the crossbows. As long as the crossbows continued to fire, the hammers wouldnt be able to turn on the true kings. One had to say, the four kings and crown prince had very precisely planned this out.

The true kings arrived in front of Lu Yun nearly instantaneously, not permitting him any chances whatsoever.

“Four true kings trying to make trouble for me Show some respect!” Lu Yun was operating the method of nothing to summon more power from the Glacial Fire Hammers. These four true kings were nothing but annoying gnats.

He took one large stride forward.


Formation glyphs extended from his feet like snakes, assembling into four major formations in one-thousandth of an eye blink.

Azure Dragon!

White Tiger!

Vermilion Bird!

Black Tortoise!

Formations of the four divisions!

Four formations seemed to spontaneously come alive and formed their respective divine beasts. Snarling and brandishing their claws, they pounced on the four true kings as soon as they solidified.

“What!” The dumbfounded Fish King jerked with shock and stared incredulously at Lu Yun.

The four formations were truly alive as a real Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise. However, they didnt wield the four powers of creation, truth, origin, and eternity, but the four elements of metal, wood, water, and fire.

Lu Yun was suppressing four true kings with just four connate elements in play! A superior realm cultivator had constrained four true kings by himself! This was impossible, a far-fetched tale! Even the Fish King could at most manage one true king!

“Supplemental true king Is this the strength of a supplemental true king!” The Fish King gaped with shock. She suddenly understood why the crown prince had brought out the divine weapon… there was nothing else that could overcome Lu Yun, other than the Terra ruler!

Most of his attention and energy was on the method of nothing and directing the Glacial Fire Hammers. Hed needed only one step to complete four formations!

“Hmph!” he snorted coldly and took another step.

The hissing of a snake rose in the air as a fifth formation spread from his foot, becoming a giant muddy snake.

The moat snake!

Having taken the place of the fifth ancestral god, Carmine Arbiter controlled both connate earth and the power of life. She was on equal standing with creation, truth, origin, and eternity. Lu Yun was borrowing her power to summon a moat snake—not only was there connate earth energy in this manifestation, but boundless life force!


The four true kings were shoved backward the moment the moat snake appeared.

“Break!!” Lu Yun roared, smashing his hammers together and releasing a blast of vivid blue and bright red energy. They churned toward the ninety-nine sets of crossbows on King Qilin Citys walls.-

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