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Chapter 1515: Forsaken

The medallion that the Terra Potentate had given the Fish King contained all-encompassing authority. Not only could she enter the treasury at will, but she could also come and go from the palace as she pleased.

She hadnt entered the treasury last time, just opened its doors in King Qilin City and sent the fetus into the part that was the land of fire origin.

There were many other Terra powerhouses with similar tokens of the potentates favor; they could also open the nations treasury doors to store their valuables. That didnt mean the items automatically became the divine nations property, however, not to mention the area that her items had been placed in wasnt where Terra kept their own treasures. That was why she was so furious and brought Lu Yun straight to the palace.

The Terra ruler was still musing over what to do about Feng Feifan. When he raised his head and saw that the Fish King had brought the threat straight to his doorstep, he jumped with horror.

“Fish King, what are you doing!” Though dismayed, he didnt fly into a rage. The formations within the palace shimmered with activity as he regarded the unwelcome visitors—the Terra ruler was too wary of the Purple Kings father.

“Where is the Fire Virtue Orb that I placed in the treasury three years ago” the Fish King demanded with an unpleasant expression. “That part of the treasury is a section that the honored potentate himself created for me so I could store my items. Why did someone move what I had put there”

There were four areas of earth, air, fire, and water origin within the vaults. The Terra Potentate had marked off an area in each zone for her use.

Being a supplemental king, the Fish King did indeed need places like these to hold her things. Treasures or ingredients sometimes withered or faded away when put into storage items or seed storage.

The Terra vaults were also an ultimate treasure, but one thatd reached the fourth realm. It was a true world inside, not something that a seed storage or spatial formation could imitate. The treasury wasnt physically located in King Qilin City—the divine nations capital was just a door to the structure.

“Um…” The Terra ruler hemmed and hawed, realizing that Feng Feifan and the Fish King had come for the fire virtue fetus.

Hed taken note of it when she placed it in the treasury and had seen the life form nurtured inside. But it was someone else whod taken it from the vaults.

“Please return it to me.” The Fish King took a step forward and studied the rulers face.

“How dare you!” came a loud shout through the palace doors. “Dont you raise your voice at our liege just because you prance around with the Terra Potentates favor, Fish King!”

It wasnt one of the true kings in attendance whod spoken; it was one who seemed to have just returned to the capital and was thus unaware of earlier events. Profound ripples oscillated over him—an indication that he was a mighty supplemental king.

“Starfire King, did you take my things” The Fish King raised her head to see a man dressed in long crimson robes and flaming hair that cascaded down like a waterfall of fire to his waist. His features were dignified and handsomely shaped. He was so perfect that he seemed like a spirit thatd walked out of flames.

The man was a powerful supplemental king who wasnt much weaker than the Fish King, but his cultivation level wasnt high at true seventh level. Plainly, hed focused his efforts on the study of supplemental dao.

“Starfire greets Your Majesty!” The Starfire King ignored the Fish King and raised a cupped fist salute to the Terra ruler.

“Starfire King, didnt you accompany the honored potentate to Yin Yang for the True King Pact What brings you back so quickly” The Terra ruler quickly rose in welcome. It was obvious to see that the Starfire King had such a high status in Terra that even her ruler had to treat him with courtesy.

“The honored potentate sent me back to take a look when the divine nation utilized the Terra Crossbows.” Starfire finally graced the Fish King with a look and roared, “Fish King, kowtow and beg for forgiveness from His Majesty!”


He flung out his hand to display a decree—the Terra Potentates decree and identical to the one that the Fish King once held. Hers had been destroyed by the Talisman King, and this decree was the source of the Starfire Kings confidence.

Since his previous decree had been completely suppressed and destroyed, the Terra Potentate had crafted another one many times stronger than the last.

The Fish King paled with dismay and swiftly retreated to Lu Yuns side.

The Terra ruler was overjoyed to see Starfire bring out the potentates decree. Even his gaze upon Lu Yun and the Fish King changed. In his eyes, the potentates decree was stronger than the Terra Crossbows.

“Thats right, I took the Fire Virtue Orb with the fetus inside.” Starfire smiled slightly. “But right now, you will kneel and marry the current crown prince, Fish King, or Ill cut you down where you stand!”


He shook some power out of the decree, just a hint was enough to severely shake the palace.

“How dare you use the potentates decree against me! Hell have your head for this!” The Fish King ground her teeth.

“Hahahahaha!!” Starfire threw his head back with laughter. “You betrayed Terra when you received a strand of the Fire Kings true teachings. The great potentate wanted nothing more to do with you a long time ago! How else would I have gotten the orb!!”

“Ah… of course.” Color drained out of the Fish Kings face. The Terra Potentate treated her as his daughter and shed viewed him as her father. Shed never ever thought of leaving or betraying the divine nation.

But the Terra Potentate had so easily forsaken her!



“Kneel!” roared Starfire with decree in hand.

The Fish King sagged, wind taken out of her sails. Shed lost her mental support and she was hollow.

Her faith had been stripped from her.

“You still have Lu Qing.” Lu Yun patted her shoulder. “I dont know how Lu Qing and the Terra Potentate rank in your heart, but your life is yours and not anyone elses.”

The barest hint of color returned her to ghastly white cheeks.

Pressure from the potentates decree dissipated in front of Lu Yun like a calm spring breeze, not causing any harm to him. With the Tome of Life and Death, not even the aura of a Nihil World Sovereign was worth mentioning to him.-

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