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Chapter 1517.1: Setting an Example By Taking the Deviated Path

The Terra ruler knew hed made a mistake the second he used the Terra Crossbows against the Starfire King.

All of Terras powerhouses had gathered by the ruins of the palace; an army of four true kings and squadrons of true realm cultivators surrounded the rubble. However, no one dared make a move.

They could clearly see that the young man with his hands by his side was the mysterious heavyweight whod withstood their divine nations greatest weapon. The palace had been destroyed because the weapon had been used a second time against him.

“The Terra Potentates replica is almost here, we should go.” Lu Yun grabbed Starfire and the Fish King before all three faded out of view.

“Your Majesty…” A true king walked up to his liege and tried to help him up. The man waved him off.

“From this day forth, Yu Tiankong is the ruler of Terra. The four of you shall assist him with everything at your disposal. As for me…” The former ruler shook his head.

General incomprehension reigned at the scene. The previous crown prince had just been removed and now their ruler abdicated from the throne. Crown Prince Yu Tiankong had risen from a good-for-nothing backup prince to the highest position within the land, all within the span of a day. This kind of trajectory was too unbelievable to put into words.

“And, remind the potentate when he returns that it was the Purple Kings father who was here. Feng Feifan is absolutely as strong as the potentates!”


When Lu Yun reappeared with the Fish King and Starfire, they were at the banks of the Azure Dragon Lake. He dismissed his Shapeshifting disguise and returned to the form of the Immortal King.

“W-what, its you!” Starfires lips trembled and he spewed gibberish at the unexpected sight.

“Is a name and appearance that important” Lu Yun shrugged noncommittally. “Those potentates really think highly of themselves. They want to move against my son, huh Hah! Have they asked me for permission yet!”

His face darkened and a threatening sneer played on his lips, blatant killing intent so intense that it almost seemed tangible.

The nearby Starfire couldnt help a convulsive shudder. The Purple Kings father Him

He knew who Lu Yun was, of course. Everyone in the ten divine nations knew who he was. Not only was he the Immortal King, he was the headmaster of the Dao Academy in the world of immortals. Anyone who captured the Dao Sovereign and headmaster would be able to control the immortal dao—thereby occupying first movers advantage when the immortal dao entered the Hongmeng.

But now, the Immortal King and headmaster of the immortal dao had suddenly become… the Purple Kings father

The Purple King was a vicious character of fearsome violence. Hed ascended straight into sixth step kinghood and fought his way to the chaos from the Hongmeng, turning out rivers of blood from all the action he experienced. Even high level kings and true realm powerhouses had perished in his hands.

Once he landed in the chaos, no one dared make further trouble for him.

And now, hed reached true kinghood through his cultivation in the second realm. Rumor had it that he was the one behind the Enforcer Alliance—that that was his faction in the Hongmeng. If the ten divine nations wanted to move against him, they had to uproot the Enforcer Alliance first. That was the true topic of discussion at the True King Pact.

Lu Yun corralled his blazing killing intent and looked at the Starfire King.

“Tell me everything you know about this so-called True King Pact,” he intoned.

“Alright.” Starfire was the type to go all out. Since hed changed sides to Lu Yun, he put all thought of the Terra Potentate out of his mind. He knew for a fact that if he suddenly appeared in front of the Terra Potentate right at this very second, the potentate would kill him without another word rather than give him a chance to explain.

“The real instigator of the True King Pact is the Immortal Region, not the eleven potentates!” Starfire took a deep breath before continuing, “There are two camps in the Immortal Region—one side is the Supplemental Dao Alliance under the Dao King, and the other is the main body of the Immortal Region. The latter is many, many times stronger than the Supplemental Dao Alliance and the master of the Immortal Region is an incomparably mysterious existence. If it wasnt for him appearing at the meeting this time, I really wouldve never heard of him or seen him otherwise.”

“Who is it” Lu Yuns heart skipped a beat. The Dao King was Haotian of the world of immortals, a powerful individual whod crossed the primordial world, era of human dao, and age of immortal dao.

Hed entered the worlds with his true body and taken on the identity of Haotian to search for the impenetrable mistress of the Hongmeng. His traces could be found even in the world of immortals after the great war. Haotian was the investor of the weapons of war!

Someone even more inexplicable than him suddenly appearing in the Immortal Region gave Lu Yun a very bad feeling. There was already a supplemental true king within the third realm—the Dao King. He was very possibly a supplemental potentate, yet he wasnt the strongest in the Immortal Region

“I couldnt see his face clearly, but I remember his title—the Curse King!” Starfire revealed with a dramatic flourish.

Lu Yuns cheek spasmed.

“The Curse King!!” Of course he knew the name, the azure dragon ancestral god had once mentioned it.

The Curse King had cursed the entire Hongmeng, chaos, and worlds through the four ancestral gods of the third realm. Hed included all of the azure dragons, white tigers, vermilion birds, black tortoises, and their descendants in it. He was the source of all the curses that Lu Yun currently knew of. The ones in the Skandha Extinction Tomb and mythological realm were his work as well!

Hed also traveled to the worlds and chaos to lay down innumerable smaller curses and was now finally appearing in public.

Lu Yuns expression flickered uncertainly.

“The eleven potentates have their own plans as well, theyre working with the Curse King only because their interests happen to align. If he hadnt shown himself, the Immortal Region wouldnt have taken action.” Starfire could tell that Lu Yun knew of the Curse King by the look on his face.

“So a mere eleven potentates dares cooperate with the Curse King Are they not afraid of him eating them alive” Lu Yun sneered. “The four ancestral gods were struck with his dao when they entered the chaos all those years ago and barely made it back. What is eleven potentates compared to them”

Starfire opened his mouth, but quickly closed it again.

“However, the Immortal Region combined with the ten divine nations does indeed make them the strongest faction in the Hongmeng. The Enforcer Alliance and the Purple King together will lose to them. It will be a death trap once the plot finalizes,” Lu Yun took a deep breath.

“I know you can break it.” Silent up to this point, the Fish King spoke up.

“Yes, I can,” nodded Lu Yun. “I will use myself as bait to wreck their plans.

“I, the Immortal King, have reached peak superior realm,” he suddenly whistled into the sky. “I will break through to titled kinghood by the banks of the Azure Dragon Lake next to Azure Dragon City in Azure Dragon Region after seven days. I humbly welcome all fellow daoists in the Hongmeng to attend and witness the ceremony.”

His words formed a sound wave that spread in all directions. The ten Yama Kings sitting cross-legged on Multitudes city walls opened their eyes at the same time. Their bodies reverberated with a similar sound wave that disseminated Lu Yuns voice beyond Multitude Region.

The call was then picked up by all of the branches of the Immortal Pagoda throughout the third realm, until his announcement reached every corner of the land!

The Immortal King was about to break through to… titled kinghood!

Now that true kings walked among the Hongmeng and the ten divine nations had made themselves known, everyone knew of the proper and deviated paths of cultivation. To become a titled king was to set foot down the wrong path. One should seek the true realm!

The Immortal King was at peak superior realm, but he spoke of becoming a titled king and not a true realm cultivator!

“What is this The Immortal King… Champion Duke is talented without parallel and the only name on the Dragonling Ranking of Dragonhollow Mountain. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that he is the greatest superior realm cultivator in the Hongmeng, but he wants to become a titled king!”

“His strength and potential absolutely places him on the proper path. Why does he want to be a titled king when he can walk the true realm”

All of the kings in the third realm were baffled. Some superior realm cultivators resisting the call to become a titled king also didnt know what to do.


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