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Chapter 1544: Evil Corpse

The entrance to the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor was located in the center of the tombstone. Itd become a gaping hole after the concerted efforts of four Void World Kings—not a hole in the mountain, but one in the void.

Spatial fissures usually healed at varying speeds after they were hewed out. The opening in the void, however, remained there and didnt change as time went on. Instead, it slowly turned red as fresh blood seeped out of it.

Clearly, innumerable life forms had died inside.

The appearance of the tomb alarmed countless people in the fourth realm; more than a hundred million souls native to the Broken Primeval Plane alone had come.

Scarlet blood trickled out of the hole in the void and pooled on the mountainous tombstone, collecting as a river of blood that followed the mountain down.

“Theyre complete idiots to go charging in like that! Do they think theyre Nihil World Sovereigns!” Xing Wuliang curled his lip at the crowds frantically rushing in out of fear that theyd fall behind others who were already inside.

“They are idiots indeed.” Lu Yun nodded. None of the dead had fallen to lethal layouts in the tomb; theyd all died to the spatial turbulence in that big hole.

He was at a loss for words.

Fragments of space churned through spatial turbulence, but those fragments werent lethal to denizens of the fourth realm. Thus, they fought each other to be the first to set foot into the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor. This was the final resting place of a Nihil World Sovereign! All those treasures inside were available for the taking!

Blinded by greed, the first batch of beings to charge in were instantly churned to pieces by the turbulence. If they survived, they promptly plotted and schemed against each other, resulting in another large group of casualties.

Altogether now, there were at least several hundred million dead.

Beings of the fourth realm were enormous and they reverted to their original form upon death. Some broken or ripped limbs were as large as a Hongmeng world.

“Is that fellow daoist Xing Wuliang ahead” came a greeting as Lu Yun and Xing Wuliang observed the large hole. A figure in blue arrived before them as soon as the voice reached them.

Lovestruck delight flashed through Xing Wuliangs eyes when he saw who it was. The newcomer was a girl in blue who looked roughly sixteen years old. A hint of youthful innocence marked her delicate features.

“We meet again, fellow daoist Wuliang,” she chuckled.

“Youre here too, Brightheart World King!” Was that… a blush on Xing Wuliangs face “Ahem, let me make some introductions. This is my good friend Feng Feifan, a seventh step formation master!”

Xing Wuliang quickly quashed his emotional shift and pulled Lu Yun over.

“Greetings to the Brightheart World King!” Lu Yun raised cupped fists at the girl.

Brightheart responded in kind and smiled widely. “I was wondering how you would dare barge into this tomb. So its due to Master Feng.”

In the fourth realm, supplemental masters who reached seventh step were named with the “master honorific in front of their name. They received immense courtesy everywhere they went.

“I must naturally attend when something as momentous as the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor emerges. I am so far from the next level that I cannot even see it clearly. Hence, I wanted to try my luck here and maybe punch through that layer.” Brightheart was quite candid and upfront about her intentions.

“Since the two of you are strong formation masters, why dont the three of us travel together” She looked at Lu Yun, knowing that Xing Wuliang wouldnt turn her down. Therefore, Brightheart was only asking for Lu Yuns opinion.

No wonder this Xing Wuliang called those four Void World Kings fellow daoist, Lu Yun thought. It looked like high level supplemental masters occupied very high positions in the fourth realm.

“This humble one would never decline the Brightheart World Kings request. What do you say, Brother Xing” Lu Yun chuckled.

“That would be wonderful!” Xing Wuliangs eyes brightened. The three moved forward together.

Lu Yun and Xing Wuliangs company had been rather dull when it was only the two of them and they didnt exchange many words. The atmosphere was much more lively with the addition of the Brightheart World King. Of course, most of it had to do with Brightheart and Xing Wuliangs conversation. Lu Yun listened quietly off to the side.

They discussed only mundane matters, such as Xing Wuliang conscientiously inquiring if Brightheart had eaten yet. Lu Yun firmly repressed an eye roll at the question. No one eats at your cultivation level, alright

Spatial shards abounded in the giant hole leading into the tomb. Hardly concerned, Brightheart released a surge of blue energy from her hand and cleaned up the premises within a few quick breaths. The shards plastered themselves against the sides of the hole as smooth walls, fully stabilizing the opening.

Lu Yun was rather surprised by this casual gesture. It was very easy for Void World Kings, but none of the ones thatd entered beforehand had done so.

“I obtained a cultivation method early on that requires collecting goodwill when I cultivate. Thus, I did as many good deeds as possible when I cultivated. I eventually perfected the method, but couldnt shake off the habit,” Brightheart explained with a smile when she noticed the look on Lu Yuns face.

“Ah, I see.” The method that required collecting goodwill likely had something to do with the once five hells. In the present day, only the Karmic Tree could collect goodwill and condense it into virtue.

Though he possessed the five hells, their legends still flourished in the fourth realm. It wasnt out of the ordinary that the Brightheart World King had access to a method like this.

Actually… I think Ive developed that habit too. The thought occurred to Lu Yun when he dwelled on the matter more. He also noticed that Brightheart didnt conceal her emotions as they talked. Everything was out in the open.

The uncommonly dangerous opening was now a safe passageway for beings below Void World King. The crowds were dense inside, and they all bowed to Brightheart when they noticed what shed done.

Wisps of goodwill gathered from all directions and melted into her body.

“Careful!” Up ahead, Xing Wuliang suddenly shouted and pointed with his finger, releasing three thousand formation glyphs and forming them into a shield-like formation in the air.


The shield shuddered and broke apart as a bloody hand reached out from the other end of the passage. It swiped at the beings in the tunnel. Since the tunnel was roughly fifty kilometers across, it could hold an impressive number of people when it was backed. The bloody hand filled the tunnel and crushed innumerable lives.

“Idiot woman!” came an angry shout. “We didnt repair this area because we wanted to use the spatial turbulence to stop the evil corpse. Now youve gone and let it out!”

The Roastwave World King was very irate.-

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