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Chapter 1520: Taking Action

The sky and earth of the Hongmeng gradually darkened until gray became the overwhelming color of the world. An enormous shadow fixed its gaze on Lu Yun like it was the eye of an unknown creature.

Everyone quieted down, including the ten potentates and Curse King hidden in the void.

The legend was known to all—any superior realm cultivator who immediately became a ninth step king upon ascension would attract misfortune. However, that was only a story. No one had ever seen it proven or not with their own eyes.

Today, everyone witnessed this misfortune for themselves.

An enormous mass of shadow hovered in the air like a collection of thunderclouds. It gave off a tiny ripple of life force, making it an enormous living thing that loomed over the realm.

“Everyone thinks youre bad luck, the villain that prevents us from ascending to ninth step kinghood,” Lu Yun lifted his head and murmured to the mammoth mass.

It encompassed all of Azure Dragon Region like a gargantuan mountain, crushing everyones mind as well.

“But I know that once they become ninth step kings, they reach the end of the deviated path. They are unable to locate the next stage as the road has never been trodden before,” he continued.

The colossal mass began to shrink until it was one kilometer across and enveloped only Lu Yun. The Hongmeng Tower couldn't sense its presence, so it remained focused on forging his dao rules and stabilizing them.

“But Ive found the way and my two dao partners have already taken it, so please be at ease. This so-called deviated path will be cleared today and become a legitimate great dao in the Hongmeng!” His voice rang out clearly, more a statement to everyone present and the rest of the realm at large than the shadowy life form.

The path was clear.

Lu Yun could now glimpse a black clad woman standing in the shadows. She nodded gently at him and slowly dispersed with the forbidding mass.

“The misfortune… has left!” someone shrieked.

“That wasnt a misfortune!” another immediately refuted. “The Immortal King said so as well, its purpose was to prevent us from reaching the final end of the deviated path and be unable to turn back!”

Though conversations flew thick and fast among the crowd, everyones eyes remained fixed on Lu Yun.

He was now tempering his dao rules—nine golden purple dao rules that ran through heaven and earth. Every living being in Azure Dragon Region and some of the neighboring regions could see his massive dao rules.

“Break!” A soft command sounded in the sky as a pale and slender hand appeared, descending upon one of Lu Yuns dao rules with a finger.

The Hongmeng Tower could sense this hand and trembled, ready to rebuff it. But eleven keys suddenly soared into the sky and released brilliant splendor that froze it in place.

About to unleash its magnificent fury, the tower stopped moving.

These eleven keys were ones thatd once enabled the eleven potentates to enter the tower and become potentates. The keys shared the same origins as the tower and thus could restrain it. When the Metal Potentate failed his mission to Multitude City, he came back and brought forth his key to restrain the tower.

The pale and slender finger was thus free to continue tapping on Lu Yuns dao rules. However, another hand appeared in the void and blocked it with a light wave.

“Curse King, this Hongmeng is not yet a place where you can do as you will.” The Dao King appeared after denying the Curse Kings hand.

“Dao King… I hadnt thought that youd go so far as to protect him.” The Curse Kings delicate eyebrows crinkled in a frown and he shook his head. “I will respect your wishes to die. Everyone, you will now destroy the Immortal Kings dao rules and execute him where he stands.”

“Understood!” Angry roars rose and fell in the air as several thousand true kings emerged out of nowhere to charge Lu Yun.

The many titled kings present whod wanted to protect Lu Yun collectively shuddered. These were all true kings! Mighty, lofty, and noble true kings!

Even ninth step kings were just slightly larger ants to them. Just as the Dao King obstructed the Curse King, so did the Curse King preoccupy the Dao King. The latter didnt have the freedom of movement to block the true kings.


“Netherdark Formation, rise!”

Hopeless Majors Netherdark Formation suddenly appeared next to Lu Yun and transparent netherdark fire began to blaze, stopping the oncoming true kings in their tracks. The Profound, Yin Yang, and Soulmask Kings appeared, jointly overseeing the formation and raising its strength to the limit of their abilities.

“Thats just a minor Netherdark Formation, watch me break it!” came a dismissive scoff.

A crossbow bolt whistled through the air from an unknown origin and pierced through the formation.

The Terra Crossbows!

The previous Terra ruler had made his move from the distant divine nation. A full power blow from the crossbows immediately shattered the Netherdark Formation!

Color drained from the faces of the Profound King and others. If itd been Qing Yu in charge of the formation, it would be easy for her to block a simple crossbow bolt. Sadly, none of them were able to fully call upon all of the formations power.

They werent the eminent one.

“You can all return to your posts.” Lu Yun waved a hand and sent the three kings away when he noted the situation. He then took a step forward and instantly repaired the Netherdark Formation, turning it into a ninth rank lotus flower of purple petals and blue leaves. It drifted down to his foot.

“Immortal King, it will take at least ten days for you to temper your nine dao rules. You dont have that much time. We kill!”


The three thousand true kings were all domineering heavyweights in their own right. With the True King Pact, theyd all become subordinates of the Curse King and eleven potentates. They ripped through the Netherdark Formation the moment it formed.

It was true, Lu Yun needed ten days if he wished to become a true ninth step king. He had the power to defend himself over the ten days, but it would be a time fraught with danger. He wouldnt be able to use his dao rules since they would shatter if they suffered any damage.

The notion of three thousand true kings acting together was too terrifying! Even a potentate would scramble for a response at the sight.

The destruction of the formation recoiled onto Lu Yun and a thick streak of blood trickled down from the corner of his lips.-

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