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Chapter 1526: Father and Son

In the mausoleum of endless stars over the Hongmeng.

A young boy and girl stood side by side.

“See, I told you not to seal away that future self. You almost messed things up!” grumbled the little girl in a red dress.

The little boy next to her was wearing a purple robe and looked roughly eight years old. He was so exquisite that he seemed carved out of jade; unhappiness lurked in his black eyes.

“How was I supposed to know that! He was wrapped up in so much demonic air when he first appeared and there were soooo many akasha ghosts following him. I thought he was here to kill people! Who knew he didnt have any killing intent in his heart” The little boy “Meng” glared mutinously at Lu Yun.

The past, present, and future Lu Yuns were all the same person. It was like looking into a mirror when he faced his future self.

“Alright, alright, thats all in the past now.” Hong patted Mengs head.

Meng hung his head dejectedly. “Im never sticking my nose into things again!”

“But his future self seems to be back… ahead of schedule” Hong suddenly frowned, her little face full of anxiety. Though shed misjudged and Lu Yuns future self hadnt hurt him, his future self shouldve gone directly to Lu Yun when he returned from his time.

But the future self had skipped the present when it returned from the future. Hed headed for an exceedingly early period, one in which the mythological realm hadnt even existed yet. Thatd been a time period extraordinarily earlier than when his past self had traveled to, and hed waited there until present day.

Perhaps the future self had done something in the past before Meng sealed him in the Hongmeng. Or perhaps… he hadnt had enough time to do everything he wanted to do.


With the dao fruit of his future self in his body, Lu Yuns cultivation reached great perfection. His cultivation level of dao immortal as defined in the immortal dao was now flawless without blemish, and his foundations and cultivation path were reworked into a solid, unified whole.

This elevation increased his understanding of the method of nothing and he was even able to try and derive what sequence was!

He could see it now, but he still didnt know what it was. It wasnt used in cultivation, but to activate something. Only when one activated sequence and entered its world could one see to the heart of what it was.

Lu Yun could see the door to sequence thanks to his complete cultivation level, and his cultivation level would increase again next time he visited the fourth realm. He would rise beyond Nihil World Sovereign.

At the moment, he tightly grasped the Glacial Fire Hammers. The fire on the weapons was beginning to extinguish, revealing the frosty nature of the actual hammers. There was a level of meaning in the weapons that the overlord of Ice hadnt comprehended; it now materialized in Lu Yuns hands.

Scowling darkly, the Curse King looked upon his opponent. The eleven potentates also wore snarling rictuses, and some were thinking of retreating.

However, it was common knowledge that they would only have this single chance to kill Lu Yun. If they couldnt grasp it, Lu Yun would come into his own and with his personality, the first thing hed do would be to bang the drums of war against the ten divine nations.

The divine nations were decrepit and corrupt; their rulers were well aware of that.

The four ancestral gods were the first to shift into action. Being cursed as they were, they had no choice. Or rather, the great curse theyd suffered from after their initial battle with the Fire Virtue Potentate had never been broken.

They were now living corpses with mottled flesh that viciously pounced on Lu Yun.

The black qilins body reassembled just in time for it to be thrown out into the distance. It struggled a few times on the ground before an enormous foot from the sky stomped it into Azure Dragon Lake.

A huge giant had appeared after the four ancestral gods.

It was a cyclops wearing primitive garments of animal fur. Brandishing an ax of white bone, he whirled it in frenzied dance at Lu Yun. This was a potentate, an unknown potentate thatd suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

Keeping a firm foot on the black qilin, its bone ax whistled down onto Lu Yuns head. The momentum that the giant brought to bear rivaled what the eleven potentates had shown on the battlefield.

This was one of the Curse Kings trump cards.

At the same time, the eleven potentates summoned their nations ultimate weapons to them with a wave of their hand. The treasures took shape as different kinds of weapons—the form of these weapons wasnt fixed. It was just that crossbow shaped weapons were the most easily utilized by other cultivators in the divine nations.

Now that the potentates themselves were wielding the weapons, they changed into what the potentates were most comfortable with. The Yin Yang Crossbow, for instance, split into two swords that landed in the Yin and Yang Potentates hands. The division did nothing to decrease the weapons strength.

Moving forward without another word, the eleven potentates charged Lu Yun. They still followed the same plan as before—use their full strength to decisively kill this strangely marvelous young man in one blow.

The Glacial Fire Hammers formed a boundary of ice and fire in which the power of order reigned supreme. This was the sequence of ice that belonged to the overlord of Ice.

The power of sequence immediately churned the cyclops bone ax into pieces and sent him flying into the distance. Silver fire flared over Lu Yuns body and ignited the four ancestral gods.

The living corpses howled and wailed with agony as the disordered hellfire not only consumed existences that violated the Hongmeng, but also ignited the dead. While the living corpses were alive, they were also dead. They were corpses, after all.

The eleven potentates once more threatened Lu Yun, their combined might breaking through his boundary. A mist of blood sprayed from his pores—this was a power that he could not withstand.

He retreated. Step by step, he retreated.

Lu Yun was deploying the Glacial Fire Hammers to the utmost that he could manage. Strands of icy blue chains materialized in the air, criss-crossing into locks that sealed off the air. He didnt know what they were, but he knew that if it wasnt for them, hed already be dead.

A ray of purple sword light cut through the horizon and smashed through the void in front of Lu Yun. It formed a vacuum that absorbed the eleven potentates attacks. A young man in purple robes walked through, raising a sword with only the blade and no hilt.

He was so handsome that it was otherworldly, and he bore a strong resemblance to Lu Yun. His eyes, however, were long and narrow like a foxs. A mischievous sparkle glinted out of it at any moment, but for now, it was raging killing intent.

“I will not suffer to live under the same sky as those who would kill my father. if you want to kill my father, I will kill you.” Lu Qings hiltless sword erupted with purple light as he leveled it at the eleven potentates.


Originally belonging to Qing Yu, shed sent it to Lu Qing at some point in time. He had come back to the third realm with it and stood in front of his father.

The void began to close; father and son stood against the combined offensive from eleven potentates.

“Long time no see, father.” Lu Qing turned back and grinned brilliantly at Lu Yun, his towering killing intent melting away in the joy of reunion.

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This is only their second meeting that's been presented to us, right-

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