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Chapter 1527: To Perish

The Purple King was here.

That legendary man of the Hongmeng, the one idolized by countless beings, had come back to the realm when his father faced certain death.

“Thats right, long time no see,” Lu Yun chuckled. “How far away from the final step are you”

“If I dont die in this battle, I will be able to take that step.” Lu Qing smiled.

Hed reached peak true king in the chaos, but hadnt been able to ascend as a potentate. He couldnt even glimpse the door to the next level.

After the four ancestral gods and six supremes fought the Fire Virtue Potentate, the path to that cultivation level was severed in the Hongmeng, chaos, and worlds. The Curse King had made sure it turned into a dead end.

In the past, Lu Qing had known that he would need to borrow the Hongmeng Tower if he wished to take that final step. That was why hed claimed five keys for himself. But he no longer needed them after his father paved the way with goodwill from countless beings in the chaos. Lu Yun had delivered him to the doorstep of the potentate cultivation level.


“If you dont die” sneered the Yang Potentate. “Purple King, we wont show you any mercy since youve put yourself in our hands.”

The goal of the True King Pact was to kill the Purple King, conquer the chaos, and destroy the worlds. Since the king in question had turned up on their doorstep, they would ensure his death today no matter what.

In their eyes, the Purple King was more threatening than Lu Yun. The eleven potentates had sent out countless subordinates over the years, wanting to turn the chaos into their domain.

But theyd all failed to the last, and all because of the Purple King.

Though he was poised to ascend to the next level, hed yet to take that fateful step. And despite wielding Quiet, he was still no match for a potentate with an ultimate weapon of their divine nation.

Everyone around Azure Dragon Lake held their breath, silently watching the finale that was about to unfold. If the Immortal King won, that would usher in an age of glory for the Hongmeng and the kings of the deviated path would set foot on the proper path.

If the Immortal King lost or died, then their world would wither and die, becoming a stepping stone for the eleven potentates to enter the fourth realm.

The black qilin struggled out beneath the cyclops foot and returned to being three hundred meters tall, standing next to Lu Yun and Lu Qing. It was the only potentate on their side.

“Theres no need to wait any longer, set up the formation.” A second Curse King suddenly appeared. He was also a young man as white as a sheet and wearing black robes.

Aghast, the Dao King stared at the Curse King in front of him.

“Its just a replica, you can have as many as you want. The one in front of you is also a replica,” chuckled the Curse King.

A third and fourth Curse King also appeared. Pure black textual characters appeared in the void and assembled into a formation. The power of curse exploded from it, enveloping Azure Dragon Lake.

The black qilin stuck out its tongue as its body erupted with blistering sores. Rotten flesh fell off in chunks from its frame and it turned into a skeleton before long.

“Oh for heavens sake… I shouldve accepted the mistress favor and become the fifth ancestral god of the realm…” The skeletal qilin opened its mouth with a series of loud pops. Its thoughts were very clear and suffused with regret.

Just look at the two tiny humans next to it who remained completely unaffected by the curse! It was a mighty potentate, but it was also the most useless of them all!

Lu Yun took a step forward, sending rows of glyphs out from his foot and arranging them in a massive formation that ensconced the lake, battling the curse formation.

However, the eleven potentates ripped through his formation as soon as it settled into place.

Brows furrowed slightly, Lu Yun waved the hammers around and began using them as a brush to etch formation glyphs. The black qilin shot out, roaring and snarling. Though it was a skeleton now, it didnt seem affected and charged straight for the enemy.


A hundred million tons of water reared up from the lake, exploding in all directions. It also possessed the power of a true king!

But when the waters reached the shores, they were repulsed by an invisible wall—the four supplemental daos. Completely impassive, the four supplemental daos were as if the heavenly dao. The battle over Azure Dragon Lake had nothing to do with them, their only concern was to protect the realm.

They would take no action unless annihilation was imminent.

Lu Qing also blurred into action when the black qilin ran out. He became one with Quiet and turned into an invisible ray of sword light, stabbing straight for the strongest Yang Potentate. Though Lu Qing wasnt a potentate, his battle strength was on their level.

The Yang Potentate registered the attack and slightly shifted his body, easily sidestepping the lethal blow. He paled with horror as he did so—he saw another ray of light coming from the opposite direction. It was aimed at his dao partner, the Yin Potentate!

Rushing for her beloved, shed yet to discover the sword light close at hand. She was completely focused on blocking the blow meant for the Yang Potentate.

“NO!!” wailed the Yang Potentate in utter despair.

The Yin Potentate had no idea what was going on and found his exclamation a bit strange. While the attack was very close to her love, he was already poised to dodge it. So why was he so anguished

A hint of something cool grazed her forehead before her thoughts could travel further down that road. It felt like something had sucked all of the strength out of her body. An eternal quiet wrapped around her mind and she bonelessly plopped into the lake below, sinking to the bedrock.

The Yang Potentate lost his mind.

Lu Qing didnt have the strength to kill his dao partner, but his sword was a weapon of the fourth realm! There was no one who cultivated the sword in the fourth realm, all that was needed was the sword Quiet!

It exceeded Nihil World Sovereign and could open the way to sequence!

One stroke from Quiet was one stroke of sequence!

Itd only pierced through the Yin Potentates forehead, but that was sufficient to completely shatter her true spirit and forever vanquish her from existence.

A potentate had died, and one from the strongest divine nation of the land!

Grief roiled through the nation of Yin Yang. She was their faith, and someone had cut her down in front of them all.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!” The Yang Potentate howled with madness and erupted with blazing light. He flung himself at Lu Qing, who sank into the void and vanished from sight.


A huge hole was punched out of the void where the Purple King had stood, numbing the scalps of the other nine potentates.-

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