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Necropolis Immortal - Chapter 1545: Spatial Storm

Immortal Amidst Snow in July7-8 minutes 21.07.2022

“Hmph!” snorted the Brightheart World King, not taking what the Roastwave World King said to heart. She opened her arms and sent out a swirl of jade-green energy, whisking away all of the beings in the passageway. She then grabbed a gust of wind and slashed at the evil corpse.

The corpse was only a hand and nothing else. Plainly, itd evolved from the severed hand of an incomparably strong existence. However, just the hand alone was on par with a Void World King!

Brighthearts blade of wind scraped out a metallic sound when it connected with the evil corpse, whereupon she flew backward out of the tunnel.

A furious roar came from the hand as it also flew back from Brighthearts fearsome blow.

“Feifan, work with me to set up a formation!” Xing Wuliang shouted and flung his arms open, releasing formation glyphs from his body. They assembled in the air with great speed as numerous defensive formations.

He knew that the evil corpse wanted to escape from the tomb and devour a massive amount of beings in the Boundless Realm to grow a new body. That couldnt be allowed to take place. If so, everything would fall onto the Brightheart World King as her retribution.

There were no further sounds from the end of the passageway. The Roastwave World King and others werent here to do charity—the lives of other fourth realm denizens had nothing to do with them. All they wanted were the treasures in the tomb.

The evil corpse was too strong and ripped through three thousand formations like they were paper. Xing Wuliang had set them up in a flash; they were capable of holding a new Void World King at bay. But, it only took a slight wave of the hand to crush several hundred at a time.

Lu Yun made his move as well. If he wanted to, he could destroy the hand in the blink of an eye. He refrained from doing so, however, since hed sensed that if he deployed the strength of a Nihil World Sovereign in this tomb, he would be repulsed by the entire tomb.

Either the tomb would destroy him, or he would destroy the tomb. Or, the two of them would destroy each other in mutually assured destruction.

There was no other possible outcome.

Everything within the tomb rejected the presence of a Nihil World Sovereign; cultivators of that level were unable to enter the tomb. Lu Yun was present only because the Tome of Life and Death was concealing his presence.

He began setting up formations as well. Seeing as his mastery of formations was far less than Xing Wuliangs, he wasnt able to set up the advanced formations of the fourth realm. Everything he knew now was a result of his deductions in Dragonmountain Clime or recorded in the rudimentary Three Thousand Soul Daos.

“Only spatial fragments formed by a spatial storm can stop it! Set up spatial formations!” he roared at Xing Wuliang as he busily etched formation glyphs.

“Got it!” Xing Wuliang snapped to attention when he heard Lu Yuns words. The hands greatest counter was the power of space. Theyd be able to slow the hand down if they set up spatial formations.

Xing Wuliang immediately set up three massive spatial formations and slammed them down on the hand. The hand only needed to shake slightly to shatter them all to pieces.

He brooded darkly, that hadnt had any effect!

Lu Yun completed his formation as well and sent it drifting toward the hand.


The hand used the same method to destroy Lu Yuns formation, the difference being that Lu Yuns formation disintegrated into a small spatial storm when it shattered. Churning with spatial fragments, it whirled toward the hand.

A horrified keen came from the hand and it rapidly retreated, like itd been electrocuted.

“The owner of the hand died in a spatial storm!” Lu Yun connected the dots.

The tiny spatial storm couldnt possibly have caused any harm to the hand, but a sense of fear had emanated from it nonetheless.

It was afraid!

What countered vicious ghosts was often their cause of death. Even if it wouldnt fully eliminate them again, it would still frighten them into retreating.

“Forget the order or power of space! Its enough for a destroyed formation to turn into a spatial storm!” Lu Yun roared. His hands furiously etched glyphs in the air and formed formations without foundation, creating two new arrays to crush the hand with.

The evil corpse possessed only instinct and no intelligence. Since itd been frightened by Lu Yuns formation, it would only retreat and not attack the formations anymore.

Xing Wuliang quickly adjusted his strategy and set up similar formations.

“Well kill it here then!” Brightheart had returned. Her blue robe was stained with blood and her hair a bit messy, but her eyes remained bright.

She summoned the spatial fragments that shed stuck into place and formed a giant blue tornado in front of her. It sucked all of the spatial fragments into a massive spatial vortex.

A crimson eye abruptly opened in the palm of the giant hand and it stared, horror-stricken, at the spatial storm. The sight was a reminder of how itd been churned to pieces, leaving only a hand intact at the end of its life.

The hand went crazy and shrieked with anguish, wanting to return to the other side of the passage and further into the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor. However, there was also a spatial storm on that side now as well.

Lu Yun and Xing Wuliang had set up three thousand spatial formations and ruined them all, creating a spatial storm. Though it was far from the one under Brighthearts control, it was sufficient to slightly fend off the evil corpse.

Indeed, the corpse subconsciously shrank back when it touched the second spatial storm and was promptly engulfed by the enormous vortex.

“Not enough!” Brightheart shouted. “The spatial fragments in the vortex arent enough to fully kill it! Keep setting up spatial formations, the two of you!”

She abruptly turned into a gust of blue wind and sank into her vortex, trying to prevent the corpse from rushing out.

Xing Wuliang didnt hesitate to bring out something that looked like a Rubiks cube to Lu Yun. Formations flowed from it as it twisted and turned, creating endless spatial fragments.

“This is a connate treasure of the fourth realm!” Lu Yun immediately recognized it. Connate treasures were just as precious in the fourth realm and this cube was far superior to Revered Rednotes Fire Virtue Orb.

Xing Wuliang sent a spatial formation into the cube, replicating it with every gyration of the treasure.

The hands screams dwindled inside the storm until they finally disappeared. Brightheart reappeared in human form, her body drifting listlessly to the ground. Xing Wuliang didnt have time to put the cube away before he sprang forward to catch her.-

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