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Chapter 1517.2: Setting an Example By Taking the Deviated Path

Their path was wrong, but they didnt know how to proceed. What had been a clear path of cultivation was blocked. Turning back was impossible, and there was no road for them to walk ahead on.

In their moments of helplessness, they heard the only person on the Dragonling Ranking declare that he was about to set foot on the wrong path and become a titled king. It was absolutely incredible!

“Why is he doing this The true kings of Dragonhollow Mountain said that the Immortal King is a cultivator on the proper path, that he can enter the true cultivation realm. Or did we hear incorrectly” someone asked blankly.

“We didnt hear incorrectly. The Immortal King is going to become a titled king and use the Hongmeng Tower to coalesce his dao rules and become a king!” another voice answered.

The Immortal Kings disciples! All two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine of them!

Qing Ting, Qing Yan, Qing Di, and a Li Zhen whod barely managed to escape his clan were all gathered together. They traveled throughout the realm, sharing the news that the Immortal King was going to ascend after seven days.

All of the Immortal Kings disciples had yet to set foot into titled kinghood. Theyd held themselves to titled duke half step kings. Having been taught by the Immortal King himself, they knew what Lu Yun wanted to do. He was going to use himself as an example and show the way out for cultivators on the wrong path!

Inside Multitude City, the numerous kings of Hopeless Major roared at the sky. Their voices echoed like claps of thunder, overpowering the announcements from the Yama Kings and spreading word even further.

The Hongmeng truly broke into an uproar when the Ten Valleys of Evil, Immortal Region, and ten divine nations were all aware of Lu Yuns plans.


Inside the divine nation of Yin Yang.

“What is that Immortal King trying to do Ascending to titled kinghood” Eleven magnificent figures stood in the void as they conversed. They collectively paused when they heard Lu Yuns declaration.

“I know what he wants to do,” said a man dressed in black who stood in an unobtrusive corner. Though his skin was so pale as to be translucent, his lips were an uncanny black.

“Oh” The eleven towering figures looked at the man in black—the Curse King.

“There was a group of immortals slated to be eliminated by the times when the immortal dao was repaired in the world of immortals, but he pitied those souls and salvaged their future by creating the formation of heaven and earth.

“He wants to do the same thing again, but this time, he will enter the deviated path himself to guide those cultivators back to the proper path.

“It would be a deed of incomparable virtue,” murmured the Curse King. “He will be the saint of the Hongmeng if he succeeds. A living saint will mean that anyone who moves against him is an enemy of all.”

The eleven potentates and many true kings present sucked in sharp breaths.

“If Id known that things would develop to this point, I wouldve taken care of him when I visited Multitude City.” Among the eleven imposing forms, a man in golden robes frowned slightly. He was the Metal Potentate whod taken Jin Gushen with him.

“Its not too late to kill him now.” The Curse King stretched out his pale, slender hands. His nails were neatly cleaned and filed, accentuating black veins beneath his clear skin.

“Then lets kill him now.” The Metal Potentate shot to his feet.

“No.” The Curse King shook his head. “You wont find him now. Hell show himself when he becomes a titled king. That will be the final chance to kill him.”

Eyes widening, the eleven potentates swiftly sent out their consciousness to search for the Immortal Kings presence. As expected, he was nowhere to be found.

“Then our plan to eliminate the Purple King and Enforcer Alliance…” raised the Aer Potentate.

“That can wait until after we take care of the Immortal King,” replied the Terra Potentate. “What Im worried about is the appearance of the Purple Kings father—Feng Feifan. He wields divine weapons of sequence from the fourth realm. The Starfire King has also betrayed me and revealed our plans to him.

“Im afraid Feng Feifan will become an unaccounted factor in our plans.”

“Feng Feifan…” The Curse King remained composed and made some minor calculations. “So he has indeed appeared. How strange, how can a dead person reappear again”

“Is it really him, or is it someone else pretending to be him” The other ten potentates were startled by the Curse Kings words.

“It really is him, the one from the mythological realm.” A lost look appeared in the Curse Kings eyes.

There were those in the Hongmeng who knew that Feng Feifan and Lu Yun were one and the same—such as the azure dragon ancestral god and the demon of immortal dao. But they would never choose to tell these people at this point in time.

The demon of immortal dao was recuperating beneath the Hongmeng Sea and hadnt participated in the True King Pact. If the true kings here knew of his existence, theyd strip out his true spirit and refine it into a treasure so they could command the immortal dao through him.

“Ill take care of Feng Feifan if he appears.” The Curse King set the matter aside. “The Immortal King must die no matter what, or at least be captured and kept under watch. If he really does enter the deviated path and lead the cultivators out of it, all of our plans must be halted.”

He didnt explain himself further and his tone brooked no disagreement.


“I didnt misjudge that Lu Yun.” Within a land of cloud in the third realm that seemed more like a paradise, a young man in pristine blue robes stood with his hands behind his back, looking toward Azure Dragon Region.

His features were pleasing to the eye and he cut a nimble figure. It was as if he was the favored child of the void, held up by everything around him. He was the head of the Supplemental Dao Alliance, the heavyweight of the Immortal Region—the Dao King.

“Entering the deviated path himself to guide those lost on it… I dont have that kind of courage,” he sighed emotionlessly.

“He does indeed possess a lot of charisma and daring. Its a pity that you are enemies with him, master,” Shenyu said regretfully next to the young man.

“Who says Im enemies with him” The Dao King smiled. “He never really viewed me as an enemy and neither did I treat him as a great rival. I wish to break free from this cage and he wants to turn it into a real world.

“We are not in conflict.

“The ten valleys have long fallen to corruption and lost sight of their original intentions. They are valleys of evil in deed and in name now. Thats why I stirred up so much trouble as one of them and turned them upside down.”

Shenyu blinked, startled by the new perspective.

“I established Haotian Tower across from the Immortal Pagoda. How much of an impact do you think we had on the pagoda” the Dao King chuckled.

“Eh… ah…” Shenyu blushed.”From a certain viewpoint, the Immortal Pagoda wouldnt have expanded so quickly across the Hongmeng if it wasnt for us.”

“There you have it.” The Dao King grinned dashingly, then shook his head. “But setting foot on the wrong path himself… the Curse King wont let him off the hook so easily, and neither will the eleven potentates. He must have some protection.

“Go to Dragonhollow Mountain and meet those four old fellows whove just awoken. Im going to visit the lost ancient city.” He disappeared as he spoke, and Shenyu hastened to carry out his masters orders.


The Hongmeng didnt stop agitating over the next seven days. Many kings rushed to Azure Dragon Lake, wanting to see how this unparalleled, stunning genius whod taken the realm by storm would enter the deviated path.

There were rumors flying that he was doing so in order to show others on the wrong path how to continue forward.

Some snorted at this saying, while others greeted it with hope.

Contrary to what the Curse King had claimed, Lu Yun didnt hide himself. He merely sat down cross-legged over Azure Dragon Lake.

The great tomb beneath had dissipated with the Fire Virtue Potentates death, and the order of opposition and power of destruction had all vanished. Only a crystal-clear lake was left and the young man over it.-

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