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Chapter 1514: Gone

Thus was the Terra crown prince deposed of with a single word from his father. He was sealed away before he could speak and sent to an unknown location.

“This child thanks the royal father!” The young man named Yu Tiankong crawled out of a pile of soft bosoms and gentle embraces, kowtowing fearfully at his fathers replica in the sky.

“Thats enough, you can forgo that flimsy facade riddled with holes. You convince no one.” The ruler waved his hand and dispersed his replica.

The ninety-nine Terra Crossbows returned to their original positions while the four true kings struggled to their feet. Their bedraggled figures knelt outside the city and didnt say a word for the longest time.

They wouldnt dare get up before their liege allowed them to.


“Your troubles seem to have been resolved… The crown prince was removed, just like that” Lu Yun looked behind him with a smile.

“The Terra ruler is an extremely shrewd individual. Hes probably the one behind the previous crown prince wanting to marry me.” The Fish King shook her head. “Im going back with you after you get your items. Yu Tiankong will certainly raise the same issue if I stay here. Hell still want me to be his princess consort.”

“Oh” Lu Yun blinked.

“Hmph!” The Fish King snorted and changed the topic, continuing with some irritation, “You brought up my true name in front of everyone. Its going to be impossible for me to guard against someone plotting against me in the future!”

She was the foremost supplemental king in the divine nation of Terra. At her heights, she naturally attracted jealousy and envy, particularly from other supplemental kings. If they wanted to take action against her, there would be nothing she could do about it. A world of possibilities had opened up to them now that her true name was known by all.

“Dont worry, no one remembers what your name is.” Lu Yun was blithely unconcerned. “And, theres going to be no one in Terra who dares think about harming you from this day forth.”

“Oh” The Fish King raised an eyebrow at her martial grandfather.


At the same time in the royal palace of King Qilin City.

The Terra ruler had emerged from seclusion and summoned the new crown prince—Yu Tiankong—for an audience.

Though the naming of a crown prince was an important affair, it didnt account for much in the rulers eyes. He had many sons and the position of crown prince was just a title. Its not as if they would immediately ascend to the throne.

“Dismiss all of the women by your side and make the—the, the… Fish…” The ruler wanted to say the Fish Kings name, but couldnt remember what it was for the life of him. “Do you remember what that Feng Feifan said the Fish King was called” Frowning ferociously, he turned to his son.

Yu Tiankong started. “Yes, he said that the Fish Kings name was… was…” He also paused. “I dont remember…” Yu Tiankongs voice trailed off.

“Forget it, ignore everything having to do with the Fish King. Keep your women and dont ever think of doing anything to her!” The Terra ruler took a deep breath.

“Ah Eh, yes, understood.” Yu Tiankong shrank in on himself. He would never think of doing anything to that supplemental king anyway… She beat people when she lost her temper!

By now, the new crown prince had fully grasped the situation.

When someone of an incomparably terrifying cultivation level spoke, they could exercise so much control that their words didnt leave a single trace in the minds of weaker beings! Most horrific of all was that the Terra contingent clearly remembered every other word that Feng Feifan had said; it was only the Fish Kings name that theyd completely forgotten!

Chills traveled down the Terra rulers spine and horror gripped his heart. He couldnt afford to get on the bad side of someone like this. Not even the Terra Potentate would say a word if Feng Feifan butchered the Terra ruler—hed just choose a new person to fill the seat.

Feng Feifan was so foreboding that the ruler of the divine nation didnt dare look in on the treasury to see what was being taken.


While treasures abounded in the Terra vaults, none of them caught Lu Yuns eye. Hed just come from the Dragonmountain Clime treasury, and while he hadnt emptied them, hed collected a fair share of goodies. Any one of them would burst the Terra vaults with their richness.

The Terra treasury was enormous—like an expanse of the night sky. Treasures hung in the void like stars embedded in the air.

Some of them were even as gigantic and radiant as the stars.

In here, items on the level of Stellar Light Magneticus could be seen everywhere like trash. Items more precious were also plentiful in their abundance. Lu Yun easily glimpsed at least a hundred ultimate Hongmeng treasures with a cursory scan of the surroundings.

“Youre not really going to take everything here, are you” Enraptured by the sight, the Fish King didnt notice the slightly disdainful look in Lu Yuns eyes. Once, long ago, the Terra Potentate had allowed the Fish King to pick a few items of her choosing from the Terra treasury. Though shed turned down the opportunity, he still allowed her to enter the treasury as she would.

“What do I want these things for Give me the fetus and the brush,” Lu Yun responded.

“Alright.” The Fish King didnt pursue the conversation and flew in a certain direction. There was an inconspicuous brush hovering in the air where she headed. It looked very ancient and simple; there was a trace of red staining its bristles.

Lu Yun was certain that that was blood and not ink. He summoned it to him with a wave of his hand.

“As I thought…” He shook when his hand closed around it, sensing that this brush was the one that hed received from Qing Han. Unbidden, he took that one out.

“Theyre exactly the same!” exclaimed the Fish King. “Are you certain theyre not the same brush”

Her eyes darted quickly between the two, unable to determine which one was Lu Yuns and which one had been in the treasury.

“Lets get the fetus.” Lu Yun put the two brushes away. These two brushes had something to do with the akasha ghosts and himself. While it was a given that the Immortal Region would seek to destroy the mythological realm, it was an accident that the akasha ghosts had appeared.

“Okay.” The Fish King nodded and took out a medallion. It was one that the Terra Potentate had given her and allowed her to travel through the treasury.

It blossomed with dreamlike radiance, changing the surroundings around the two. Their vicinity was now a land of fire origin energy; there was a trace of fire virtue in the blazing qi.

“The fetus is here—hmm Where is it” The Fish Kings eyes widened as she looked at where shed left the life form. Both the Fire Virtue Orb and the life form had vanished!

She frowned and activated the medallion again, thoroughly searching through the area. There was no sign of the life form to be found.

“Someones taken it.” Lu Yun took a look around. “An expert well versed in fire origin was here and took it.”

“How dare they touch my belongings!” The Fish Kings expression darkened and she waved her medallion, sending them out of the treasury and into the royal palace.-

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