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Chapter 1524: Hes Here

The black qilin exploded in a rain of blood and gore. But soon after, the flesh splattered over the ground twitched and wriggled, forming smaller black qilins. They pawed the ground and snarled, rushing the four ancestral gods and eleven potentates.

The black qilin possessed extraordinary vitality—it could spontaneously resurrect even if its nascent spirit and true spirit were crushed, to say nothing of just its body.

However, the four ancestral gods were now living corpses of a curse. They were fully under the Curse Kings control. The power of creation, origin, truth, and eternity flooded out at the Curse Kings behest, even stronger than when the four ancestral gods wielded them. The black qilin was sliced and diced again and again, turning into more miniature versions each time.

The eleven potentates roared with laughter and advanced on Lu Yun. They worked together, facing the man whod revitalized immortal dao and become the headmaster of its academy with utmost caution.

Even if he was only an ant in their eyes, they were going to bring their strongest strength to bear to brutally squash this nuisance.

Lu Yun waved the Glacial Fire Hammers around, fully preoccupied as the ultimate weapons of the ten divine nations fired on him without pause.


The void over Azure Dragon Lake shook violently again, sending dismay through the eleven potentates as they forcefully retracted the attacks theyd yet to send out. They flew back hundreds of millions of miles, staring at the sky above them with shock and anger.

The Hongmeng Tower was present again.

“Look, the Hongmeng Tower is here,” chuckled the Curse King. “It wouldnt appear for no reason, its mistress is back.”

“No, shes not,” the Dao King responded woodenly.

“Hmm” The Curse King blinked.

“Shes given up on the Hongmeng Tower. It would never appear if she was here, I know her.” He looked to the banks of Azure Dragon Lake. There were two thousand and nine hundred ninety-nine superior realm cultivators standing there, rays of purple light shooting toward the horizon over all of their heads.

They were the ones whod summoned the Hongmeng Tower.

The Immortal Kings disciples were setting foot into titled kinghood! Using the power created from their ascension, they summoned the Hongmeng Tower from the ten divine nations and sent it over Lu Yuns head.

“If the Immortal King is to set foot onto the deviated path so he can guide the various kings of the realm back to the right way, how can we fall behind as his disciples” Qing Di laughed loudly. “The Immortal Kings disciples disseminate his teachings throughout the Hongmeng, thereby becoming his followers. Today, we legitimize the name that weve given ourselves!”

Hed set foot on his own path and fully emerged from Lu Yuns shadow. Qing Di could even take the proper path, but in this moment, he chose to plunge headfirst into titled kinghood and irreversibly walk the wrong road.

“The Immortal Kings disciples have received great benefit and favor from the Immortal King. Now that he is in need, of course we cant fall behind others in rendering aid.” Qing Ting and Qing Yan laughed delightedly as well.

These stunning geniuses of the Hongmeng didnt even count as ants to the true kings and potentates. They could only protect the Immortal King in their own way by collectively ascending to kinghood and summoning the Hongmeng Tower!

The momentum created by two thousand and nine hundred ninety-nine simultaneous breakthroughs was sufficient to bring the Hongmeng Tower itself here! It was attracted to Lu Yun the moment it landed and hovered over his head.

Two thousand and nine hundred ninety-nine tower images also appeared over the Immortal King disciples heads. A dense array of dao rules shot into the sky, rivaling the scene of when Lu Yun became a titled king.

The sight induced awe.

The Immortal Kings disciples had taken the realm by storm over the past three years, but much of the general public felt that they were just recipients of the Immortal Kings favor and used his rise to fame to benefit themselves. Today, however, they stepped forward to be his disciples in both deed and name!

“See, she didnt come.” The Dao King smiled brilliantly. “The Immortal Kings gone to the fourth realm and retrieved weapons of sequence from it. That is outside your scope of expectations and has become a factor that you cannot control.”

“The fourth realm” nodded the Curse King. “My primary body is in the fourth realm.”

The Dao King frowned and refocused his attention to the primitive trajectory beneath his feet, battling the Curse King. He knew his opponent had said that on purpose to throw him off balance. He couldnt afford to let the Curse King take action at this juncture no matter what, or all hope would really be lost.

Not even the city lord of the lost ancient city would be able to salvage the situation then.

The Hongmeng Towers protection blocked the attacks from the ten divine nations, giving Lu Yun a tiny bit of breathing space.

But the crisis was not yet over. Once the two thousand and nine hundred ninety-nine disciples dao rules solidified, the tower would still leave.

Lu Yun sat down cross-legged and began to derive the qualities of the divine nations ultimate weapons. He was very surprised that they could chip away at the strength exerted by the Glacial Fire Hammers.

Though the hammers werent pure weapons of sequence, they contained a trace of its power and were thus far superior to weapons wielded by Nihil World Sovereigns.

“The eleven potentates are able to erode the power of sequence when they use the ultimate treasures of the divine nations. Can it be that within the ghosts—the original enemies of the ten divine nations—there were also existences on par with sequence among their ranks” He still didnt know what sequence was and couldnt see its power. To Lu Yun, “sequence” was just a name and a nebulous theory that outranked “nothing”.

But before he could determine what sequence was, the dusky purple sky darkened into pure black. The disciples who were breaking through and coalescing their dao rules spontaneously solidified their new cultivation levels. The weakest among them had formed seven dao rules, and their strongest—Qing Ting and Qing Di—had formed nine!

The Hongmeng Tower then vanished, once more exposing Lu Yun to an endless rain of crossbow bolts.

“What the heck What happened!” Qing Di roared with surprise. He didnt feel any happiness or despair at becoming a ninth step king; there was only shock at the sudden conclusion. A strength that continued the power of time had swept through the void and helped them instantly achieve their ascension!

A pure black sky was far out of the ordinary; the sky of the Hongmeng was purple. Some of that color still remained even when tribulation clouds darkened it.

The crowds saw a black figure land from the sky. It approached Lu Yun and stopped right across from him, silently regarding the young man.

The earth and sky quieted down; the crossbows of the divine nations also stilled. Their latest rain of crossbow bolts pierced through the void and entered an unknown world.

“See, hes here.” A smiling Curse King stood up and put his hands behind his back. “Hes here, which means Lu Yun is dead.”

There was no expression on the Dao Kings face.-

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