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Chapter 1536: The Brush of Three Reincarnations

Lu Yun wasnt the only change in this loop—the three brushes were also new. Most importantly was that his presence had caused minute changes to the thirty-three eras before the great devastation.

Thered previously been only one of his future selves at that critical moment, but as he journeyed through historic eras with his other future selves, some slight changes filtered into those periods too. For instance, his future self of the era before learned of everything from his future self in this lifetime. They then brought that knowledge to a second future self, a third, all the way to the thirty-fourth one.

The endless looping of static cycles was thus broken.

If present cycles Lu Yun was the only different factor, then nothing would change because he would still die in the future. He would sink beneath the vast waves of history, kicking up only a small wave in the long river of time.

But now, hed elicited changes in thirty-three eras and there was more than just him that was different—there was also the three brushes and the big-headed doll!


“There were no akasha ghosts in the previous thirty-three eras, so I used the brush of the future to send them there.” Lu Yun stroked his chin in thought.

“That was… very brutal of you!” Mo Yi looked at him with surprise.

“Does… the mistress of the Hongmeng really die” the Dao King suddenly asked in a shaking voice.

“Didnt I just say that you die thirty-three times for her” Lu Yun glared at him. “Dont ask about anything else, just think of her as dead!”

The Dao King immediately shut his mouth; he could read something from the young mans response.

“The future no longer exists anymore,” Lu Yun said. “Every step we take from now on is the future.”

“The future no longer exists…” Mo Yi suddenly thought of what Lu Yuns future self had said after his return. She still didnt know how hed done it.

Lu Yun cast a meaningful look at Mo Yi and the Dao King. “The two of you will stay here and educate that spirit of disorder for me. Dont go anywhere.”

Mo Yi nodded, the Dao King had no opinion.


Mo Yis existence seemed to be tied with the survival of the Hongmeng. She was the creator of this Hongmeng world and nothing could be permitted to happen to her. If something did, this realm would wither away and even the origin of the fourth realm would be affected.

Now that shed shown herself and the Curse King knew who she was, the world of immortals was no longer safe.

In comparison, Lu Yuns Disordered Hell was the safest place.

As for who the Curse King was, Lu Yuns future self hadnt been able to see through his roots or where his true body was in all of his travels. But he did learn of the many truths, such as the Curse King being the source of all curses in the world of immortals and chaos, and the culprit of many evils.

The current mistress of the Hongmeng and Dao King couldnt fight him. Not even if Lu Yun joined them.

The Curse King hadnt moved against Mo Yi last time because the Hongmeng Tower had been present, as had been the manifestations of the Weapon, Pill, Talisman, and Formation Kings. Lu Yuns Disordered Hell had also been deploying the power of the realm, so itd been the perfect time to attack Lu Yun, not Mo Yi.

When Lu Yun returned to Multitude City, he saw a most unexpected person.

The big-headed doll, closely protected by Ghost Dragon and Ghost Phoenix.

“You want to erase me” Violence and fear lurked in the dolls eyes. His strength was in the fourth realm and he could take shelter in that realm, but he didnt do so. Instead, hed come to discuss terms with Lu Yun.

Hed recognized the hammers that the master of hell wielded—the Glacial Fire Hammers from the overlord of Ice.

“It seems that there are many things you still dont understand.” Lu Yun shook his head and took out two brushes, giving them to the big-headed doll.

The dolls eyes widened with surprise.

“Your future self, that big demon, told me that youd kill me and turn me back into a brush…” The doll stared dumbly at the brushes in his hand.

Lu Yuns future self was Lu Yun himself. If he really wanted to remind Lu Yun to do something, would he need to say it aloud

Lu Yun would know everything once they became one person again.

“Eh… I could continue to be your enemy if you didnt come here. Me hunting you down is a way of protecting you. But now that youre here… trouble is going to come for you,” Lu Yun sighed. “Ill pass on a method to you. Use it to find the plane of Ice. Only its overlord can save you now.”

Color drained from the big-headed dolls face. Naturally, it was the Curse King who wanted to kill him.

In Lu Yuns eyes, the three brushes were worth less than one living big-headed doll with the ability to travel through space and time. The doll hadnt grown up yet, so it didnt yet have the ability.

The big-headed doll was the future brush of the Brush of Three Reincarnations and also the true spirit that Lu Yuns future self had created for the brush.

The Brush of Three Reincarnations was intricately linked to the Tome of Life and Death, so the big-headed doll would certainly become one of Lu Yuns helpers when it grew up.

Lu Yuns future self had wanted to pull the wool over some peoples eyes by making the big-headed doll one of his greatest enemies. But now that this enemy had come to negotiate with Lu Yun for him to spare his life…

He felt a migraine developing.

The doll was no idiot either. He connected the dots when he saw Lu Yuns constipated expression. He suddenly had the urge to slap himself silly.

“The method of nothing! The method of a Nihil World Sovereign! Only the strongest of sovereigns in the fourth realm—the overlord of Ice—has this method!” the big-headed doll gasped.

“Who sent you” Lu Yun asked abruptly.

“The demon of immortal dao!” came the answer. “Hes hiding in the Hongmeng Sea and one of his replicas found me, telling me to come to you…”

“That guy again!” Lu Yun ground his teeth.

The last great dao in the Hongmeng prior to the great devastation was demonic dao. It would be created by the demon of immortal dao.

However, he was killed by one of his descendants after he created it and his descendant continued to expand it, ultimately making it the greatest dao in all the realms and beyond.

“Youll be killed on the way to the overlord of Ice. Ill escort you there!” Lu Yun grabbed the doll and his two bodyguards, then punched through the barrier and hopped into the fourth realm.

“As I thought!” A delighted voice sounded when he walked out of the fourth realm. “Immortal King, to think youve come too! You do indeed have the strength to pierce through the barrier!” The voice rose high in surprise.-

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