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Chapter 1541: Teaming Up

“In response to the great one, this humble one is Dishan Yin, a descendant of the Di Clan,” Longshan Yin transmitted back.

What. the. **

“Youre a descendant of the Di Clan” Lu Yun took a deep breath. “Which Di Clan”

“Your Mightiness, there is only one Di Clan in the fourth realm.”

Longshan Yins real name was Dishan Yin and the Dishans were a branch of the Di Clan. They werent the main branch, but they shared the same roots. Hed survived the extermination of his clan and established the Longshans thanks to the Thunderstruck Wood.

“Originally from the Hongmeng” Lu Yun asked.

“Yes!” Longshan Yin responded truthfully. “The Di Clan in the Hongmeng that perished to protect the immortal dao was the last of the Di bloodline. Her Highness, the princess, was the daughter of the Hallowed Emperor.”

“Di Ling” Lu Yun suddenly thought of the girl whod stood guard in the tomb of immortal dao. Her surname was that of the Di Clan, and “Ling” was the same character for “grave” in Violetgrave.

Plainly, the clans survivors thatd entered the Hongmeng had done so under Violetgraves protection.

A vein throbbed at Longshan Yins temples; he was losing control of his emotions. While he didnt know Lu Yuns true identity or precisely what kind of existence his patron was, he didnt dare conceal anything from a Nihil World Sovereign.

Fury from such a personage would be more than sufficient to fully erase the last ember of the Di Clan. His ancestor—the clans last Nihil World Sovereign—was buried in the tomb in front of him. Hope for the clans future was right in front of him!

“Whats happening, Dragonmountain World King” Hoarfrost was the first to notice Longshan Yins fluctuating emotions.

Fire Divine subconsciously looked around when he saw that Longshan Yin was a bit off balance. Fear promptly flashed through his eyes.

Hed seen Lu Yun.

Or rather, Lu Yun had let the world king see him. If he didnt want Divine Fire to see him, then the latter wouldnt see him even if he was jumping up and down in front of the world king.

Divine Fire suddenly felt like a prancing clown when he saw Lu Yun. Enter the great tomb in the void, obtain the legacy within, and then seek revenge on a Nihil World Sovereign

That might just be the greatest joke beneath the heavens!

Divine Fire almost fainted dead away.

“Thats enough of that, both of you stand up straight. You will team up with the two world kings and open the tomb. Leave the rest to me,” Lu Yun sent to them and released a hint of consciousness to calm their emotions.

“You can stop guessing, Longshan Yin,” he transmitted separately. “The Di Clan has been reborn and is now my subordinate. Ill send them and Princess Di Ling to Dragonmountain Clime before long.

“But the caveat is, you need to obtain your ancestors legacy. Otherwise, what is reborn will just be my puppets and not the clan that once dominated the Boundless Planes.”

Longshan Yins hands balled into fists and he forced his emotions to stay under control.

“Gentlemen…” Divine Fire spoke up. “Since the Dragonmountain World King is here, the four of us should have a very easy time breaking apart this tomb.”

“Huh” Hoarfrost paused.

“That will do!” Roastwave said. “The four of us working together can open it and block the gazes of the other world kings hiding in the shadows.

“Theyre just a pile of loose sand. If we four dont fight amongst ourselves…” He took a look at Divine Fire and Longshan Yin.

Roastwave was friends with Hoarfrost, their brotherhood forged through life and death. Though they werent attached at the hip, they could absolutely trust the other with their back in crucial moments.

The gains to be had from the tomb were too great and both of them had been tempted long ago. The risks had been too great and forestalled any concrete action. If the four of them could ally together, they might be able to pull off the heist.

Theyd only been three before, but the situation was flipped on its head with the addition of Longshan Yin. Though hed just broken through, his cultivation progressed by the second and he was far removed from the easy target for the Divine Fire World King that hed once been.

His current level of strength commanded respect from the other two as well.

Longshan Yin snuck a surreptitious glance at Lu Yun, who nodded back at him.

“Alright, then the four of us will work together!” Hoarfrost floated into the air.

“Hold on!” A man in silk robes suddenly appeared and approached the four world kings with a smile. “Fellow daoists, can I have a spot on this trip to the tomb”

“A major World Manifest” frowned Divine Fire.

This was the man whod spoken to Lu Yun earlier, the one who hadnt wanted to be friends. He was a major World Manifest who wasnt far from Void World King.

To the cultivators of the fourth realm, however, one step away was one step too many. Something on the level of World Manifest could never enter the circles of Void World Kings. When the latter fully released their power, a World Manifest was nothing but an ant.

“Ahem!” The man grew a bit awkward to hear Divine Fires aloof reply.

“What did you call me” Hoarfrosts face sank. “You called me… fellow daoist”

A razor-sharp aura brimmed from his body. He wouldnt have bothered in ordinary times, but right now, he needed to establish his might and intimidate the Void World Kings in the surroundings whod yet to reveal themselves.

The man in silk robes also felt that hed been a bit rude. Even if he had a stunning background, he was only a major World Manifest at the end of the day. Speech was no longer an option, however, since the Hoarfrost World King had locked onto him. He was as if a fly in amber, even his thoughts slowly petrifying.

“Forget it!” Divine Fire suddenly huffed. “This person must have an incredible background if he dares to call us fellow daoist. Theres no need for us to stir up further trouble at this point.”

Hoarfrost looked askance at him. Divine Fires personality was as explosive as his title might indicate. If it was up to him, this upstart would already be a pile of ash in normal times.

“Very well then.” Hoarfrost nodded and released the man, punting him away. “I will show you mercy this time. If you dare disrespect me again, I will kill you even if you are the son of a Nihil World Sovereign!”

He whirled around and walked up to the tombstone, closely followed by Roastwave, Divine Fire, and Longshan Yin.

“Are you alright, my man” Lu Yun merrily walked over to the man in silk robes.

“Eurp!” He shook his head slightly and fumbled through his robes for a pill. Though his background was indeed impressive, he was no son of a Nihil World Sovereign. He was a formidable supplemental dao master.-

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