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Chapter 1540: Lord of Dragonmountain Clime

Did this Hallowed Emperor of the Di Clan have something to do with the Di Clan of the Hongmeng

When Lu Yun lifted his head again, he discovered that the man in silk robes had left. He could easily pick out where the man was with his current strength and abilities, but Lu Yun could also read from the others emotions that he had no intention of befriending Lu Yun. Im not going to force the issue then.

He surreptitiously called upon the Spectral Eye, only to realize that the death art couldnt see through the tomb behind the mountain.

Ah, this tomb isnt like the ones in the world of immortals. Those are buried in dirt, but here, its the void thats the dirt. Its buried in the void.

In other words, he had to pierce through the void if he wanted to enter the tomb. This was an area that mortals couldnt touch.

Meanwhile, he sent out his consciousness to eavesdrop on the conversations around him. All of these people were here to raid the tomb! They wanted to loot the last heavyweight of a once glorious clan in the ancient past.

They wouldnt dare entertain these thoughts if the Di Clan still existed and its bloodline was still present in the fourth realm. But plainly, the clan had collapsed and its bloodline died out.

Thus, it was only natural that others raid the Hallowed Emperors tomb. They would excavate the tomb and one more display the magnificence of a Nihil World Sovereign to the world. His majesty and legacy would live on again, and even a new Di Clan would arise to continue the grandeur of the last.

This was what most had on their minds.

Of course, the overall cultivation level present was very uneven. There were void refiners and World Manifests, and even two Void World Kings secretly conversing about something. Theyd concealed their strength, but when Lu Yun paid closer attention, he discovered that they were just chatting about life. It was immensely disappointing to discover nothing noteworthy about the tomb.

No one had determined how to open it yet; a tomb buried in the void wasnt easily cracked.


“The Divine Fire World King is here!” A rustle stirred the crowd when someone shouted out their observation. Lu Yun could immediately feel a change in the atmosphere.

“The Divine Fire World King That Santa Claus” Lu Yun blinked and subconsciously turned back, feeling a searing presence approach in the void.

That was the strength of a peak Void World King. The Divine Fire World Kings cultivation had fallen half a step after he lost the Glacial Fire Hammers and hed retreated from the edge of Nihil World Sovereign to peak Void World King.

Though they were very far from the plane of Fire, an event of this magnitude was still sufficient to command the presence of Void World Kings. The cultivators in the vicinity hastily backed away from the Divine Fire World King. When they saw the world king present, the other two Void World Kings also showed themselves, releasing their auras.

Divine Fire paused and stared at the two.

“So its the Hoarfrost World King and Roastwave World King!” Divine Fire retracted his aura and inclined his body at his two peers.

“Greetings to the Divine Fire World King!” The Hoarfrost World King appeared to be a young man dressed in long golden robes. Delicately sculpted features adorned his beardless face and his skin was overall very fair. He didnt actually look like a man, but he was very much so one—one whose features closely resembled a womans.

“Hahahaha! Divine Fire World King, I hear that your Longshan Yin of Dragonmountain Clime has just broken through to Void World King. Your Plane of Fire has just gotten that much stronger!” the Roastwave King laughed heartily.

Roastwave wore long crimson robes and a dense power of flames shifted with all of his movements. He was plainly a Void World King who also cultivated the great dao of flame.

These two world kings were weaker than Divine Fire, but together, they were unafraid of him. Now that Divine Fire had lost the Glacial Fire Hammers, he didnt dare take them lightly either.

Divine Fire brooded when he heard Roastwave mention Longshan Yin.

“Hmm” Roastwave and Hoarfrost looked at each other. This reaction was unexpected.

“Heh heh heh, that Longshan Yin is someone that none of us can provoke. You better not have any designs on him, and dont blame me for not warning you! Heh heh heh, hahahaha!!” Divine Fire cackled slowly, a threatening laugh that sent chills down the spines of the other two world kings.

“Alright now, the two of you wont be able to crack this tomb. I cant do it myself either. Why dont we work together and enter it with all the other beings here To each their own when it comes to the treasures and legacies inside.” Divine Fire seemed unwilling to continue the conversation as he swiftly changed the topic.

“Divine Fire… you may be thinking a little too much of us.” Hoarfrost shook his head. “The legendary Hallowed Emperor is an absolute powerhouse who opened the doors to sequence. He rivals the overlord of Ice in our time and the emergence of his tomb shakes the entire realm. There will be more Void World Kings rushing here than just the three of us.”

“There may even be some Nihil World Sovereigns that come. If the three of us open this tomb together, it might end up being for the benefit of others,” sighed Roastwave. “You are strong, Divine Fire, but theres at least twenty Void World Kings already keeping an eye on this place!”

Since Divine Fire didnt mention Longshan Yin again, the other two naturally glossed over the man. Divine Fire fell silent at their response.

He itched to rip open the tomb right this very second and find the Hallowed Emperors inheritance. Once he ascended to Nihil World Sovereign, hed go back and raze Dragonmountain Clime, then hunt down Lu Yun for revenge.

Lu Yun showing him mercy hadnt resulted in the Divine Fire World Kings gratitude. Itd only inspired hatred. Hed been one tiny step away from Nihil World Sovereign! He wouldve soared to the heavens if hed been able to take that step, becoming an unparalleled heavyweight in the Boundless Planes.

Lu Yun had ruined all of that!

The foot thatd been on the threshold to the next level had shrunk back. Losing the Glacial Fire Hammers meant that Divine Fire had lost the right to stabilize his cultivation in the next level.

“Then we wait for all of them to come and then open the tomb together.” Divine Fire ground his teeth.

“Longshan Yin greets the world kings!” came a long shout before Longshan Yin walked down from the void.

“The Dragonmountain World King!” Hoarfrost and Roastwave blinked and subconsciously looked at Divine Fire.

He was already wearing a merry expression. “Oho, old brother Longshan. I was just about to send word to you, but here you are already!”

From the speed of Divine Fires change in mood, the other two world kings quickly sensed that this new world king wasnt all that he appeared.

“Longshan Yin, whats with this tomb” Lu Yun transmitted to him when the man appeared. There had been no mention of the Di Clan or the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor in the Dragonmountain library.

Longshan Yins expression froze very briefly when he heard Lu Yuns voice, then swiftly smoothed out naturally.-

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