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Chapter 1537: Six Paths of Nascent Spirit

Lu Yun ignored the voice and flew into the depths of the fourth realm. His dao fruit was complete upon the return of his future self and his own strength had reached the fourth realm, so his abilities in the fourth realm now far exceeded what hed possessed last time.

Though he still wasnt as strong as the overlord of Ice, hed see more than just that mighty figures single eye next time Lu Yun faced him.

The Tome of Life and Death once more replaced his nascent spirit and disordered hellfire surged through his body to become his strength. Since he wasnt truly utilizing the power of a Nihil World Sovereign at the moment, the strength inside his body was different from that of fourth realm cultivators. It wasnt the force of “nothing”, but of hellfire.

Lu Yun refrained from overawing the enemy behind him, instead hiding his true cultivation level. He looked like an ordinary void refinement cultivator whod just set foot into the fourth realm and was frantically careening through unfamiliar surroundings.

“Hmm Wait!” He suddenly found something a little different about his condition. The six hellfires had projected the six hells into his nascent spirit and they showed signs of replacing the Tome of Life and Death!

The treasure was also releasing a marvelous strength that seemed to represent the boundless truth of this plane of existence. It began refining the six hells to combine the six separate entities into one.

“The six paths of reincarnation!” Enlightenment struck Lu Yun.

Tianqi had been an unparalleled existence in the era of human dao, overseeing the lives of all. Hed formed the six paths of reincarnation, which were what Lu Yuns six paths of nascent spirit had been.

Those six paths were now six minor paths in his eyes, and the new six paths that the Tome of Life and Death was creating from the six hells were the six major paths!

“No, its not really the six major paths, but just the six paths of living beings. If the great devastation wasnt controlled by that unknown existence, it would simply be another cycle of reincarnation. All existence and nonexistence beneath the heavens should be overseen by an objective reincarnation cycle.”

He was further discovering that his new six paths needed to absorb the power of “nothing” from the fourth realm as they came into being. Once these new six paths of his nascent spirit were complete, he would be able to see what “sequence” was and open the door to sequence. Ascending from Nihil World Sovereign and entering the next cultivation level would be possible then.

“It will take cultivation from my own efforts to complete these six paths. There should be ways to accelerate the process, I just need to figure out how.” Lu Yun mused over this development as he flew through the fourth realm.

The Tome of Life and Death was still his nascent spirit; it wouldnt fly away when the six hells completed their transformation. Instead, it would turn into the core of his new nascent spirit. His understanding of the book had just taken another step forward.

The big-headed doll fidgeted uncomfortably in Lu Yuns hands—his cultivation level was also in the fourth realm. When he looked behind them, however, he paled considerably.

“How are you doing it” he asked quietly. “The Spacetime Kings true strength is at Void World King, but youre flying faster than him.”

The doll couldnt see through to Lu Yuns true strength either. In the Hongmeng, it was likely that only Hong knew how strong Lu Yun really was. Not even Qing Yu or the little fox knew what heights their dao partner had reached.

“The Spacetime King” Lu Yun blinked and refocused on the here and now. He turned back and saw a man with silver hair chasing after them. The man had been leering arrogantly, but his expression was turning a bit unnatural.

The Spacetime King.

The Spacetime King from the Hongmeng

Qing Yu and the little fox had captured him when he ambushed the Coiling Dragon City delegation to the Dragonling Assembly, but hed later turned into a piece of paper. The big-headed doll had probably drawn him into being.

He was here once more, in the fourth realm, and was a Void World King! That rather surprised Lu Yun.

“You didnt draw this guy” He stopped and looked at the doll.

“I drew the one in the Hongmeng based on this one. Hes the real Spacetime King and a Void World King in the fourth realm,” the doll responded quietly. “You need to be careful, hes on the same side as the Curse King and once hunted me in the fourth realm.

“Ah, hes not actually called the Spacetime King, but the Spacetime World King. Hes a very famous powerhouse in this realm!”

Since the doll possessed the strength of the fourth realm, he naturally wasnt willing to stay in the Hongmeng. Hed visited the fourth realm long ago, but the Curse King and Spacetime World King had discovered and wanted to capture him.

As quick-witted as the doll was, he fled back to the third realm when he noticed something amiss and took up residence beneath Mount Cloudcover. Meng was present there and Lu Yuns future self had turned it into a shelter for the doll. That he could take human form was also the work of Lu Yuns future self.

“I see.” Lu Yun nodded and looked in the direction of the Hongmeng. It was long out of sight and theyd come to a very remote location in the Plane of Fire at some point in their flight.

“This is a good time to capture the Spacetime World King and get some more information on the Curse King.” When Lu Yuns future self journeyed through several great devastations, hed seen signs of the Curse King, but never plumbed his origins or base of operations.

His future self wasnt that strong and his vision was limited by his cultivation level and strength, so thered been many truths obscured from him. Where he stood wasnt the peak of an era and he was far from being able to overlook all life.

“Capture me” Unease grew in the Spacetime World Kings heart.

While Lu Yun was lost in thought, hed subconsciously accelerated to the point where he couldve shaken off the world king at any turn. If it hadnt been for the world king utilizing the order of space and piercing through the void, he wouldnt have caught up to Lu Yun.

Despite that, a cold sneer still curved his lips. Lu Yun was just a void refinement cultivator whod recently ascended to the Hongmeng. As unique as he was, its not like he could be a Nihil World Sovereign!

Though the Spacetime World King was less than the Divine Fire World King, his battle strength was stronger.

Lu Yun couldnt be bothered wasting words with the other and reached out, closing his hand around the Spacetime World King.

“A Nihil World Sovereign!” screeched the world king before he was squeezed unconscious.

In Lu Yuns eyes, a mere Void World King wasnt worth using his full strength for.-

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