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Chapter 1528: A Plot of of Hundreds of Millions of Years

If the Purple King could kill the Yin Potentate, that meant he could kill any one of them!

The remaining potentates hastily rethought their arrogant confidence and no longer dared take this perverse genius lightly. Their killing intent also grew more resolute.

If they didnt kill Lu Yun and his son here today, then the duo would kill them all, just like theyd killed the Yin Potentate!

Thankfully, the Purple King had only managed the deed by using a diversion. If hed been able to kill the Yin Potentate with one direct blow, then none of them needed to fight anymore. Everyone could just run for their lives.

“Purple King! I will gut your father and slaughter your entire clan for killing my dao partner!” howled the Yang Potentate. The Yin Potentates body was back in his arms and he carefully put her away, then whirled around and charged Lu Yun with a scream.

The black qilin wanted to stop him, but shattered into a cloud of bone dust from a single punch.


“So many corpses for me to set up curses with… What a shame that if I use the Yin Potentates body now, the Yang Potentate will sink into madness without a doubt,” gently sighed the Curse King across from the Dao King.

“As you can see, the outcome remains unchanged no matter the process or who comes. Even if I didnt enthrall or corrupt them, they would still destroy anything that threatens their status, rule, or life.” The Curse King raised an eyebrow at the other. “In their eyes, the best way to stave off future trouble is to reduce this endlessly fertile land of geniuses into a barren desert.

“A potentate in a desert is still a potentate. To them, ruling over a thriving world is no different from administering a desolate landscape. Breaking out of this cage and entering the fourth realm is their true dream.”

The Dao King remained silent and lifted his head to the purple sky.

Hed desperately wanted the mistress of the Hongmeng to come and help Lu Yun through this trial—hed just wanted to see her, period. But now, hed rather the Hongmeng go up in flames and everything start anew than to see her appear at this time.

Not only was this plot aimed at Lu Yun, but it was also targeting the mistress of the realm.

The Curse King had easily predicted what Lu Yun would do in the Hongmeng based on his actions in the world of immortals. The so-called True King Pact was indeed fixed on Lu Qing, but the Curse King had purposefully arranged it so that it would force Lu Yun into his current straits.

The process was one thing, the results another. While the process of Curse King and eleven potentates was the same, they wanted vastly different results.

The eleven potentates wanted the deaths of Lu Yun and Lu Qing and the elimination of all latent threats in the realm. They would then be able to use the Hongmengs strength without restriction and enter the fourth realm with peace of mind.

Meanwhile, the Curse King wanted the mistress of the Hongmeng. He wanted the death of the one whod created everything in this world. Only with her demise would this Hongmeng world end and the origin of everything fully wither away.

The Dao King could see that as well, but he didnt understand why the Curse King wanted to do this. The latter had his reasons, and plumbing the depths of them wasnt the foremost priority for the Dao King or mistress of the realm.

“Shell come, she has to come,” chuckled the Curse King. “She passed on her cultivation method of three lives to Lu Yun, which makes him the hope of revitalizing the realm. Now that hes caught in a plot of certain death, shell come.

“Once she does, everything will be over.” The Curse King laughed gaily, as if a long cherished dream of countless years was finally coming to fruition. Hed ruined the world of immortals a hundred thousand years ago in search of her, turning it into a massive tomb and cursing the immortal dao in pursuit of this goal.

Who wouldve thought that shed go to the world of immortals a hundred thousand years in the future instead

A hundred thousand years ago, the Dao King and Curse King plotted over the ancient world of immortals and commenced a fateful, heaven-shaking war against each other. That had been the cause of the impenetrable shadow over the world of immortals when Lu Yun returned from the great wilderness.

The Purple King had acted, the Dao King had acted, and even Tianqi revealed his true self, but the final winner of that war was the Curse King. Despite his victory, he still didnt attain his dream and found no trace of the mistress.

Who else apart from someone on the level of the Dao or Curse King could erase the memories of everyone in the world of immortals and sever the immortal dao

His victory in war was ultimately a defeat when he failed to find the mistress of the Hongmeng, but that part of history turned out to be nothing more than one of his innumerable schemes that hed laid out over the past hundreds of millions of years. Their current situation was also another.

No one knew how many plans and backup plans that the Curse King had plotted out over this interminable timeframe. How many death traps had he set for the mistress of the realm over all these years

The Dao King raised his head. He still had one hope—the city lord of the lost ancient city.

“Are you waiting for the city lord who surreptitiously came back to life” The Curse King seemed to be able to see right through the Dao King. “You dont need to wait for her, the other five city lords have gone to her. She wont make it out of the lost ancient city alive.”

The Dao King sighed, having no desire to say anything else anymore.


A pair of black and white boxing gloves covered the Yang Potentates fists. His weapon had recombined with his dao partners and turned into a pair of gloves.

The dense strength of yin and yang swirled over the gloves, piercing through the void when he punched out and landing a blow on Lu Yuns head through hundreds of millions of kilometers.

Lu Yun crossed his arms in front of his chest to block it, but it was too strong. This was a punch of pure strength, one that discarded all order, rules, laws, and any other definitions. It was just pure, unadulterated strength!

His hammers flew out of his hands and even the Army Pagoda over his head shook, momentarily separating from its master. He hurtled uncontrollably several thousand kilometers backward, his formation runes broken and allowing the Curse Kings great formation to descend upon him again.

The Yang Potentate didnt give Lu Yun a chance to breathe. He smashed apart the king soldier and troops rushing him, then punched out a second time.


Sword light flashed through the air. Lu Qing was on the scene again and slashing down on the Yang Potentates wrists, wanting to hack his hands off.

“I was waiting for you!” The Yang Potentate suddenly struck out with his left fist, bringing the power hed stored there right onto Lu Qings face.


The Purple Kings head exploded, followed swiftly by his body disassembling in the air. However, that gave Lu Yun enough time to collect the Glacial Fire Hammers and Army Pagoda, summoning them back to his side for protection.

“A replica!” howled the Yang Potentate. The Lu Qing that hed so painstakingly lured to him was just a replica!

“We attack together!” snarled the potentate when he saw his brethren warily fanning out, deeply afraid of being ambushed by Lu Qing. “Kill the Immortal King!”



Two bright dragon croons echoed through the land as two purple dragons rushed to them from two different directions. Dragon Butterfly and Long Batian!

The big dragon of Redbud Mountain in Redbud Region, and the big dragon of Myriad Dragon Valley in the Immortal Region!

They rushed into Lu Yuns body the moment they arrived and reinforced him with incredibly powerful strength.

“Its the Dao King, his trump card has finally come!” Sensing Dragon Butterfly and Long Batian sleeping deep within the two dragons, Lu Yun immediately understood whatd just happened.-

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